The ancient wisdom and meaning of "Diet"


If you believe in the 'food pyramid', you're missing the true ancient wisdom about what makes a healthy, balanced diet.

First, let's look at the etymological origins of the words "diet" and "nutrition".

The word "diet" comes from the greek "diaita", meaning "that which is good".

Whereas the word nutrition is derived from the prefix "nut" meaning "light".

Nutrition literally means "process of light".  

And LIGHT can only come from LIFE, meaning electrically charged, living plant foods. 

Anciently, at 'Solomon's Temple' there were two pillars at the entrance that were referred to as "Jachin", symbolising FRUIT, meaning, "to add splendour and life" and Boaz (VEGETABLE), meaning, "to strengthen and establish".

Now bare with us here...

We realise that there are so many different belief systems out there regarding human evolution and diet and you should ultimately do what you believe, but we want to take you way back in time to try and give you some helpful context here.

Ancient Wisdom

In the past, there were cultures that believed that many aspects of the human experience and the universe around us is based upon multiples of seven.

There are 7 days of the week, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 continents, 7 notes of the octave and so on...

And interestingly, a woman's menses or period is four sevens, or 28 days.

So, through their brilliant observation of nature, the ancients believed that even our health and diet was tied into this sacred number of 7.

At 28 years old, the wisdom was that one should start reducing their dietary intake by 1/7th every seven years, meaning that you gradually eat less as time goes on to prolong a healthy life.

At 49 - where four and nine add up to 13 - they believed that this was a very significant time in a person's life.

They understood that the fulfilment of that individual - physiologically, mentally, emotionally, socially - was tied into diet, and that at the age of 49, the individual should be eating 4/7ths of what they used to eat at age 28.

It’s interesting because they used to teach, and today there’s evidence that it’s true, that if you don’t cut back on what you’re eating, the older that you get, your body will literally cause your teeth to fall out, to stop you from eating!

A Variety of Colours

Wholefoods contain all 7 colours of the rainbow and every known nutritional component that exists.

So, when looking at what makes a balanced diet, the key is to embrace as many different varieties of colours of foods from the rainbow spectrum as you can!

Add to those, nuts, seeds and grains that are unprocessed and unrefined and you'll have everything you need to energise, heal and sustain you. 

Eat foods that are IN SEASON, because your cells respond to the frequencies of light within those plants that come forth at those specific times of year, and those nutritional components stay within your body throughout the year.

Berries are a great example.

When berries are in season, you should load up on a variety of these.  As nature's 'vaccines' (the word 'berry' is derived from the latin 'vaccinium'), you'll be naturally inoculating your cells with immune-boosting components that will protect you during the months when viruses abound and most people tend to get sick. Learn more in Why Berries Are Nature's True Vaccines

In summer, embrace the the higher water content foods when the sweeter, juicier fruits and lighter vegetables naturally come forth e.g. peaches, mangoes, avocados, limes, cucumbers, zucchinis, lettuce, snap peas etc.

And in the cooler months, you'll be drawn to the lower water content foods - like citrus, berries, garlic, onions, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, squash, pumpkin etc. 

Be conscious of the foods that naturally respond seasonally and which are grown in the temperate zone where you live and you won't be deficient in anything and you'll be doing your health the greatest service over time.

Stop believing you're "Deficient"!

Always remember that no one knows more about your body than you.

The problem is we’ve been indoctrinated to believe in going in for "check-ups" to find out if we're deficient in anything, or we buy into supplements as an insurance policy to make sure we're getting all the nutrition we need.

It's a crazy situation. Supplement means 'fractured' or 'incomplete', and there's absolutely NO need to count calories!!

Please go by how you feel and trust in your body's intelligence.

Try to intuitively look at plant foods through a different set of eyes, the variety and colours and go with what naturally appeals to you.

A great place to realign yourself with food in your area, is to visit your local farmers' markets and browse the wonderful mix of fresh produce on offer.

When in season, eat an apple day, because it really does help keep the Doctor away.

The nutrition of that apple will circulate in the bloodstream for upwards of one full year and the body pulls on it as it needs it.

Learn more in Are You Really Vitamin Or Mineral Deficient?

Hunger vs. Appetite

It’s important to understand that there’s a huge difference between being hungry and simply having an appetite, and by the same token there’s a true difference between appetite and thirst.

Often times, when you're hungry, you're actually thirsty!

Whenever you first feel hungry, drink water first.  Then, if you're really still hungry, then go ahead and snack on something.

Eat More Raw 

If you can consciously shift your diet to 80% plant-based (or even raw), you'll begin to notice an enormous difference in how you look and feel.

Learn more in Top 7 Reasons to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet & How To Do It

If you're not ready for this, a great habit to get into is to start each meal with a small salad or bowl of leafy greens (add a little olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt) before you eat your main course.

You goal should simply be to eat more consciously by tuning in to what 'mother earth' provides and to trust your intuitive sense of what's right for you in terms of the food you eat over time and distance.

The result will be less pain in your body and you'll ultimately have a happier, healthier life.


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