Losing Weight: The Big Fat Lie


Fad diets, miracle pills and calorie controlled meal plans have long been the 'go-to' for people who want to shift stubborn pounds.

But it’s all a BIG Fat Lie that the weight loss industry has told for decades, to prey on the masses and generate billions of dollars.

Whilst these types of programs might help you to lose weight in the short term, just about ALWAYS you’ll find yourself on the weight-loss/weight-gain merry-go-round.

The key to finding your ideal body weight comes down to getting to the heart of what causes abnormal weight gain in the first place and making sensible dietary and lifestyle changes that LAST.

Here’s are my top 7 tips for shedding those unwanted pounds, reclaiming your energy and getting down to your ideal weight for good:

1. Clean Up Your Diet 

This is not rocket science.  Stop eating food-less foods and life-less drinks! Processed, chemically-laced packaged foods, refined sugars and grains, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils are the primary causes of internal chaos which cause your body to lay down fat and sending a signal to the brain that causes an ongoing ‘addiction' to these foods. When your cells are nourished, the brain says "life’s good, I don’t need food". That’s why the #1 thing you can to do to find your ideal weight is to move to a diet rich in plant whole foods. The electric matrix of these foods is designed to nourish and sustain you…and you’ll soon find that by eating this way, you'll simply no longer feel like 3 square meals a day! This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the things you enjoy, it just means looking at the food you're eating through a different set of eyes and adding more raw plant foods to your diet which will cause you to be satiated and less likely to make crappy dietary choices that cause you to pack on the pounds;

2. Quit Calorie Counting 

A Diet Coke contains less calories than a fresh raw juice or a naturally fermented Kombucha.  But guess which one creates chaos in your body and which ones nourish, cleanse and enliven you? It’s not about the “quantity” of calories you're eating, it’s about the “quality”. If you want healthy, sustainable weight loss where you’ll avoid a host of niggling ailments, discomforts and dis-eases, throw the calorie counting book away and start focusing on the quality of calories that you eat.

3. 'Go Nuts' throughout the day 

Besides my whole food Pulse, a banana, apple or pear, the number 1 snack food on the planet would have to be raw nuts like raw macadamias or almonds. Raw nuts are probably the all-time, number 1 weight loss secret because they perfectly balance blood sugar, provide good fats, fibreproteinsuppress appetite and knock out unhealthy cravings. Honestly, if you’ll carry a small bag of these guys around with you wherever you go and just munch on them throughout the day, you’ll never go hungry, you’ll supply your body and brain with vital nutrients and you’ll feel fantastic!

4. Fast for a week to begin 

Giving your body a break from food is one of the best ways to kick start any weight loss program. It not only gives your body a chance to release stored waste without taking any more in, it allows your body’s most vital function - digestion - to rest and heal. To help this process, it's also a good idea to start with a 2-4 day Colon Cleanse to extract backed up sludge on your colonic wall.  After that, go for seven days on nothing but Pulse or raw plant food, a combination of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or by incorporating a period of intermittent fasting (whereby you don’t eat for say 16 hour blocks on any given day), will prepare your body to receive nutrients and run more efficiently, which in turn will help you find your ideal weight sooner. Not only that, you’ll find that by doing this for 7-10 days, you’ll rewire your taste buds so that you're less inclined to make poor dietary choices that have contributed to your excess weight gain in the first place;

5. Move Your Body 

Movement is critical to boosting your metabolic rate which allows you to basically burn fat for hours after you’ve exercised. If you’re starting from ground zero, then walking is #1. Walking is a crucial, health prolonging exercise that you should incorporate for at least 30-45 minutes a day as a priority. Besides that, if you want to accelerate the process of shedding unwanted pounds and getting leaner, there is only one solution - RESISTANCE training. It’s important to realise that 'muscle is the engine in which fat is burned'. Now, I don’t mean that you have to look like Arnie or Popeye to lose weight, but to torch fat you need to put your muscles under some moderate pressure on a regular basis. Resistance bands, Pilates, Swimming and Circuit Training for 45 -60 mins a few times a week are all perfect ways to stimulate your muscles and create a fat-burning body. These exercises also incorporate a moderate amount of cardio whereby you'll elevate your heart rate to an ideal fat burning level and work up a sweat at the same time to help release toxins. Weight training can be great also, but depending on your age and level of strength and experience, I usually recommend lower impact exercises where this little to no risk of injury;

6. Drink Water 

Water is the very source of life and the natural element that allows your body to flush out metabolic waste. Think of your body as flowing stream. If the stream dries up, sludge will stick to the banks that run alongside the stream, causing waste to proliferate. Keep the stream flowing with clean, fresh water and the waste will move freely down the stream. As a minimum, drink 2 litres of water each day (the weight of the brain), or if you’re particularly active and perspire regularly, go with the ancient wisdom of 1 litre per 22 kgs of body weight.

7. Don’t avoid FAT 

It’s a total myth that if you eat fat, you’ll get fat. Not all fats are created equal. Some fats deliver vital nourishment to the cells, protect the nerves and help your body to perform at its best (and shed weight), whilst others create chaos in your body. The biggest culprit is hydrogenated oils like margarine and vegetable oils with a low heat point that become rancid, typically used for frying fast foods. Avoid them like the plague. If you’re eating a clean diet with a large proportion of raw fruits and vegetables, your body will thrive with a healthy injection of ‘good’ fats like cold pressed oils e.g. extra virgin olive, coconut, macadamia, flax, avocados, and even animal fats derived from whole organic dairy and free range eggs.

Losing weight can be a chore at first, but the rewards are worth it. Take baby steps, put one foot in front of the other, stick to your goal and pretty soon you'll have the momentum to look and feel your best!

'Cowboy' Don


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