Nature's Gift: 10 Conditions That Water Can Help To Heal


It’s no secret that water is vital source of life, but you might not know that there are actually over 10 conditions that water can heal on its own without outside treatments or intervention. 

From asthma to cancer, water is a powerful source of healing for chronic dis-eases as well as general, robust health and longevity.

Keep reading to find out the 10 conditions that water can heal, and why you need to be very conscious of your water intake every single day. 

1. Asthma

Your lungs are one of the first organs to lose water because you vaporise and expel water during the process of breathing. 

So when your body is low on water, it naturally tries to prevent your lungs from expelling too much by constricting them. It does so by increasing the production of histamine, which blocks water evaporation and also controls the flow of body fluids to get water to where the body needs it most.

By drinking enough water, you can prevent this process from happening and ensure your entire body is properly hydrated for vital body functions.

There are drugs called antihistamines that work to prevent this process, but they also prevent the rest of your body from getting the water it desperately needs. Rather than rely on drugs, you can fix the problem before it even happens by drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

In fact, often critical asthma attacks are not helped by prescription antihistamine; instead, see the true power of water by having the asthmatic drink three swift glasses of water.  

Water is a wonderful bronchial dilator and it relieves inflammation. If you rely on an inhaler, with enough water you can gradually become less dependant on its use.

The secret is to drink water frequently throughout the day rather than ingesting large amounts at a time.  

2. Stomach Ulcers

Ulcers are actually caused by dehydration, so it’s no surprise that ulcers can be treated by consuming more water. The body seals off the stomach flow using a muscle spasm because the pancreas can’t neutralise stomach acid. The acid pools and creates ulcers as the acid corrodes away at the tissue.

An influx of water dilutes the acid and allows the pancreas to work magic. The pain goes away and the ulcers can begin to heal. 

People suffering from the pains of ulcers can relieve them in 20 minutes or less by drinking two glasses of water immediately then having two glasses of water every three hours through the waking hours of the day. Repeat this until the ulcers are healed.

3. Headaches

If you’re suffering from regular headaches, then chances are they’re caused by dehydration.

When the brain is not receiving enough water - which it needs to source directly from the stomach via capillary precipitation - the blood vessels in the brain constrict out of desperation, to hold onto the water that they have.  This is what causes pain. 

The true cause is ultimately dehydration, and the cure of course, is drinking more pure water.

Sinus headaches are no exception, and they can be cured by re-hydration too. You’ll never have to buy aspirin or headache pain medication again if you drink enough water every day.

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4. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can lead to a host of other health concerns and diseases. Luckily, it’s one of the conditions that water can cure. Water deficiency leads to high blood pressure.  

When the body has to force water into its critical tissues, it has to raise the pressure, which is called hypertension. 

Hypertension is caused by lack of water in the body, not by salt as many think. Salt actually helps the body retain water in order to keep more water in the tissues. Water is the only medication that will cure high blood pressure. Not the pills, herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, but water alone.  

5. Chronic Fatigue

When you look at how plants revive in water and become stronger and taller, it’s clear how water can revitalise effectively. Water generates energy through hydrolysis, which means the splitting of water into its two components, hydrogen and oxygen. 

This energy generated by water helps produce what science has named ATP, a component that stores body energy. 

The body is about 70 percent water and the brain is around 93 percent water, water that needs to be replenished daily, made fresh and clean to unencumber the body.

In this way, water can cure chronic fatigue syndrome.

Water calms and helps the emotions and shattered nerves, while increasing physical, mental and emotional energy.

6. Dementia

Most of the brain’s energy is drawn from water.

In fact, neurotransmission relies on water and fresh water flow. What occurs along nerve paths is an exchange of charged mineral colloidals called cateoris, and cateoris exchange gets its energy from water

Water also affects nerve transmission in that, along the entire length of nerves there exists waterways, tiny micro streams of water that float materials along biological structures called micro-tubules. These small rivers of water move molecules manufactured in the brain to their destinations in the nerve endings throughout the body.

Lack of water or shortage of water slows things and eventually grinds it all to a halt. Dehydration shrinks, impairs and eventually kills cells, while water shapes cells, holds them together and allows them to work. Dehydration increases the thickness and stickiness of the cell fluids clogging them up. In the brain, this creates memory loss called senile dementia.

To help prevent senila dementia from occurring, make drinking plenty of water daily a habit from an early age. 

7. Cancer 

Cancer is most often caused by free radicals in the body, and the greatest producers of free radicals is actually dehydration. By not drinking enough water, we’re putting ourselves at risk for cancer. Water is one of the greatest ways to flush out toxic residues and free radicals from the body. 

Dehydration can cause cancer by not giving the body the fluid it needs to metabolise DNA errors in cellular division. Dehydration in women can actually cause the stress that leads to the body raising the levels of prolactin, which has been known to stimulate breast cancer. 

When you consider that cancer is one of the conditions that water can cure, there’s no reason left in the world not to get more water every day. 

8. Obesity

Frequent hunger is usually a mask for chronic dehydration.

If we are hungry all of the time, not only will it cause us to put on weight and make poor food choices, it's usually a sign that we are actually dehydrated.

By giving the body plenty of water, you can allow it to function at its prime state and regulate water properly again. Focus on water versus food, and you’ll see the pounds start to shed naturally.

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9. Chest Pains

Chest pain is another body signal of dehydration. Doctors use nitroglycerine to relieve it, but water will actually cure it rather than just temporarily provide relief. Drink two glasses every three hours for seven days. 

The medical approach simply suppresses symptoms and does not cure the cause, which is dehydration.

10. Hormonal Function 

Hormonal function is easily disrupted these days from environmental factors and even the food we eat. Water improves the uptake of harmondines into the cells. 

At cell membrane levels, there occurs what is called confrontational rotation of reception molecules. Water controls the changing shapes and positions of molecules that escort harmondines to cells. Water is the catalyst in the receptor's performance.

Interestingly enough, sex and sexual performance are ultimately affected by the conditions at the receptor sites. In fact, water can maintain and improve ones sex life and performance. 

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Other Conditions That Water Can Help To Heal:

  • Irregularity/constipation
  • Skin problems
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle fatigue and cramps
  • Kidney issues

Water is the cure to most conditions and health concerns. Our body and brain is made up of about 70% water, but it needs to be constantly replenished in order maintain optimum health.

Getting more water each day can be made easier by starting your day with 500ml-1litre immediately when you rise, taking a water bottle with you wherever you go and drinking two glasses of water at least 15 minutes before every meal.

With little tricks like this you'll find that over time and distance, your optimum daily water intake will become a habit that brings you better health, vitality and longevity.

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