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Five Winter Secrets To Keep Your Body Healthy and Strong

During the winter time, it can be difficult to stay on track with your health.

Some of the most common reasons for this include:

  • Infections and viruses tend to proliferate 
  • Our bodies crave denser, calorie-rich foods to keep warm
  • It's tough to stay active when it's cold!

For all of these reasons, it's important to be extra self care aware in winter. 

During the colder months, we tend to crave denser foods to raise our body temperature. This ties in to mother earth because it's also when the lower water content foods naturally come forth and are perfectly in season - think of legumes, tubers, hard vegetables and whole grains etc.

In relation to diet, the problem is when we overeat or we settle for stodgy comfort food in winter instead of the intended, natural seasonal whole food that the earth provides and wants us to eat!

It's also uncomfortable to get outdoors and move when the temperature drops, but it's well worth the effort if you can stick with it and make the right dietary choices during the cold season. 

When you stick with a robust, healthy routine in winter, the benefit is that when the warmer months roll around you'll already look and feel great.  It is so much easier to adjust to summer and actually enjoy it, when you're not desperately trying to shed the winter baggage. 

Keep reading for tips to stay healthy and motivated in the colder months so that you can arrive at summer with a smile on your face. 

1. Boost Your Immunity

It's no secret that in winter there are more bugs and viruses in the air which can play havoc with a weak immune system. 

The key is to pay attention to the obvious common-sense actions that cause your body to build its natural defences - clean air, exercise, sunshine, clean water and fresh food.

If you're conscious of these things in winter, you can greatly reduce the chances of you getting sick and derailing you from looking and feeling your best.

Here's some tips to boost your immunity naturally:

  • Get enough sleep - A lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of weakened immunity.  Aim to get 6-8 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep per night. If you have trouble sleeping, try diffusing Lavender Peace Essential Oil next to your bed or add a few drops to your pillow and rub in to the souls of your feet before bed;
  • Manage Stress - stress is one of the fastest ways to lower your immune function, so it's important to manage it effectively.  Practice some form of meditation, yoga, morning sun gazing or earthing (walking on the grass or beach in bare feet). Just 15-30 minutes per day can have a big impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing and supporting your immunity;
  • Eat plenty of plant foods/vegetables because they're loaded with natural fibres that will support a healthy digestive system, which can otherwise be a breeding ground for the proliferation of bad bacteria, which causes illness and disease;
  • Eat Citrus - Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Tangerines are all loaded with immune-boosting, virus-fighting Vitamin C. Add a variety of these to your diet on a weekly basis to protect against infection and viral overwhelm;
  • Eat Good Fats - Include plenty of healthy, plant oils in your diet which also support healthy digestion and immune function. Examples include Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocados.
  • Eat Fermented Foods - Fermented foods cultivate a healthy gut microbiome, ensuring that the good bacteria outweigh the bad.  This is essential for a strong immune system.  Include some of the following foods - organic cheeses and yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, olives, pickles, tempeh and miso.

Tip: give your immune system a helping hand with our colloidal silver and fulvic acid Nature’s Silver Bullet Immunity Booster. This can assist to fight bacterial, fungal and viral infection before it takes hold. 

2. Exercise Daily

Just because the weather has cooled down doesn’t mean we should stop moving.

Exercise, of course, is a big aspect of maintaining a summer body in winter and vital to keeping you healthy and strong.

At least 20-30 minutes per day of working up a sweat (even if it’s a brisk walk) can do wonders for you. You’ll help support your immune system, sleep better (which allows your body to heal and recover), you’ll improve circulation, keep yourself at a healthy weight so that when summer rolls around you’re not hanging onto any “winter padding”.

Whilst walking won't change your body shape, it offers so many foundational health benefits and is suitable for just about everyone.  So, place walking at the top of your list. 

Then, if you want to tone up and lose unwanted weight, be sure to add 30-45 minutes of resistance training to your routine 2-3 times per week that also get your heart pumping.  Try circuit training, light weights, stair or hill climbing or create your own workout at home with a range of body weight resistance exercises that work your biggest muscle groups e.g. push ups, squats, lunges, burpees etc.

Learn more in How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain: Top Dietary Tips for Cooler Weather. 

3. Get Plenty of Fresh Air and Sunshine

Winter isn’t the time to hibernate indoors for weeks on end.

Your body needs fresh air and sunshine to maintain health and thrive just as much as it does during summer, it's just harder to do when it's cold.

Fresh moving electrified air is crucial for a healthy functioning respiratory system. On the other hand, spending countless hours in stale stagnant air is one of the primary causes of respiratory congestion and lowered immunity.

Crack your windows at night when you sleep if you live in a safe neighbourhood, get outside first thing in the morning and practice deep breathing for 5-10 minutes, and walk outside whenever you can.  If you are stuck in doors for prolonged periods or when you sleep can't get fresh air, the next best thing is to use a ceiling fan or box fan on low speed to help electrify the air and keep it moving. 

When it comes to sunshine, you need at least 15-20 minutes a day of sun for your body to manufacture enough vitamin D to support your health. Sunshine is so important that we’re starting to find compelling evidence that it can even lower our risk for many cancers. 

Fresh air goes hand in hand with sunshine. If you can achieve both at the same time, you've got it made!

When we’re stuck inside all day, we’re breathing recycled air full of potential toxins, especially during winter. Spend as much time outside in the fresh air as possible each day, whether you’re walking/bicycling to work, eating lunch outside, taking your workout outdoors, or even just parking much farther from the front door than you normally would. 

This combination of fresh air and sunlight during the winter will energise you, boost your spirits, and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle during cooler months.

4. Drink Water

In the cooler months, it's easy to forget to drink the optimum amount of water each day which is a mistake.  Remember, you should aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, or 1 litre per 22 kilos of body weight if you're particularly physically active, to hydrate your cells and brain and to assist your body to flush out toxins.

This might seem obvious, but it’s an alarming fact that most of us are at least slightly dehydrated most of the time. Water is the essence of life, and you simply can’t be healthy if you’re not giving your body enough water. It’s used for every single bodily function, and the effects of dehydration range from fatigue to headaches, and even more serious disorders. These don’t exactly help you achieve a summer body or maintain any sort of motivation. 

Drinking more water than you think you need, every single day. This will help ensure your body has the tools it needs to run most efficiently so you can live life to the fullest every day. 

Learn Nature’s Gift: 10 Conditions that Water Can Help Heal. 

5. Plan Healthy Snacks

Poor snack choices is one of the biggest culprits for falling off the wagon, particularly in winter.

After all, our energy levels are naturally lower in the cooler months, meaning we typically crave food more often, which can cause us to reach for the wrong types of foods. 

One of the best snacks to have access to at all times is raw nuts like almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.  Super convenient, delicious and nutritious, with these at your finger tips, you'll never make another poor snack choice again.

Packed with plant protein and fibres, they also contain healthy fats which support healthy digestion, clear skin and healthy immune and nerve function. They also help to balance blood sugar and prevent spikes which cause you to crash and burn mid way through the morning or afternoon.  This means you can stay energised and focussed.

If you're looking for ultimate convenience when it comes to healthy snack food, stocking up on Pulse Sacred Meal is a great way to go.  It contains a perfect mix of raw nuts, seeds, dried fruits, plant oils and roots, put together in sacred measures to help you stay energised and thrive.

If you’re craving savoury snacks, opt for our Cornucopia Epicurean Snack instead. With carefully roasted organic corn kernels, mixed with raw nuts, seeds and hint of sea salt and spice, you’ll get a satisfying crunch and knock out any nasty cravings without going off track.

6. Do A Cleanse

One of the best tools at your disposal if you're feeling sluggish, run down or at the end of winter is some form of fast or detox cleanse.  This will help your digestive tract to eliminate any accumulated toxic waste that is weighing you down and causing your body to hold onto fat.

Try a juice fast for multiple days on a range of fresh cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices prepared from seasonal whole foods.  This is an efficient way to re-set your digestive system and to cleanse your body of built-up toxins.

Prior to the fast, it's a good idea to do a colon cleanse to begin with so that your body is best equipped to absorb the nutrients directly into your cells.  Our Cleanse Me Natural Colon Cleanse is a combination of Australian Food-Grade Bentonite Clay, Psyllium Husk and Ground Flaxseed, which works inside the gut by binding and extracting debris before eliminating it from the digestive tract - which would otherwise cause illness, disease and your body to store fat.

By doing this prior to a fast or raw food detox elimination diet, you’ll feel more energised, lighter, focused, and see an immediate improvement in almost all health concerns. Try this process at least once towards the end of winter, and you’ll find that maintaining a summer body through winter has never been easier. 

Learn more in 5 Signs You Need to Do a Detox Cleanse & Where to Start. 

Maintenance should be your mindset in winter, because it is so much easier than trying to make drastic changes to your lifestyle during this period.  

By doing the little things right, it will become effortless and your new normal as the summer season rolls around.

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