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The Truth About Sugar

Today, there is much confusion and misinformation about whether sugar is good or bad.

The truth is that your body runs on sugar.

Sugar is a vital source of energy.

So the real question is; what KIND of sugar should you consume?

You see, sugar is sugar is sugar is an incredibly misleading claim.

There is a vast difference between naturally occurring sugars like those contained in whole fruits and grains.

And those that have been processed and refined within an inch of their life - or worse, artificially created in a chemical lab. 

Here's the truest truth...

There are only 2 kinds of Sugars:

Man-Made and Plant-Made.

Man-made sugars are processed and refined sugars derived from sugar cane (which in it's original, untouched form is of course a healthy plant) and artificial sweeteners (which are toxic) like aspartame.

These sugars are harmful because the sugar molecules are so small that they cross the blood-brain barrier so fast, giving you a 'sugar hit', sending the brain into chaos, causing you to crash and burn.

You feel lethargic because the signal from your brain to the pancreas is to 'produce insulin' in order to protect you from what it believes is a life crisis, usually causing you to lay down fat.

After a while of consuming these sugars, you become addicted to this process because your brain craves the sugar high, and so begins the vicious cycle that not only leads to Diabetes but also neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy etc.

Plant-made sugars are the ones your cells need to perform at their highest functional capacity.

These sugars are contained in plants (yes that means FRUIT) and are always in their natural, unrefined form.

Plant-made sugars are "slow" sugars because the unrefined molecules contained inside are so large, that they cross the blood-brain barrier slowly, causing no chaos and so your brain says, "life is good!"

In this state, the message to the pancreas is to produce the other mega-hormone that exists called, glucagon, which is used by the adrenals to produce "adrenalin", causing you to feel energised.

Is Sugar Bad for You? Know the Difference: Man-Made and Plant-Made Sugar

Man made sugars are, unfortunately, the sweet substance of many childhoods. Think soft drinks, cordial, lollies, cookies and breakfast cereals.

Yes, the sugars contained in these foods are derived from sugar cane, however it has been heavily processed and refined, greatly impacting its molecular structure.

Sugar cane, in its natural state, is a plant and perfectly healthy, but once this plant's spoils are manipulated, the cane's healthy properties change into something far more sinister.

During the process of processing, the sugar molecules become smaller--incredibly small--and this diminution means that the sugar can more easily cross the blood-brain barrier, giving you a quick 'sugar hit' and tossing the chemical balance in the brain into chaos.

Your body is incredibly resilient, but there's an equal and opposing truth: its long-term health often hinges on a delicate balance. That's why just a little bit of processed sugar can throw you off, making you feel hyper and unfocused, then, when the 'sugar high' wears off, lethargic, depressed, and craving more sugar.

Not so arguably, processed sugar is a drug, like any other, and this is one of the reasons processed sugar is bad for you.

It's addictive. Like so many drugs, the reason the drug continues to circulate and pollute our bodies is simple: its existence makes people money.

>Learn more: Overcoming Sugar Addictions & The Best Natural Substitutes.

The Dangers of Processed Sugar

The short-term dangers of ingesting processed sugars have already been laid out--and they are concerning enough. The long-term effects of eating processed sugars are more vicious. Continually eating food or drinking beverages laden with processed sugar can lead to a host of debilitating and life-threatening diseases.


By contributing to weight gain, sugar can play a major role in reducing your body's insulin sensitivity, thereby resulting in diabetes. When your body can no longer produce or use insulin, it can no longer turn glucose (sugar) into energy. 

This can result in a myriad of problems, ranging from fatigue, kidney failure, higher risk of infections and heart disease, vision problems, high blood pressure, pancreas malfunction, loss of consciousness and stroke. 

Learn more: So You Can’t Heal Diabetes?

Heart Disease

The excess insulin produced by eating too much sugar causes the walls in your arteries to grow at an expedited rate, since stresses your heart and,over time, causes damage. The result can be heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. 

Joint Pain

Consumption of processed sugar causes inflammation, and this inflammation can result in joint pain--even contributing to arthritis. 

This inflammation is why many of us can feel sore and achy after eating processed sugars.

Learn more: Arthritis & Joint Issues: How to Heal & Alleviate Joint Pain.

Help your body find relief. Try our Golden Relief + Healing Chrysm Muscle & Joint Combo Pack.


Obesity occurs when our body max index is extremely overweight. The influx of readily available and frequently consumed foods and drinks containing processed sugars is credited as a major contributor to the rising obesity crisis.

Increased Gut Permeability

Consuming excess processed sugar can cause increased gut permeability, which means toxins, bacteria and undigested food particles can move in and out of the gut and into the bloodstream with great ease, which can lead to inflammation and even 'leaky gut' syndrome. 

Learn more: Digestive System: Top Foods to Support Digestion, Gut Health & Healing.


Research shows that people who have diets rich in processed sugar have a higher risk of developing cancer. The reason? Inflammation. While inflammation is a natural response that our body uses to help us heal and protect us from threats, long-term inflammation can damage cells and DNA and lead to cancer.

Fatty Liver 

Chronic consumption of sugar and the related weight gain, inflammation and gut permeability can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can compromise liver function and even lead to liver cancer.

Learn more: Liver Disease: How to Cleanse, Heal & Regenerate the Liver Naturally.

Neurodegenerative Diseases 

Too much processed sugar can cause the brain to atrophy and shrink, which can result in neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Alzheimers disease. 

BEWARE: Artificial Man-Made Sugar

Artificial sweeteners are also man-made sugars that should be avoided. These include saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium or ace-K and sucralose. These artificial sweeteners have been linked to sleep disorders, neurological impairment and cancer.

Read your labels!

If you see any of these ingredients listed on the label, don’t put the food in your body. 

Plant-Based Sugars

Plant-based sugars are sugars that are in their pure, unrefined forms and they are incredibly good for you.

Yes, this means FRUIT is good for you - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fruit is packed with so many vital nutritional components - vitamins, minerals, enzymes - and electrical frequencies of light that your cells can identify with.

Your body needs sugar to survive, since sugar (glucose) provides your body for optimal function of all systems, from brain to metabolism to your cardiovascular system. 

What makes plant-based sugars so different from processed sugars is that they are whole, and in this whole, unrefined state, their molecules remain larger, which means they cross the blood-brain barrier more slowly. No sugar high. 

In this more balanced state, your body produces glucagon, a hormone used by your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline—a healthy boost for a more vital body. 

Sugar Swaps: Man-Made to Plant-Based Sugars

Man-made sugar abounds in processed foods. From cereals to soups to granola bars to pasta sauces, if you find it in the middle aisles of your grocery store, it’s likely laden with sugar. 

One of the easiest ways to avoid--or at least limit--your exposure to dangerous man-made sugar is to shop the peripheries of the grocery store. 

This is typically where the whole food is located, and you are far less likely to encounter products with sugar snuck into them. (Though, if you are buying anything packaged, read the label! Pre-made foods like our Pulse Sacred Meal contain no man-made sugars whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean all brands are this meticulous.)

Fruit is not only packed with sustainable sugars to help your body and brain thrive, it is also full of fibre, which not only bolsters gut health, but will aid weight loss efforts by keeping you fuller, longer. 

Other delicious whole food alternatives to processed sugar include:

  • Raw organic honey
  • Organic maple syrup
  • Raw Medjool Dates
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Agave

Learn more: Essential Plant-Based Diet Foods for Balanced Nutrition.

You can’t do anything about the candy bars and cakes you’ve consumed in the past, but now that you know better, try to do better.

Avoid foods containing man-made sugar as much as you can, and enjoy the natural sugars that mother nature sweetly puts there for you to support your strong, lasting health.

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