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Why Your Morning Routine Is Key To Your Health & Vitality

One of the greatest drivers of long term health and vitality is your morning routine.

What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone - not only for your day - but your life as well, because the cumulative effect of robust morning habits can pay off for a life time.

Here, we delve into the transformative effects of an effective morning routine on your overall health, happiness, productivity and wellbeing.

1. The Mind-Body Connection

Your morning routine is the inflection point of your daily sleep-wake cycle.

In other words, it is the process that moves you from a restorative, restful nights sleep to activation, awareness and the tasks of your day.

By being conscious of the link between your mind and body and stimulating them in unison, you can create a morning routine that leads to more harmony, balance and performance in your day.

The mind body connection is best activated through simple activities such as deep intentional breathing, stretching, meditation and exercise, because it stimulates and opens the flow of messaging between your body and brain.

2.  Boosting Your Energy

Energy in the body is generated primarily through oxygen and movement.

This is why breath work, fresh air and exercise are all powerful ingredients as part of a robust morning routine for activating and boosting your energy.

Whether you choose a brisk 45 minute outdoor walk, gym workout, yoga session, or some other form of exercise as part of your morning routine, your health, vitality, metabolism and energy are all impacted in a very positive way.

Additionally, your mental wellbeing and sense of self-worth are elevated due to the release of 'feel-good' chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which can uplift your mood and help to generate positive thoughts, influences and productivity for your day.

3.  Nourishment For Your Body

Breakfast has long been hailed as "the most important meal of the day" for good reason.

Firstly, the food choices you make are important for energising your body and sustaining you through the mid-morning munchies, which can cause you to make poor snack choices in the early part of your day.

Secondly, first thing in the morning is a time when your body is in its digestive eliminatory cycle, meaning you should be mindful of what you eat and drink in order to support this very important metabolic process.

Since breakfast involves "breaking-your-fast" from the period since you last ate the night before, it is a good idea to ease into your morning nutrition by ingesting liquids first, such as water, lemon water, black coffee and herbal teas, prior to eating solid food.

Consider having your main morning meal after your morning walk or exercise, to help support your digestive cycle and to fuel your body and brain for healthy maintenance and better performance.

4.  Planning & Progress

One of the great things about morning time is the opportunity to create a clearing in your mind and to set out mini goals to help you make progress in your life.

A quality morning routine is not just about breathing, stretching, nutrition and movement - its also about bringing a sense of structure and organisation to your day.

Organisation and structure help to smooth out the disorganisation, stress and chaos which can be mentally and emotionally draining.

Take a few minutes each morning to write down your 3-5 most important tasks for your day and rank them in terms of priority.  A simple proactive approach like this will help add to your general sense of purpose, give you more confidence and even boost your productivity in your day.

5.  Digital Detox & Mental Clarity

In this digital and social media age we live in, your morning routine represents an opportunity to tune out from digital distractions and to focus on yourself first.

Between work, email, social media and entertainment, you'll probably already be exposed to enough digital influence throughout your day and in the evening.

Therefore, consider optimising your morning routine by delaying checking in on your smart phone apps and digital devices until you've competed your morning routine.

This will help you avoid distractions and keep you focussed on the morning habits that will serve your physical body and give you the mental clarity you need to have a purposeful day.

6.  Cultivating Consistency & Discipline

A robust morning routine is one that is simple, sustainable and consistent.

While the specific activities within morning routines may vary from person to person, the key to their effectiveness lies in your consistency.

As you become more conscious of your morning habits and you begin to optimise them, the secret to consistency is creating momentum quickly so that these healthy habits become second nature or subconscious to you.

A great morning routine is one that has a healthy mix of stability, predictability and discipline, all for the benefit of adding value to your life, your health span and your longevity.

The Main Take Away

A well crafted morning routine is one of the secrets to a healthy, productive day and a great life.

Set aside the time first thing in the morning to nurture simple, repeatable practices that serve your mind and body well.  Ideally, this should encompass a little breath work, stretching, hydration, mindfulness, movement and good nutrition.

This is vital to your long term health but it doesn't need to be overwhelming.  Start small and optimise as it feels right for you and as your available time allows.

When you engrain a good mix of these practices into your morning routine, you'll begin to optimise your mind-body connection and you'll elevate your energy, happiness, success and overall sense of wellbeing.

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