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Oxygen Therapy And How it Supports Healing

Oxygen therapy has been around for a long time but is really considered a relatively modern treatment option.

The truth is that oxygen therapy is ancient wisdom. It's basically the concept of clean, fresh air being one of the key factors of great health and healing.

Oxygen gives and sustains life, which is why it has vital powers in terms of being a natural treatment for remising all kinds of dis-ease.

Oxygen therapy has become more utilised in recent years for difficult-to-heal infections, because antibiotics very often fail to clear resistant strains of pathogens. 

Oxygen therapy can occur in a number of ways, from a hyperbaric chamber to oxygen gas. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy consists of a single person chamber, in which only one person is entirely enclosed in a pressure chamber.

Inside, the person is breathing oxygen at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. These treatments each last about 60 minutes.

Oxygen therapy simply infuses the body with up to 10-15 times the oxygen you’d receive from breathing, and yet that’s incredibly powerful for your body’s overall health and healing. There are no chemicals, no drugs, no medications, or anything toxic involved. Just pure oxygen, and it’s enough to help your body fight infections, speed healing, and cure diseases.

It can uniquely help with bacterial infectious conditions like actinomycosis, osteomyelitis, diabetic wounds and gangrene.

Signs your body isn’t getting enough oxygen and you might need oxygen therapy:

  •     Constant respiratory overwhelm of breathing problems
  •     Irregular or rapid heart rate
  •     A constant lack of breath
  •     Irregular Sweating
  •     Regular Light-headedness

Keep reading to find out why oxygen therapy is effective for supporting the healing process for many dis-ease conditions and how it can be used as a tool to supplement your overall health. 

1. Heals Wounds and Infections

One of the most effective uses of oxygen therapy for curing disease is its ability to help wounds and stop infections from spreading. Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in blood and then floods the damaged tissues with much-needed oxygen, which they use to heal. It also helps stop swelling in damaged tissues, which causes them to suffocate and die. Oxygen therapy also helps the body form new skin cells and blood vessels, to nudge them to help more effectively and more quickly.

The fact that oxygen therapy can help heal wounds and stop infections is incredibly important, especially considering most people’s dependence on antibiotics. When we take antibiotics too much, bacteria start to become resistant to them. This can create super bacteria, which can be very dangerous. However, oxygen therapy is an antibiotics-free way to improve healing and halt the spread of infection. It’s also a completely natural process that uses the power of oxygen to help our bodies heal, without any chemicals or drugs.

Tip: try applying Nature’s Silver Bullet Immunity Booster to wounds to clear up infections and fight bacteria naturally.

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2. Improves Immunosuppression Disorders

Oxygen therapy is also effective at removing other gases, like carbon monoxide and acute cyanide poisoning. Oxygen therapy inhibits the growth of a number of anaerobic and aerobic organisms by enhancing phagocytic activity. This effect is useful in disorders involving immunosuppression (which is when your body can’t use its immune system to fight off bacteria, viruses, and parasites), and it complements the improved action of host disease-removing factors.

Immunosuppression disorders can be very dangerous, because when your immune system is compromised, your entire health and quality of life is at risk constantly. Oxygen therapy for curing diseases like immunosuppression disorders can be incredibly effective and a very safe and natural option to boost the body’s own defence system.

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3. Helps with Artherosclerosis

Artherosclerosis is a serious disease that occurs when blood vessels harden due to too much plaque buildup. This can restrict blood flow through blood vessels, which is very dangerous and can lead to tissue damage and death among other things. Oxygen therapy for curing disease like artherosclerosis is helpful because it helps more oxygen reach these oxygen-starved tissues, while also helping more oxygen and blood get through the blood vessels.

Without treating artherosclerosis, you may encounter heart disease. Oxygen therapy also helps you avoid taking medications to widen arteries and clear plaque, which can often do more harm than good for your health. 

4. Treats Many Other Conditions  

Oxygen therapy can also be used for a number of other debilitating conditions, due to the restorative power of oxygen. For years, oxygen therapy has been used to combat potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning in firefighters and miners, because of the high influx of fresh oxygen to the body. It also helps treat decompression sickness (especially in scuba divers), which occurs when nitrogen bubbles form in the tissues of the body and can lead to cramps, numbness, paralysis, nausea and pain.

Oxygen therapy has also been used on a wide range of other conditions, including: compromised skin grafts, gangrene, crush injuries, cyanide poisoning, air or gas embolisms, flesh-eating disease, infection in bone, and much more. Oxygen therapy for curing diseases and debilitating conditions is incredibly effective, safe, and a natural alternative.

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5. How Does Oxygen Therapy Work?

We know oxygen therapy for curing diseases works, but what does it do and how does it work?

Oxygen therapy isn’t a new treatment; it relies on the power of oxygen to heal the body, which is a normal function of the human body already. It simply increases the volume of oxygen that can get into your body, to speed up healing. Repetitive hyperbaric sessions can help with many different conditions such as anaemia, burns and crush injuries, to name a few.


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6. Ways to Get More Oxygen Naturally

Anyone can benefit from more oxygen in the body, and you don’t need to resort to oxygen therapy to live a healthier lifestyle. Air is one of the key principles of health for good reason. It’s essential for life and growth, but too often we’re stuck inside with poor air quality, which can lead to respiratory issues down the line.

Getting more oxygen into your body is as simple as getting outdoors more and consuming fresh, clean air. If you can’t get outside, open the windows so that fresh air can get in, use fans to help circulate the air, and avoid furnace or air-conditioned air as much as possible. Crack the window while you sleep to get even more fresh air—just layer on a blanket to stay warm.

Tip: take advantage of the outdoors all year long with Don’t Bug Me Deet-Free Insect Repellant for natural but effective bug spray.

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Oxygen therapy for curing diseases is one of the best treatment options out there for a wide range of conditions. It’s not only natural and safe, but works so effectively at healing and curing debilitating conditions. Whether or not you need oxygen therapy, make it a point to get plenty of fresh clean air every single day to help support your health and healing; you’ll notice a huge improvement in your energy, focus, breathing, and clarity. 

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