Milk: Is it fit for humans?


The history of milk is the history of civilisation. Without it, there would be no civilisation.

Yes, there are varying and conflicting beliefs out there about whether 'milk is milk' and whether 'milk from an animal is fit for human consumption'.  

I'll share with you my perspective here.

The health and wealth of this nation are inextricably tied into our agriculture.

I believe that one of our greatest 'losses' today, is due to the senseless destruction of fresh milk through pasteurisation, ultra-pasteurisation and now ultra high-temperature pasteurisation which turns a raw, living food into a white, 'milk-flavoured pustulant drink'.

With a proper understanding of milk and its destructive effects (when heat-treated), and the remarkable therapeutic effects when consumed RAW, we could cut billions of dollars from our medical bills, make ourselves infinitely healthier and actually raise the I.Q. of our children.  I'll explain why in a moment.

First, consider this...

Life begets life, meaning that raw milk is available for human consumption as a death-free food.  Milk is the succor of life and light, the sun held in liquid state and the quickened 'blood' of grasses.

Offered fresh milk, most mammals - even adult ones - will drink it immediately.

Humans, with their mobility and intelligence, figured out long ago how to have ongoing access to milk.

The problem is that milk has become so commercialised for the sake of industry and profit, that the finished product you see on your supermarket shelf hardly resembles real milk at all.

If you're going to consume milk or dairy, knowing your source can make all the difference. Raw alternatives that have been organically raised from earth-friendly farms are the way to go.

Note:  In certain states and countries it is illegal to sell untreated, raw milk for human consumption. Often it will still be available, but the store is obliged to label it as cosmetic "bath milk".  If it's unavailable in your area, find a local organic farm or go to a farmer's market and get it direct from the source.

Are human's meant to drink cow's milk?

This is an interesting question and one that is open for debate amongst various factions of the health-conscious community.  

Of course, vegans feel strongly that animal milk of any kind is not fit for human consumption. There is also the view that no other mammals on earth drink milk after weaning.

I understand these reasonings, but I also have a broader perspective.

In my experience, I’ve seen too many underdeveloped children that couldn’t even walk by age 4, get up and walk after just two weeks on RAW milk from lovingly treated animals.

I've also worked with countless folks who've had digestive and internal health problems that they couldn't solve by any other means, rapidly heal by incorporating raw milk and fermented raw milk foods like yoghurts and kefir into their diets. Frankly, I don't know of anything more powerful for re-establishing the flora and fauna (ecology) of the gut.

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If you can't stomach milk what should you drink?

If you would prefer to avoid raw milk despite its benefits, there are a number of great substitutes available in good health food stores these days or that you can make yourself e.g. Organic Soy and Nut Milks.

Almond milk would have to be amongst my all time favourites because it's super versatile and has amazing health benefits:

  • Reduces appetite, weight loss
  • Help with energy production 
  • Supports colon health 
  • Helps prevent gallstones 
  • Lowers cholesterol and reduces risk of heart disease 
  • Packed with protein powerhouse 
  • Aids reduction of inflammation of blood vessels. 

If you want to prepare your own Almond Milk at home, here's how:

You just need raw, pesticide-free almonds, filtered water, salt and a nut milk bag

  • Soak almonds for at least 12 hours in water with ½ tsp sea salt. This breaks down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors releasing beneficial enzymes in the almonds. 
  • Rinse almonds well. Add almonds (two pitted dates for sweetness optional) and with filtered water in blender or vitamix
  • Blend several minutes until smooth and creamy
  • Strain mixture into a large bowl through nut milk bag
  • Pour into glass jar, seal and store in fridge for up 5 days.

'Cowboy' Don

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