Relieve Stress & Inflammation With “Detox Baths”


Detox baths aren’t a new trend by any means; in fact, this ancient practice has been around for centuries in one form or another, but it’s quickly coming back into vogue as a modern day self care practice.

After all, when there’s a natural way to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, insomnia and stress, people are going to start taking notice. Even if you’re not suffering from any of the above, a detox bath can be an incredibly relaxing and restorative experience and can quickly become a new favourite addition to your weekly routine.

The best part is, you can easily prepare your own detox bath blends in seconds with a few key natural ingredients. Keep reading to find out exactly why detox baths are becoming such a vital part of peoples’ lives, and how they can transform yours in as little as 20 minutes a few times each week.

Relieve Stress

There’s no doubt about it that any type of hot bath helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Even a good ole bubble bath leaves you calm, but a detox bath takes the physical and mental relief a step further.

The two key ingredients for a detox bath are nature-made salts and essential oils.

Salt penetrates and remineralises the skin, whilst essential oils like lavender, rose, jasmine, bergamot, and clary sage to help to relieve tension and bring your mood naturally to a calm place.

Try the Aromatouch Essential Oils Starter Kit to get your collection started, so that you have an essential oil at the ready for any mood or issue.

Taking a detox bath right before bed can be a sure-fire way to beat insomnia so that you can get a deep, nourishing rest. After all, once the body enters warm water, it relaxes the muscle which helps promote sleep and the water temperature warms up the body which can make you drowsy.

Learn more in Using Salt for Skin Health & Therapeutic Benefit.

Reduce Muscle Pain & Inflammation

A detox bath can also be a great, natural solution if you’re experiencing muscle pain, inflammation, soreness, and cramps.

There are various essential oils that are known to help with pain and swelling, like yarrow, eucalyptus, ginger, and basil, so adding these to your detox bath can make a noticeable difference.

If you use Epsom salts in yours, they’re known to dissolve in the water and help relax muscles and stiff joints, which could be a source of your inflammation. The magnesium in the Epsom salts could also be absorbed by the skin, to help the body release lactic acid and relieve sore muscles.

Either way, the gentle fizzing of the dissolving salts is incredibly relaxing and soothing, so a detox bath is always a great solution. It’s also been shown that regular warm baths can help with inflammation over time, so if you suffer from chronic inflammation, adding detox baths into your routine could be beneficial in the long run.

Epsom salt is composed of pure mineral compounds of magnesium and sulphate, and can help with everything from exfoliating skin to irrigating wounds.

Learn more in Epsom Salt: the Top 9 Uses for Body, Health & Home.

Explore the Variations

The best part about detox baths is that there’s no one exact recipe; in fact, there are hundreds of variations and you get to choose what works for you.

In fact, feel free to experiment with different varieties and then come up with your own!

You’ll notice some recurring elements of a detox bath like Epsom salts, essential oils, regular salts (like the Himalayan salt that’s known for its healing properties), baking soda, vinegar, and ground ginger, but there are also some unique options you can use like clay (this organic, food-grade bentonite clay draws out toxins and traps them), oatmeal, rose petals and even mustard. You never know until you try it!

They each have their own benefits and properties, so make sure you do some research to figure out the best combination (and also to ensure none of the ingredients work against each other). The Renew Salt Scrub Exfoliate with 24k Medicinal Gold Flakes can also be a great addition to a detox bath since it’s a natural, chemical-free way to exfoliate, nourish and remineralize the skin.

How To Make Your Own

A standard and effective detox bath recipe looks like the following:

  • ½ cup Epsom Salt
  • ½ cup Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2-5 drops of each of your selected essential oils
  • As much warm water as you want (but be careful not to scald your skin!)

We also make our own unique blends which are available to purchase in our store. With a soothing blend of Epsom Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, Pure Magnesium Flakes and Pure Essential Oils, our Detox Bath Salts salts are perfect for full body and mind relaxation. 

Available in 3 wonderful scents... Lavender Sleepy Head, Uplifting Teatox and Rosy Cheeks!

Take Your Time

Like any bath, the longer you soak the better it feels and the more benefit you'll receive.

A detox bath is no exception, and you’ll want to ensure you’re getting at least 10-15 minutes soaking time, up to an hour. This gives your body enough time to soak up the minerals and nutrients within the bath, as well ensure your muscles have enough time to fully relax and release any tension or tightness.

If the water starts to cool down too fast, feel free to top it up with warm water again since the benefits won’t be felt with lukewarm or cool water. Some tips to thoroughly enjoy the soak include using a waterproof bath pillow to lean back and relax even further, lighting an aromatherapy candle or incense to deepen the relaxation vibe, and submerging fully up to the neck to ensure you maximise the benefits across your entire body.

If you're under any type of work-related stress, if you travel a lot or are particularly active, you should see fantastic benefits from detox baths when you take them 2-3 times per week.

Once you’re finished your bath soak, simply pat yourself dry to continue reaping the benefits of the bath for hours later; try not rinse off in the shower as you’ll cool your body’s temperature back down and lose the relaxed, lethargic feeling that will put you right to sleep. If you can’t do a full detox bath, a foot detox bath in a foot bath is always a great option!

Learn more in The Health Benefits of Bath Salts & How to Make Your Own

There’s no doubt that a leisurely soak in the bathtub can do wonders for your mental health and the standard aches and pains.

Detox baths however add another dimension to alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, reducing stress and anxiety, and overall improving your skin health.

In a day and age when we’re constantly bustling about, favouring quick showers over baths, and working ourselves the point of burnout, an unhurried, soothing detox bath can often be exactly what you didn’t know you needed—even if you’re not suffering from inflammation, pain, or swelling. 

If you are, it can be a wonderful compliment to your current management of these conditions and you'll notice benefits from regular detox baths.

Either way, you simply can’t lose, but you stand to gain so much. Try your first detox bath today, and see why this ancient health practice is here to stay.

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