Tips for Summer Fasting


Summer is the best time to 'fast' and reset because when you fast your body temperature drops.

The wisdom of fasting goes back thousands of years and the 'ancient healers' taught that there were three levels of fasting for restorative health and healing:

  1. Fast - raw plant food diet
  2. Faster - raw fruit and vegetable juices
  3. Fastest - pure water.

The path you choose depends on your current state of physical health, your goals and what you're prepared to do for yourself emotionally, but each can deliver profound health benefits in a fairly short space of time e.g. 7-14 days.

Here are some tips to help you choose the path that's right for you if you're ready to do some type of fast this summer to reset your health:

Fast - Walk the Rainbow Bridge

To walk the rainbow bridge means to follow the 7 colours of the rainbow for 7 days to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Each day you eat fruits, vegetables and drink juices prepared from the corresponding colour spectrum:

Day 1 - Red e.g. Watermelon, Strawberries, Beets etc.

Day 2 - Orange e.g. Oranges, Peaches, Apricots, Pumpkin etc.

Day 3 - Yellow e.g. Mangoes, Bananas, Papaya, Squash etc.

Day 4 - Green e.g. Green Apples, Kiwifruit, Spinach, Cucumbers etc.

*Day 5-7 - Blue, Indigo & Violet e.g. Blueberries, Plums, Purple Potatoes etc.

*Days 5-7 you consume a mix of fruits and vegetables from the entire Blue, Indigo and Violet spectrum for those three days.

Faster - Cold Press Juices

Fasting on the 'bloods' of fresh fruits and vegetables is a very versatile and enjoyable way to experience the wonderful benefits of fasting for anywhere from 1, 7, 14 or 28 days or more.

You can follow 'The Rainbow Bridge' just on juices, do a mono juice fast by consuming the juice of just one fruit like watermelon, or go with a variety of fruit and vegetable juices that appeal to you.

In summer, the higher water content fruits and vegetables naturally come forth and are in their prime e.g. melons, cucumbers, limes etc. so be sure to incorporate these into your juices.

There was also an ancient wisdom around the times of the day to drink certain juices which makes a lot of sense and it's this:

Morning - drink mostly the juices of fruits and vegetables that grow ABOVE the ground e.g. apples ;

Day Time - drink mostly the juices of fruits and vegetables that grow ON the ground;

Evening - drink mostly the juices of fruits and vegetables that grow UNDER the ground.

In simple terms , try to drink juices that are more 'fruit' based in the early part of the day and those that comprise of more 'vegetables' later in the day.

When fasting, it's best to prepare your juices is with a cold pressed juicer, which gently extracts the juice to ensure it maintains its 'living' enzymes and removes the fibre. This allows quick assimilation into your cells for energy and healing with your body absorbing the nutrients up to 4 times faster than normal juicing methods, because there is little to no digestion required. 

Most cafes and juice bars use a 'centrifugal' machine which operates on speed and heat to pulverise the produce, destroying much of its nutritional benefit. When fasting, you want the 'electric force' to be retained within the juice, which is why I recommend using a cold pressed juicer and preparing 2-3 days worth of juice at a time, sealing and storing it in glass bottles in the refrigerator. Cold-pressed juice will last 3-4 days so you don't need to juice every day.

A good, high-quality cold-press juice machine is the Kuvings B6000 Slow Whole Fruit Cold Pressed Juicer.

Juice Powders

Nothing beats fresh pressed juice you make yourself, but if you’re travelling or short on time, get your hands on some of our bioactive raw organic juice powders.

These are the next best thing to freshly squeezed juice and are extra convenient to get your daily fix of nutrients when you're on the go.

These powders are available in two delicious varieties:

CABALA RAW Organic Juice Powder

Berry RAW Organic Juice Powder 

Green RAW Organic Juice Powder

Water Fasting

Typically reserved for those who need to overcome a chronic dis-ease, or for anyone who is ready to experience deep, physical and emotional cleansing and enlightenment, water fasting is the fastest path of all.

Water's one crucial function is to detoxify the body.

Our entire body's are based on water and light. When you fast on water, your body rapidly begins to dump metabolic waste and increases the production of 'stem cells', responsible for repairing, replenishing and rejuvenating your entire physiology.

Additionally, you begin to 'starve' anything toxic in your body so that it can no longer proliferate e.g. fat deposits, parasites, viruses, cancer cells or other abnormal growths such as abscesses.

When fasting on water, make sure you go with a natural spring water sourced from a free-flowing aquifer or clean rainwater.

Rainwater is how mother nature provides us with the purest water on earth and you too can recreate this process at home with a water distiller to evaporate water to get rid of any impurities, chemicals or toxins. It’s important though to then recharge the pure water with minerals and nutrients by placing it in a large glass container or jars and leaving in the midday sun for at least half an hour.

Remember, if you're going to fast, during the summer months is the best time to do it.

Just realise that days 1-3 are usually the hardest because this is the time that your body is beginning to release toxins, but stay with it and you'll really notice your energy begin to turn around (particularly on raw plants or juices).

And one final thought...

During my travels going in to ancient collections I came across a scroll in an obscure monastery which was all about fasting and the human body's relationship to mother earth.  I translated it and printed it into a book you can read if you have an interest.  It's available in my store and it's called GAEA Speaks - A Mother's Call.

'Cowboy' Don.


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