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Why Emotional Fulfilment Is Just As Important As Diet & Exercise

The importance of emotional fulfilment in your life cannot be understated.

This is especially true today when there are so many new factors that can cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. 

Emotional wellness and fulfilment is the key to navigating uncertain times, which means it’s just as important as what you eat and how often you move your body.

No matter where you’re at in terms of your physical health, your emotions are strong vibrational frequencies that can either boost or deplete your energy and wellbeing.

Therefore, we thought it would be a good time to recap and check in with some of the main factors that drive your emotional wellness so that you can be healthy and happy, not just in your physical body, but in the way you feel about yourself and your life as well.

1.  Intimate Relationships

It's been said that your intimate or closest relationships can either be the greatest sources of pleasure OR pain you'll experience in your lifetime.

Our intimate relationships have meaning.

So much so, that they can either lift us up or drag us down emotionally, which is why they are so important to our overall health and wellbeing.

A relationship can either be filled with frustration or fulfilment.  And it is usually based on the trigger points that drive a variety of emotions such as, joy, love, excitement and happiness, or anger, sadness, frustration and abandonment.

You may have heard of the concept of "love languages", which speaks to the way we are all wired differently and how we "receive" and "give" love in different ways.

Some people respond best to "affirmative words" or "quality time".  Whilst give or receive love best via "gifts", "acts of service" or "physical touch".

Interestingly, how you give or demonstrate love to another person may be different to the way that you receive or feel love in return.

All of these intangible factors can make relationships very complex and perhaps it is the reason why many relationships fail.  However, this doesn't mean that it's not worth putting in the time and effort to make an intimate relationship work.

The reward can be worth it.  When there is communication, compromise, connection and trust, an intimate relationship can be one of life's greatest gifts of emotional fulfilment, which is why it is worth checking in with this very important aspect of your life often.

Learn more in our blog How to Heal Toxic Relationships Before They Break.

2.  Passion

Finding something that you’re passionate about and practicing it regularly, is a key to your emotional fulfilment.

So much of our lives are spent working, raising families and constantly beating to the drum of society, we often forget about our passions, or we don't prioritise them enough because we just can't find the time.

However, neglecting your passions is a trap that can lead to a deeply unfulfilling life. 

Your passions are the things that light you up and that bring you a sense of joy, contentment, achievement or accomplishment. 

They are designed to boost your self worth and to add meaning to your life.  For these reasons, it's really important that you don't neglect your passions.

One of the biggest problems is that many people feel like they have lost or no longer have a passion.

As time goes on and as life gets in the way, this is a common emotion that many people feel.

It can be easy to forget about the things that once brought you joy.  Or you may trivialise your passions and not value them as you get older, but this is a big mistake.

One of the secrets to a joyful and emotionally fulfilling life is to never let go of your inner child.  Your inner child is the part of you that knows your natural interests - the part of you that is adventurous, playful and likes to have fun.

Whether it be music, arts, crafts, sports or some other interest, if you scan back through your life, you will recall times when you experienced the most fun, or when you felt a great sense of personal satisfaction and fulfilment. 

The activities you can identify that have positive emotions associated with them, are the ones you should explore and reignite, as they will add tremendous value and happiness to your life. 

Importantly too, try not to let age be a barrier that stops you from continuing to live your passion.

Even if you can't physically do the things you once could, there are plenty of ways you can adapt your passions to suit your age. 

If not, be willing to experiment with new activities in order to find new passions that light you up and bring you joy and emotional fulfilment.  Whatever you do, set aside at least once or twice a week to practice something that you're passionate about.

3.  A Sense of Purpose

In the same way that having a passion is important to your emotional wellness, having a sense of purpose is also vital.

A purpose gives you a compelling reason to get up every day.  It should motivate and inspire you, give you direction and a healthy sense of commitment and self worth.

Most people attach their purpose to their job or career, but having purpose doesn't have to be related to those parts of your life.

A purpose is anything that energises you mentally and emotionally. 

It's a driving force.  A "why".  Or a reason to get out of bed everyday that compels you to get things done, to pursue, make progress and achieve.

As human beings, we crave purpose - not only because it gives meaning to our lives, but also because it gives us the feeling that we're making a contribution to the world.

Besides your job, career, family or personal goals, a great way to cultivate purpose is to find ways to problem solve.  Anything that forces you to grow or learn in a new way can be extremely uplifting and emotionally fulfilling.

Great examples include, registering for an online course or educational program.  Or signing up for a physical event or challenge that you can train for.  Or starting a new business from scratch.

All of these things will make you strive, stretch and require you to step outside of your comfort zone, which can have a tremendous impact on your self esteem, fulfilment and self worth.

The point is, when you have a clear goal or purpose, it gives you a focus, a sense of direction and a degree of certainty, which is a basic human need and can play a big role in your emotional fulfilment.

4. The Power of Breathing

Though you may not realise it, one of the most powerful ways to balance your emotions is with your breath.

Breathing is not only vital to survival, but it can also be used as a conscious tool to stimulate gratitude, ease stress and to help you gain clarity and emotional fulfilment.

When you use your breath consciously, it can also help to relieve tension when you're angry, anxious, confused or scared.  It helps you to feel relaxed and centred so that you can make decisions with a clear and open mind.

When it comes to conscious breathing, the secret is to use deep, slow, controlled breaths that expand and release your diaphragm.  For example, one great technique that can be immensely calming is to use "4 rounds of 4" or "7 rounds of 7". 

For example...

Breathe deeply into your diaphragm for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, then slowly exhale again for four counts.  Repeat this four times.

This is little technique can be very useful for kick starting your day off on the right foot every morning, or to use any time when you experience any kind of anxiety or stress.

If you want to add a deeply restorative and emotionally calming dimension to your breathing practice, try doing yoga or meditation sessions at home and diffuse essential oils in the room where you're practicing. Two of our favourite online apps are "Calm" and "Down Dog" which you'll find in your App Store.

Don't underestimate the power of breathing to not only restore yourself but also to help you cultivate a sense of gratitude and emotional fulfilment. 

Practicing basic breath work is a tool that is readily available, which you can use at any time when you're consciously aware of its benefits. 

You can learn more about restoring emotional calm in our blog 7 Ways to Deal With Anxiety & Find Inner Peace.

5. Connection & Belonging

Having a sense of connection or belonging is incredibly important for the level of emotional fulfilment you feel in your life.

In fact, there’s a reason why "belonging" is featured in "Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs".

The reality is, we all need to feel connected to some one or some thing to have purpose and to feel whole.

Connection and belonging helps to strengthen your self esteem and self worth, which is really important when it comes to avoiding depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Connection and belonging goes hand in hand with having access to a community which has similar values and interests as you.  Being around or connected with like minded people can inspire you, motivate and uplift you, even when you're feeling down.

For this reason, it's so important to seek out and to join like-minded communities, whether it be "in person" or "online".  Find your tribe, learn from others who are experiencing similar challenges or who have similar hopes, desires and dreams as you do.

When you do this, you will have a very positive impact on the level of emotional fulfilment you feel at any stage of your life.

Learn more in our blog Emotional Life Energy: Living with Joy and Gratitude.

The Main Takeaway

Being emotionally fulfilled is an intangible state of being, that is every bit as important as your physical health and wellness.

The challenge with ongoing emotional fulfilment is that it requires you to constantly evolve and to live consciously with great awareness, in order to successfully navigate life's inevitable challenges and to feel good within yourself often.

Whilst eating right and moving your body does play a very important part in your overall emotional wellbeing, some of the other factors explored here we are sure you will agree are just as important.

Take care of yourself emotionally, by cultivating happy relationships, practicing your passions, having a sense of purpose and being around like minded people.  All of these aspects are vital for your emotional wellbeing and for ensuring that you're able to experience a deeply fulfilling life that you deserve.

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