The Truth About Sugar

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It amazes me just how many people get caught up in the debate about Sugar.

I guess it's not surprising because there is so much 'bought and paid for' lies that are constantly advertised and pushed in the media about this.

One of the biggest lies out there is, "Don't eat fruit because it contains sugar!

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me keep it dirt simple here...

There are only 2 kinds of Sugars:

Man-Made and Plant-Made.

Man-made sugars are processed and refined sugars derived from sugar cane (which in it's original, untouched form is of course a healthy plant) and artificial sweeteners (which are toxic) like aspartame.

These sugars are harmful because the sugar molecules are so small that they cross the blood-brain barrier so fast, giving you a 'sugar hit', sending the brain into chaos, causing you to crash and burn.

You feel lethargic because the signal from your brain to the pancreas is to 'produce insulin' in order to protect you from what it believes is a life crisis, usually causing you to lay down fat.

After a while of consuming these sugars, you become addicted to this process because your brain craves the sugar high, and so begins the vicious cycle that not only leads to Diabetes but also neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy etc.

Plant-made sugars are the ones your cells need to perform at their highest functional capacity.

These sugars are contained in plants (yes that means FRUIT) and are always in their natural, unrefined form.

Plant-made sugars are "slow" sugars because the unrefined molecules contained inside are so large, that they cross theblood-brainn barrier slowly, causing no chaos and so your brain says, "life's good!"

In this state, the message to the pancreas is to produce the other mega-hormone that exists called, glucagon, which is used by the adrenals to produce "adrenalin", causing you to feel energised.

Man-made sugars cause dis-ease.

And yet it's sad to me that so many parents overwhelm their kids' with this stuff in their diets from a very early age - think soda pop, candies, processed packaged cereals, cakes, donuts and cookies.  

It's little wonder that more and more young people are falling victim to diabetes and other diseases.

Please think twice before loading up your kitchen cupboards at home with processed packaged foods that are laden with man-made sugars. I recommend avoiding them like the plague!

Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with raw organic honey, organic maple syrupfresh and dried fruit, dates, raw chocolate or even a delightful sweet smoothie made from raw cashews, filtered water, dates, bananas and cacao. Try it - your kids will love it!

Realise that by removing refined sugars and artificial sweeteners from your diet, you'll be taking a giant step towards avoiding obesity, diabetes and conditions of: 

  • Multiple Cancers
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Liver Malfunction
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Internal Parasites
  • Tooth Cavities and;
  • Weak immune function.

And please don't be afraid of fruit.  The sweet, energising, electrically-charged particles of light contained within fruit should not be referred to as "sugar" as we know it.

And of course, that's why I love and recommend Pulse as the ultimate wholefood snack! 

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