5 Ways To Detox Your Body Without Fasting


"Detoxing" and "Fasting" are popular buzzwords in health circles these days, but what do they actually mean and what's the difference?

Fasting involves abstaining from food and it has been practiced by many long-lived cultures for thousands of years.

It's all about giving your digestive system a complete rest from the rigours of processing food, which ultimately gives your body a chance to re-set and heal. 

Fasting can be done intermittently as a longevity protocol, whereby you extend the number of hours each day that you go without food, or it can be practiced for extended periods i.e. multiple days at a time.

The benefits of fasting range from boosting mental clarity, enhancing fat burning, re-setting the digestive system and healing a wide range of ailments and even chronic disease.

Nothing beats fasting when it comes to an ultimate detox protocol, but you still can experience wonderful detoxification benefits - and eat at the same time - by supporting your body's channels of elimination and by following these 5 simple steps: 

1. Reduce your Toxic Load

This might sound obvious, but it really is the first and most important step if you want to help your body to detox, heal and minimise disruption to your immune system.

Reducing your toxic load firstly means eliminating all processed packaged foods, refined sugars and grains, preservatives and additives from your diet.

Next, rid your bathroom, kitchen and laundry of all chemical-based products and look for personal care (skin care, dental care, soaps, shampoos etc) and household (bench sprays, dish soaps, laundry detergents etc) items that are 'low' or 'no' tox.

Thankfully today, it's getting easy and easy to get your hands on these more conscious, health-promoting products.  You'll find them in natural food supermarkets, your health food store and here in our online store.

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2. Eat "Clean" Whole Foods

To support your body's most important channel of elimination - your digestive system - it's critical that you're eating enough plant foods regularly.

To begin with, make sure that you're eating plenty of mother nature's number one detoxifying food.  Yep, you guessed it...fruit!

Fruit is an astringent, meaning it is a natural cleansing agent that is loaded with phytonutrients (electric sun energy/antioxidants) designed to support the detoxification process.

Fruit is actually designed to be eaten in the morning (at your first meal) because it is ultra light on your digestive system and will help support the transportation of waste from your digestive tract during your body's natural digestive cycle.

Next, ensure you're eating plenty of raw greens - lettuce, spinach, kale, rocket and a variety of vegetables.  Have the mantra "Add more RAW" when it comes to your diet and aim to consume as close to 80% of your diet as raw fruits, salads, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you can, which will help your body become very efficient at eliminating toxic waste over time.

Tip: Start each morning with the juice of a whole lemon or lime mixed in 500ml of clean water and a good pinch of celtic sea salt.  This will give your cells much needs hydration and electrolytes first thing in the morning and help kick start your digestive system.  This is a great, life-long habit to get into.

2. Add Detox Baths, Saunas, Steam Rooms or Hot Yoga

The second most important channel of elimination is your skin. 

Through perspiration your body is able to release a myriad of toxins stored beneath the surface.

If you’ve never tried a detox bath before, you’ll soon be a convert. These baths are certainly nothing new and have been around for centuries in various forms, but we’re only starting to find out exactly how beneficial they are for the body and mind.

With just a few natural ingredients that you likely already have on hand, you can draw yourself a detox bath that can do everything from reducing stress, inflammation, and insomnia, while naturally detoxifying the body.

Some essential ingredients include Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, essential oils and bentonite clay, but you can explore different variations of these to see what works best for you.

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You can also purchase ready-made blends in our store in lovely, relaxing scents.

If bathing is not your thing, hit up a local infra red sauna, steam room or do a session or two per week of hot yoga.  The results in terms of how you feel and your mind and skin clarity will soon astound you.

3. Get Out in Nature

One of the most soothing, emotionally and physically detoxifying things you can do for yourself is to get out in nature several times a week.

It could be walking on the beach, through a leafy park, or out in the forrest, cycling on an out back road or taking a swim in the ocean.

All of these activities help to connect you more closely with mother earth to help you feel more grounded and appreciative for her beauty.

Another great activity is "Earthing" - and ancient practice, also known as Grounding, which refers to connecting your skin directly to the earth’s surface (usually your bare feet) in order to gain the wide-reaching benefits of its electricity.

It can be incredibly de-stressing, anti-inflammatory, disease-fighting practice, and it’s so easy to partake in. Walking barefooted on the sand is usually best. 

Earthing works because your body starts to absorb the massive amount of free electrons that are floating around on the earth’s surface, which quickly lowers your stress and improves your health. This is a form of detox, even though it seems like the opposite is occurring: even though you’re absorbing something, you’re still naturally and effectively shedding the causes of stress, disease, inflammation, and more. An easy way to get more Earthing time is to simply eat more meals outdoors with your feet firmly planted on the grass, sand, or wood.

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4. Get Plenty of Sleep

If consistently not getting enough sleep, the best diet in the world can’t help you.

Sleep is essential for the body’s detox process, since it allows the brain to reorganise itself, purge what it doesn’t need, and remove toxins that have built up over the day.

If you’re not getting adequate sleep, these toxins can continue to build up and affect your overall health, from leading to illness, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and more. You should be aiming for 7-9 hours a night regularly in order to ensure your body is getting the rest it needs to stay healthy and detox naturally.

Tip: Use natural chemical-free laundry powder on your clothes and sheets to avoid absorbing chemical toxins throughout the night.

Tips to improve your sleep quality:

  • Use specific essential oils designed to improve sleep on your pillow and in your bedroom, like lavender, bergamot, and Clary Sage
  • Stop using electronics at least an hour before bed
  • Read a book until you’re too tired to continue
  • Shower or take a bath right before bed; the change in your body temperature will make you feel sleepy
  • Open a window to keep the room cool and allow fresh air to circulate

5. Drink Lots of Water

Clean water is the very source of life and is crucial to your health and the release of toxins from your body.

Your body needs water not only to hydrate, but in order to flush out metabolic waste, and without it, they stay trapped inside your body.

At the very least, you should drink the approximate weight of the brain each day, which is around 2 litres of water.

Optimally, particularly if you sweat and lead an active lifestyle, you should aim for 1 litre for every 22 kilos of body weight.

The best thing you can do to get enough water into your body is to first begin each day by drinking a minimum of 1 litre before you eat anything at all.  This will give you a great head start.

Then, carry a water bottle with you in the car, to the office - wherever you go - and sip it regularly throughout the day.  You can even set hourly reminders on your phone to finish a certain amount of water in that time. Use fresh, cool water to fulfil your water quota (not juice or tea) but you can flavour it with fresh lemon, lime or cucumber slices if that helps you drink it more easily.

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While we might not be able to see or feel them, toxins are everywhere, and our bodies are slowly absorbing them and becoming overburdened.

While our bodies are indeed designed to flush out these toxins naturally, we sometimes get a buildup or overload and encouraging your body to detox can be incredibly healing and beneficial. These top five detox methods aren’t what you’d traditionally think of when it comes to flushing out toxins and restoring your health, but they’re effective and efficient, with a safe, holistic approach to your health that simply can’t be beat.

Not sure if you need to detox at all?

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