The Key Nutrient in Strawberries That Helps Prevent Cancer


Something many people aren’t aware of is that the word "vaccine" literally is derived from "berry".

The latin word vaccini (um) means to “inoculate for the prevention of disease with the use of blue-berries, whortleberries, cranberries, strawberries and the like”. 

When you consider that most vaccines today are not only controversial, but also now being exposed with links to cases of autism, seizures, and even death, it makes the concept of an all-natural vaccine like berries sound pretty appealing. 

That’s exactly why strawberries and cancer prevention is such an important topic.

Strawberries have a key nutrient called Ellagic Acid that fights cancer, keeping you healthy and happy for years to come.

As a natural food supplied by mother earth, there are of course no toxic chemicals in this nutritional food and absolutely no side effects—except good health!

Keep reading to find out how strawberries and cancer prevention could save your life, simply by eating more of this delicious, fresh fruit. 

This is a classic case of "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" and "Medicine Be Thy Food" as Hippocrates taught all those centuries ago. 

1. The Key Nutrient Ellagic Acid

Strawberries contain a potent compound called ellagic acid that powerfully counteracts cancer.

Research actually shows that ellagic acid can target cancer cells in the body, removing them and blocking their ability to multiply.

This is true even if you’re not aware of cancer in your body; the compound in strawberries is working ferociously behind the scenes to protect you and boost your immune system. Research even shows that ellagic acid may have even more chemo-preventative properties than known. 

Ellagic acid is a powerful antioxidant that works tirelessly against toxins in the body. There’s no doubt that consuming it regularly from food sources like strawberries can protect you and fight off disease like cancer. Ellagic acid is also helpful for fighting inflammation and obesity, which can also help prevent cancer from forming in the body and keep you in better overall health. 

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2. Eating Strawberries and Cancer Prevention

The key part of strawberries and cancer prevention is that the nutrient ellagic acid must be eaten, rather than taken as a supplement. This is a common mistake that people make, thinking they can ingest powerful nutrients through a supplement and still reap the same benefits, but when you try to isolate a vitamin in a natural food, it simply doesn't have the same intelligence and effect!

A prime example is with beta-carotene, which has been shown to be a “wonder drug” against so many scary health diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. In fact, just one carrot a day can reduce your risk of stroke by an incredible 68%.

But people soon discovered that beta-carotene supplements simply aren’t effective at all at preventing these diseases, even though the supplements contain the same beta-carotene compound as fruits and vegetables. 

The takeaway?

There are hundreds of beta-carotene “siblings”, called carotenoids that aren’t fully known to science. Taking a supplement means you’re getting just one inactive form of beta-carotene, but when you bite into a carrot, you’re getting all of these carotenoids that powerfully boost the effectiveness of beta-carotene. 

It’s a similar effect with strawberries and cancer prevention: a handful of pills simply isn’t as effective a source of ellagic acid as the actual strawberry itself, and a lot less delicious to boot. 

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3. More Preventative Properties

The effects of strawberries and cancer prevention are widespread, and often times subtle. Strawberries contain so many powerful nutrients and antioxidants that it’s hard to calculate exactly how effective they are against diseases like cancer, but aside from ellagic acid, strawberries also offer up the following.

Foods rich in vitamin C like strawberries can help remove allergens and irritants from the body to keep allergies and inflammation under control. Foods like strawberries and other metal detox foods can also bind to metals in your body (which are toxic) to pull them out of your system. Strawberries are also great sources of fiber (necessary for digestive health), vitamins and minerals, and anthocyanins (important for heart health). 

Your body is fairly adept at eliminating toxins from the body, but when we’re constantly bombarded with toxins from both our diet and the environment, it’s hard for the body to keep up. A detox can help your body take a break from the onslaught of chemicals and toxins and give it a chance to eliminate them from your system so that you can better protect yourself going forward. 

Try the Berry RAW Juice Powder and more flavours here for a delicious but detoxifying juice that gives you the next best thing to fresh juice when you’re in a pinch. 

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4. Prevents Age-Related Diseases

It’s a known fact that you are what you eat; by eating a diet full of fresh, raw foods you’ll be able to live a healthier, longer life and stave off illness and disease. Strawberries are an important part of any diet, and their unique properties not only help prevent cancer but also keep you feeling and looking younger. 

The high vitamin C content of strawberries helps speed healing, remove cholesterol from your body, and widen blood vessels to lower blood pressure. The citrus in strawberries helps promote regularity to remove toxins and waste from the body quickly and efficiently, and the anthocyanins of strawberries also help prevent cell degeneration.

While any of these benefits might not specifically cure cancer, keeping healthy as you age and consuming a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables makes you less vulnerable to age-related diseases and cancers. 

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Strawberries and cancer prevention is not only real, but effective.

If preventing cancer could be as simple as consuming more of these fresh, tasty berries each day, why wouldn’t you? 

All of the medicines we could need are right there waiting for us from Mother Nature, in exactly the right doses we need and without any scary side effects, just by eating the right foods for the right reasons.

Strawberries have a ton of health benefits and can help you fight the signs of ageing both internally and externally, so you can live a healthier, more youthful life even as you get older. 

Eating more strawberries is easy, no matter your diet, in part because they taste like a treat. Aim for about half a cup of chopped strawberries a day, or about 7-8 whole strawberries. Try the following to add more strawberries into your day to day. 

  •     Blend them into smoothies
  •     Top a fresh, summery salad with chopped strawberries
  •     Puree them into a healthy salad dressing
  •     Top your morning cereal or oatmeal with fresh strawberries
  •     Add them to water for a delicious twist on your daily hydration
  •     Bake them into healthy muffins or breakfast bars
  •     Juice them for a nutrient powerhouse drink
  •     Dip them in dark chocolate for a healthy treat and an antioxidant boost

While fresh, raw whole foods are always preferable and you want to consume as much of them as possible in your day, cooking strawberries doesn’t remove the cancer-fighting properties of ellagic acid so you can also reap the benefits from strawberry jam, compote, and even strawberry pie as an occasional treat.

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