Top Threats To Gut Health & What You Can Do About It


Though you may not realise it, your digestive system is bombarded regularly with a range of threats that can not only jeopardise the health of your gut but also lead to other issues throughout your entire body.

The famous ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, first recognised the importance of gut health by teaching and proclaiming that, "ALL dis-ease begins in the gut". And yet this is something that Doctors today rarely talk about or share with their patients.

There is a connection between your gut and your brain so intricate, that your gut is commonly referred to as your body’s second brain.

Additionally, your digestive system plays host to over 100 trillion bacteria also known as your “gut flora” of which a healthy balance can easily be thrown out leading to a whole host of potential health problems.

For these reasons, it’s vitally important to be conscious of everything that can harm this intricate system of your body as well as do all that you can to ensure that it functions optimally.

Signs & Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Gut

A stressed, damaged and poorly-functioning digestive system can show up in a number of different ways. These include:

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Additionally, over the long-term, the following more serious dis-eases can also manifest…

What Causes Gut Health Issues?

There are many factors which can cause digestive issues and threaten your state of health, however, these are 5 of the most threatening as well as what you can do to address each…

1. Diet

The food that you eat over time and distance has the greatest impact on the state of your gut health.

Artificial highly-processed “junk” and “fast” foods as well as supermarket wheat products, not only often contain cancer-causing chemicals, high levels of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, but also other chaos-causing and inflammatory compounds which can wreak havoc on your digestive system and its delicate gut microbiome.

Additionally, these same “lifeless” foods can destroy and are lacking in  “prebiotics”, which feed the “good bacteria” in your gut flora as well as “probiotics” that contain these same microorganisms essential for healthy microbiome balance.

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Filling your diet with “living” plant-based whole foods is a sure fire way to get on the right track in terms of your health. Not only will these foods help cleanse your intestinal tract but also provide your body with natural nourishment in the form of essential vitamins and minerals.

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There are some specific fruits, vegetables, nuts and plant oils that contain nutrients and properties that offer incredible support and benefits for your gut.

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In addition to food, there are also several Pure Essential Oils naturally extracted from plants that can support the health of your digestive system.

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dōTERRA creates a unique blend called DigestZen, which is specifically formulated to target your digestive system, aid digestion and soothe any complaints or upsets.

2. Antibiotics

Unfortunately, along with the rise in prescription medications antibiotics have been dished out like candy by doctors to treat even the most minor of bacterial infections. Like a blanket bomb, antibiotics wipe out ALL bacteria including the good ones mentioned earlier.

This paves the way for the Ph balance to become too acidic and encourage the overgrowth of “bad” bacteria which throws out the balance necessary for proper functioning of your digestive system and optimal health.

If you are suffering from bacterial infections or viruses turn to nature first before turning to antibiotics.

Garlic, ginger and oregano all offer amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that won’t kill the good guys!

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To repair any damage that’s already been done from taking antibiotics, in addition to the dietary changes above, you’ll also need to eat a lot of probiotic-rich fermented foods to help replenish and restore the levels of good bacteria so that it can get back to a healthy balance.

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3. Environmental Toxins

If you live in a city or urban area like most of us do, you’re constantly exposed to a range of environmental threats in the form of chemicals, heavy metals and EMF present in the air, water, food and buildings that are linked to being detrimental to gut health.

Although some of these you can not totally escape from there are others that are within your control to eliminate or limit such as:

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4. Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol, especially “distilled” types such as spirits and liqueurs can be damaging to your good gut bacteria.

However, thanks to its polyphenol content, drinking moderate amounts of organic red wine can actually be beneficial for your gut flora balance. 

Also, unfiltered, naturally brewed beers (with no additives or preservatives) are a natural ferment, which in moderation and when combined with a healthy diet, can compliment healthy gut restoration.

5. Lack Of Physical Activity

It might be hard to see the connection but not getting regular light exercise can actually negatively affect the health of your gut. This is due to the way it influences your metabolism, helps with digestion and promotes higher levels of beneficial bacteria.

If you find yourself sitting for long periods during the day, or being sedentary during your leisure time, taking the time and making the effort to go for a brisk 10-20 minute walk at least once per day will go some way to supporting your other healthy gut initiatives.

How To Heal Your Gut

One of the best things you can do to return your gut to optimal health as well as detox & heal your body is by undertaking some form of fasting, either on water, juice or whole foods for a certain period.

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To support the process you can also do a natural colon cleanse such as our 2-4 day Cleanse Me Natural Clay & Fibre Colon Cleanse which will help clear accumulated toxins and “plaque” out of your digestive tract.

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You can also help from the other end by “flushing” the residue out.

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