7 Key Reasons Why You Need Sunlight


Despite modern day fear campaigns that have brainwashed the masses into avoiding the sun, sunlight has been a vital source of life and energy for thousands of years.

Ancient cultures did not fear the sun.

Instead, they worshipped it - knowing that without this divine, natural gift, life on earth would hardly exist.

Everyone knows that the more the sun is shining, the happier we tend to be. In fact, it highlights why some of the highest incidences of depression and suicides are in bleak, northern countries where the sun only shines for limited days each year.

Unfortunately, people in modern developed countries have been brainwashed for decades into believing that the sun is bad and harmful.

In fact, this is probably one of the greatest pharmaceutical lies that has ever been perpetrated on the masses - in order to sell chemical-based sunscreen, which is now being exposed as a major cause of skin cancer (rather than solving the problem).

Anciently, the wisdom was that the divine forces of "Father-Sun" and "Mother-Earth" were created for purposes of delivering life and health to all living things.

Brilliant cultures recognised and embraced the fact that all living creatures on earth depend on sunlight for warmth, energy and the sustainment of life.

They also acknowledged that the eyes are 'the portals' through which sunlight enters the body and realised the profound impact that the sunshine can have on healing the body and mind.

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Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health, and without it, you are far more susceptible to all kinds of cancers, depression, obesity, weak bones and poor skin conditions! 

Sunlight is natural, life-giving force that helps the body maintain a high state of physical and mental health.  In fact, it holds the key to avoiding and overcoming a wide range of dis-eases that are now considered epidemic in the western world.

In terms of mental function, moderate exposure of the face to sunlight (without sunglasses), allows the bio photons of light to enter the brain and stimulate emotional molecules of happiness and joy.  

There are seven compelling reasons why you need sunlight in order to reap health benefits and help your body produce more vitamin D, but there’s no quantifying the emotional vibrations of happiness, joy and peace it will also bring to you.

Keep reading to find out the natural healing powers of sunlight and vitamin D, and then get outside and start embracing the sun as part of your self care routine.

1. Boosts Your Happiness

There’s no denying heading outside on a bright, sunny day makes you feel happier and refreshed. This is due to the incredible healing powers of sunlight and vitamin D.

Sunlight can be a huge mood booster, and it’s because sunlight actually triggers areas of the retina to release serotonin and make you happier.

By exposing your face without sunglasses, you’re giving sunlight access to improve your mood without you even realising it. In reverse, a lack of sunlight can actually lead to depression, and this can repeat itself on a seasonal basis if you’re not careful. Those living in areas with even less sunlight need to take even more advantage of the sunlight they do get, in order to naturally induce serotonin as much as possible.

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2. Improves Sleep

Sleep is absolutely crucial for your health and happiness, and you need to be protecting it and working to achieve it at all costs. Sunlight and vitamin D can help you sleep better and more easily, which are priceless when you stop to think about it.

Without quality sleep every night, it can affect everything from your mood to your ability to fight off illness and disease, so a natural way to help you skip counting sheep and stay asleep is worth its weight in gold.

One of the most documented natural healing powers of sunlight is its ability to improve your sleep by increasing the amount of melatonin you produce at night, which is what makes you feel sleepy and keeps you asleep. By increasing your sunlight exposure, you can increase your melatonin production.

By not getting any sunlight in the day, you’re putting yourself at risk for disrupting your circadian rhythm, which can lead to depression and even illness.

Tip: the right essential oils can also help lull you to sleep if you’re tossing and turning.

3. Supports Bone Strength

Vitamin D from sunlight is essential for healing because it helps promote bone strength and growth. It helps your body absorb calcium more effectively, which is essential for bone health and formation.

As you get older, your body naturally decreases in bone mass and makes you more susceptible to injury and broken bones (which can seriously affect your health as you get older). By increasing our intake of calcium and vitamin D to help absorb calcium, you can protect yourself and help your body heal more naturally.

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4. Strengthens Immune System

A strong immune system can help you stave off illness and disease, while keeping yourself healthy naturally without any medication or intervention.

Vitamin D has been shown to be a great booster to the immune system and can help it work more effectively by signalling it to activate and monitor the body for signs of illness.

Since sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, by exposing yourself to more sunlight you’re actively fortifying your immune system to fight off illness and keep yourself from being susceptible to diseases like osteoporosis.

Tip: Try Nature’s Silver Bullet Immunity Booster for a jump start to your immune system if you haven’t had time to spend in the sun.

5. Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

If you’re working to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight, the sunlight can actually help you.

Not only does sunlight help encourage you to get outside and move, activate your senses and work up a sweat, this process can actually help you lose weight.

Studies show that just 30 minutes of sun exposure can help you lower your BMI (Body Mass Index) and shed pounds. The natural healing powers of sunlight can also help reduce your blood pressure, which can help you avoid stroke and heart disease.

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6. Supports Healthy, Glowing Skin

If you’ve ever suffered from skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or acne, sunlight could be a helpful ally.

Responsible exposure to sunlight can greatly impact your skin texture and quality and work wonders in comparison to chemical-laden creams that do little more than suppress the condition temporarily without tackling the cause, making you (and your skin) healthier in the process.

Of course, it's not wise to expose your skin for extended periods in the heat of the day, however with 30-45 minutes of exposure early to mid morning before the sun is at it's most intense, will allow your skin to get vital nutrients from the sun without burning.

Lightly apply a cold-pressed plant oil like organic raw coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to nourish and feed your skin prior to and after time in the sun, or use our plant-based Divine Body Butter.

7. Fights Cancer

Last but absolutely not least, sunlight is powerful enough to help fight and prevent  a host of cancers like breast, prostate, pancreatic, colon, skin and ovarian.

Yes, you might have heard that too much sunlight can cause skin cancer, but the reality is that responsible exposure to sunlight can actually help reduce your risk of melanoma.

Those who live in areas with less sunlight are more likely to become mal-illuminated and develop these specific types of cancers than those who don’t, making it a pretty good reason for you to get outside and sparingly soak up the healing benefits of sunlight.

And what about skin cancer?

The truth is that the sun does not cause skin cancer.

Yes, excessive, irresponsible exposure to the sun can be damaging to your skin long term if you over do it, but what really causes skin cancer are:

  • Mal-illumination (due to not getting enough Vitamin D stored in your body which can only be obtained from sunlight) 
  • Not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the temperate zone in which you live and
  • Petrochemical sunscreens

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And how do I avoid sunburn?

Common sense says that if you spend endless hours exposing your bare body to the sun during the hottest part of the day, that you'll probably burn, feel uncomfortable and cause damage to your skin.

But do realise this...

People are generally much more susceptible to sunburn when they have nutritional deficiencies in their diet, mostly caused by eating and drinking "food-less foods" and "life-less drinks".   

If you avoid sugary drinks, processed foods, white flour, refined sugars and move to a diet rich in whole foods, after a few months you'll notice your skin has a lot more tolerance to the sun before it starts to burn, allowing you to absorb more of the sun's nutrients.

It's why populations of tropical island nations who tend to eat a diet rich in plants and who have constant exposure to the sun, experience few cases of skin cancer.

Note: If you're going to be spending excessive time in the sun e.g. boating, surfing, hiking etc. you can protect your skin for longer periods without harmful chemicals, by using our Sun Loves Me tox-free sun screen, or find a brand you can trust from your local health food store.

Please do not fear the sun. Respect it instead.

Simply be sensible about what you use for sunscreen and how long you spend in the sun, and you'll access its vast health and healing benefits.

The basic reality is that most people need more sunlight not less. And in doing so, will experience less sickness and will be more likely to avoid dis-eases like prostate and breast cancers, mental illness and joint, bone and skin diseases.

Getting adequate sunlight doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there are so many enjoyable, productive ways to spend time outside in the sun to improve your health:

  • Walking along the beach
  • Sitting by the pool
  • Gardening
  • Reading a book
  • Walking the dog
  • Meditating on the grass
  • Riding a bike
  • Jogging or walking

The best part is, getting just 5-15 minutes of direct sunlight on your face, arms, and hands several times a week is enough to reap the benefits of sunlight and your body’s increased production of vitamin D.

With these seven great reasons to spend outside, your health will be better than ever and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your overall mood and outlook.

Tip: Try walking along the beach in the morning sun for 30-45 minutes, barefooted a few times a week. In doing so, you'll not only get the benefits of sunlight, but also experience the soothing powers of Earthing (also known as Grounding).

Remember, when you touch your bare feet directly to the earth's surface, you absorb free electrons that help to eliminate free-radicals, reduce your stress, anxiety and stimulate emotional molecules of happiness and joy. 

No matter how you choose to spend your time in the sun, there’s no denying the healing powers of sunlight and vitamin D.

Enjoy the glow you’ll get from taking advantage of more sunlight; it won’t just be from a tan, but because you’re tapping into one of mother nature's true gifts - to support a thriving, mind, body and soul.

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