The Healing Powers of Sunlight


People in modern developed countries have been brainwashed for decades into believing that the sun is evil and harms humanity.

In my opinion, this has been one of the greatest pharmaceutical lies that has been perpetrated on the masses - in order to sell chemical-based sunscreen and sunblocks which actually cause more harm than sunshine ever could.

Anciently, the wisdom was that the divine forces of "Father-Sun" and "Mother-Earth" were created for purposes of delivering life and health to all living things.

Brilliant cultures recognised and embraced the fact that all living creatures on earth depend on sunlight for warmth, energy and the sustainment life.

They also acknowledged that the eyes are 'the portals' through which sunlight enters the body and realised the profound impact that the sunshine can have on healing the body and mind.

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Populations who have fallen for the bought and paid for propaganda that promotes chemically laced sunscreen as "protection from sunlight" are sadly ignorant to the truth.

Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health, and without it, you are far more susceptible to all kinds of cancers, depression, obesity, weak bones and poor skin conditions! 

Sunlight is natural, life-giving force that helps the body maintain a high state of physical and mental health.  In fact, it holds the key to avoiding and overcoming a wide range of dis-eases that are now considered epidemic in the western world.

In terms of mental function, moderate exposure of the face to sunlight (without sunglasses), allows the biophotons of light to enter the brain and stimulate emotional molecules of happiness and joy.  

For this reason, it's no coincidence that in northern countries, in areas that experience little sunlight throughout the year, there tends to be a higher incidence of cases of depression and even suicides.

And what about skin cancer?

The truest truth is that the sun does not cause skin cancer.  

What real causes of skin cancer are:

  • Mal-illumination (due to not getting enough Vitamin D stored in your body which can only be obtained from sunlight) 
  • Not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the temperate zone in which you live and
  • Petrochemical sunscreens

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And how do I avoid sunburn?

I don't recommend that you spend endless hours exposing your bare body to the sun during the hottest part of the day, because chances are you'll burn, cause damage to your skin and feel uncomfortable.

But do realise this...

People are generally much more susceptible to sunburns when they have nutritional deficiencies in their diet, mostly caused by eating and drinking "food-less foods" and "life-less drinks".   

If you avoid soda pops, processed foods, white flour, refined sugars and move to a diet rich in whole foods, after a few months you'll notice your skin has a lot more tolerance to the sun before it starts to burn, allowing you to absorb more of the sun's nutrients.

It's why populations of tropical island nations who tend to eat a diet rich in plants and who have constant exposure to the sun, experience few cases of skin cancer.

If you do happen to stay out in the sun for too long and burn, apply pure Aloe Vera Gel, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or DIVINE Body Butter to soothe, nourish and rehydrate your skin quicker.

Please do not fear the sun. Respect it instead.

Simply be sensible about what you use for sunscreen and how long you spend in the sun, and you'll access its vast health and healing benefits.

The basic reality is that most people need more sunlight not less. And in doing so, will experience less sickness and will be more likely to avoid dis-eases like prostate and breast cancers, mental illness and joint, bone and skin diseases.

Finally, if you're definitely going to be spending prolonged periods outdoors in the sun and you're prone to burning, rather than use chemical-based commercial sunblock, find a good quality chemical-free organic variety at your local health food store, or try a wonderful product that we handcraft and make available called Sun Loves Me.

'Cowboy' Don.

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