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Colon Cleansing: Cleaning "House" with Nature's Clays & Seeds

Any time you experience discomfort or dis-ease in your body, it can usually be traced back to an internal chaos within your digestive tract.

The word 'body' is derived from the word 'abode', meaning place or 'house' in which you live. 

That's why any time you decide to give your digestive system a rest OR the opportunity to cleanse and re-set, it can be referred to as a period of 'house cleaning'.

"House Cleaning" is a fundamental principle of self care that goes all the way back to ancient times.

It usually consists of some type of fasting on water or fresh juices.  

But it can also involve supporting your body to release heavy metals and residue stored in your digestive tract, through a process known as "colon cleansing".

Colon Cleansing can be done from the outside in via colonic hydrotherapy.

OR it can be done from the inside out, using potent natural clays and seeds to bind and extract impurities from your body, helping to speed up and support self healing.

This is the exact process involved with our flagship colon cleanse product called, Cleanse Me.

Featuring Australian Food-Grade Bentonite Clay, Ground Psyllium Husk, Flax Seed and Dried Apple, Cinnamon and Ginger, it's designed to help your body to release the unwanted junk so that you'll not only feel lighter and brighter, but also less susceptible to a host of ailments and common health problems.

What Causes The Blockages?

The alimentary canal is the largest and probably the most critical 'tube' or pipeline in your house, that runs from your mouth, all the way through your body and into your digestive tract.

If you eat 3 square meals a day, this tube can quickly become backed up with residual waste that eventually can lead to toxicity and chaos in your body if you don't do a little house cleaning from time to time.

To minimise the risk of your body hanging onto this waste, as a basic everyday measure, its vital to consistently drink at least two litres of water per day and to include plenty of fibre-rich plant foods, as well as minimising the over consumption of meat, processed foods and refined sugars and grains.

These simple steps will go a long way to supporting a healthy functioning digestive system, but no matter how clean your diet may be, it's still smart practice to consider colon cleansing from time to time. 

What Causes Toxicity & Dis-ease?

Day in, day out, most people's digestive systems are constantly being bombarded and are in a state of overwhelm, working to process the food and macro nutrients that it receives.   

Digestion, particularly of heavily concentrated food, absorbs a large chunk of your body's available energy, robbing you of time and space to support vitality, healing and repair.

The accumulation of toxic materials within the digestive system can cause a condition known as autointoxication, as the build up of impurities trapped in the bowel are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

This is rarely spoken about within the health care community and yet its why misalignment manifests in other areas of the body, showing up as common symptoms such as:

  • Sluggishness
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Skin conditions
  • Bad breath
  • Body odour
  • Weakened immune function etc.

Left unchecked, this is what eventually leads to what's known as dis-ease - lifestyle conditions such as cancer, diabetes and obesity that could have easily been prevented with the right approach to diet and lifestyle.

Cleaning Out the Tubes from the Inside

Think of colonic hygiene and periodic colon cleansing as a vital key to your life-long health and vitality.

It's kind of like an insurance policy for your overall wellness and longevity.

One of the simplest ways to do it at home, is to set aside a couple of days every couple months to do our Cleanse Me protocol.

Cleanse Me consists of two-parts, which you combine with water and drink, alternating each part on the hour every hour 8-10 times per day.  How many days you go really depends on your response to the cleanse and your overall health goals.

It's best to do Cleanse Me on a weekend, or on days when you can be around home because you'll want to have easy access to your bathroom during the cleanse for obvious reasons.

What Are the Magic Ingredients in the Colon Cleanse?

1. Flaxseeds

When it comes to extracting toxicity and waste from your digestive tract, fibre is key.

Flaxseeds are jam-packed with fibre, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and have been revered since ancient times for their powers in cleansing and healing the digestive organs.

Flaxseeds help to eliminate toxins from the body, normalise the metabolism, reduce blood sugar and regulate the appetite. They also absorb toxic compounds that are trapped in the body and supply the body with lecithin, which helps to stimulate the metabolisation of fat. 

Cleanse Me consists of ground flax seeds, meaning the seeds are formed into a fine powder that combine easily with the other important ingredients.

2. Psyllium Husk

Ground psyllium husk is known as a "bulking fibre" because it expands in the gut when ingested.

Once the husks have expanded, they act like a light scrubbing brush on the surface of the colonic wall, before transporting waist through and out of the digestive tract. 

Psyllium husk provides the ultimate support for your colon and is renowned as one of nature's true miracle fibres that you can use for gut health and to help you stay regular. 

3. Bentonite Clay

The earth actually makes powerful, detoxifying clays that can be used to extract chemical residues and toxic waste from the gut, which as mentioned, helps to speed up the healing process.

One of the most effective and revered clays of all is Food-Grade Bentonite Clay which is a natural chelator, meaning it "binds" toxins contained within the body so that they can be eliminated.

Bentonite clay works because it has a negative charge that attracts positively charged toxic residues, enabling the fibres to then carry these binded toxins out of the body.

The Main Takeaway

Colon cleansing with natural clay and seed fibres is an ancient and alternative natural remedy that you can do yourself at home at any time or whenever you intuitively feel the need to help your body reset.

It helps to strip unwanted waste from your digestive tract, including heavy metals and toxins, that can eventually cause any number of ailments, dis-eases or discomforts.

The expanding action of the flax seeds and psyllium husk is complimented by the magnetic, binding action of the bentonite clay to form this effective cleansing protocol.

It's not uncommon for different people to experience different sensations and results when embarking on any type of cleanse or fast.  For this reason, we recommend listening to your body during your cleanse and preparing your body prior to your cleanse by easing off on heavy foods for 2-3 days prior to starting your cleanse. 

The bottom line is that periodic cleansing or fasting is a wise process to follow, if you long term health, vitality and the avoidance of disease are high on your list of priorities.  And colon cleansing with natural clay and seed fibres is one of the best ways to go.  Try it for yourself and notice the difference with how you look and feel.

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