So you can't heal Diabetes?


A multi-billion dollar medical industry has been built around the health condition known as ‘diabetes’.

They even create millions of new cases each year, simply by lowering the glyceamic measure that qualifies people to be labelled "Diabetic".

Too many cases are totally false diagnostics.

Which in my mind, makes this whole thing a complete scam, especially when you consider that the solution prescribed by Doctors, is a lifetime of injecting insulin from the dead bodies of other beings into your bloodstream.

Once diagnosed with diabetes, patients are advised to continually monitor and test their blood sugar levels, to avoid fruit and other healthy foods and to turn their life into an expensive ‘ritual' of invasion.

It's completely insane.  But guess what?

Particularly if you're a Type 2 Diabetic, you can overcome this problem free of blood tests, Doctors visits and injections.

What is Diabetes?

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between the two types of diabetes.

Type 1: Affecting about 10% of sufferers, Type 1 diabetes is considered to be an ‘auto-immune’ condition where the immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.  They'll tell you that there's no known cure. Believe this if you want, but I don't.

Type 2: Covering the majority of diagnoses, Type 2 diabetes is a condition that becomes more pronounced over time as the body begins to resist the normal effects of insulin and/or starts to lose the capacity to create enough insulin that it needs in the pancreas.

When your cells become resistant to insulin, they refuse to accept it as the key that unlocks the door for sugar.

As a result, sugar accumulates in your bloodstream. Excess weight, inactivity and animal-fatty tissues create a plaque which is why the cells become insulin-resistant. 

But not all sugars are created equal - and this is a vital distinction you need to grasp when talking about ways to overcome Diabetes which we'll get to in a minute.

First, what are the symptoms of diabetes?

  • Excessive thirst
  • Fatigue & lethargy
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow-healing sores or frequent infections
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)
  • Red, swollen, tender gums

What causes diabetes?

Doctors say that Type 1 diabetes is not related to diet and lifestyle factors and therefore the only real solution is to be on insulin for life.  BS.

With Type 2 diabetes, however, it’s really quite simple...

What you eat plays a key role.

If you consume primarily junk food, fatty animal products, processed foods that include fake sugars and hydrogenated oils, drink sugary soda or sports drinks (that are laden with processed and refined sugars) and/or artificial sweeteners (like aspartame), you’re flooding your bloodstream with the wrong types of sugars!

These sugars are known as 'fast sugars'.

They cause your pancreas to overproduce insulin and wear itself out, which eventually leads to all of the symptoms listed above.

Fast sugars

Otherwise known as ‘simple sugars’, these consist of all processed, refined, artificial or synthetic sugars.

At a molecular level, the sugar particles are so small that they cross the blood-brain barrier so ‘fast’, sending the brain into chaos and instructing the pancreas to produce insulin.

The flow of insulin through the bloodstream then puts the body into a state of alert where it feels like it’s in extreme danger.

The effect of this is your energy gets zapped and you feel like you need to lay down and rest. Additionally, it will also promote weight gain through increasing fat stores as a way to ‘protect’ itself.

Slow sugars

The other type of sugars are nature-made and unrefined

These sugars are also known as ‘complex sugars’ and they come from fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, sweet potatoes and raw honey.

The sugar particles in these foods are so large that they cross the blood-brain barrier so ‘slowly’, such that your brain is content that everything is safe and well.

In this state, your brain's signal to the pancreas is to produce the other meg-hormone that exists (besides insulin) known as 'glucagon'.

Glucagon is what the adrenals use to produce adrenaline i.e. this is what energises you, with the added benefit of causing your body to begin burning stored fat because it's no longer needed to 'protect' you.

Learn more in The Truth About Sugar

So, how do you treat diabetes naturally?

Diabetes resolves itself naturally if a strict whole food diet is followed consisting of 80% raw and 20% heated foods.

This protocol should be followed over a period of 14 days to 6 months depending on the individual. All fast sugars need to eliminated and during this time, I recommend reducing the dosage of insulin at a rate that you feel comfortable with until you're no longer insulin-dependant.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, people with Type 2 diabetes should increase the amount of natural carbohydrates, such as fruit and vegetables, as well as other whole food nuts and grains into their diet.   

    In particular, eat sweet potato each day (which shares the signature pattern of the pancreas) as well as dark leafy greens. As for fruit, start with the lower glycemic index fruits like Cherries, Berries, Citrus, Apples, Peaches and Prunes and gradually work towards introducing the sweeter fruits once you're comfortable.

  2. Artificial heat-processed fats like 'hydrogenated' oils must also be avoided as they act as ‘metabolic poisons’ and throw the body into chaos. 

    Instead, consume cold-pressed avocado, coconut and olive oils each day.

  3. Embrace more regular physical activity - As well as being one of the 7 Principles of Health, Walking is especially important for anyone trying to overcome any type of diabetes.

  4. Fasting is also a good idea since it serves as a form of internal ‘housecleaning’, which helps rid accumulated ‘bad fats’, toxins and medicinal residues from your digestive system. Fast for a few days at a time with fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and go longer if you can as you feel more and more energised. Learn more in Fasting: What You Should Know

So in a nutshell, think twice before going in for blood tests for the sake of it, and start going by 'how you feel'.  

If you're overweight, sluggish, lethargic or constantly suffering from fatigue, it's time to start eating more plant-based whole foods, stop eating processed, packaged and refined sugars and fatty foods.

Learn more in Top 7 Reasons to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet & How To Do It

It's time to get off the couch, drink more water, get into the sunshine and to stop believing that you're destined to be a Diabetic for the rest of your life!

Within a relatively short period of time, you can kiss diabetes goodbye.  I've seen it too many times over the years.

'Cowboy' Don.


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