Longevity Secrets: Staying forever young with nature's gifts


If you look at mother nature, it's fascinating to realise that many trees have a lifespan of hundreds of years.

So it's interesting to imagine what the true potential longevity of us as humans could actually be without intervention i.e. if we were to eliminate the impact of our modern day environment, stress and toxic lifestyle.

Now of course, 'trees' and 'humans' are not exactly like comparing 'apples with apples', but I hope you get the gist.

My point is this...

When you consider the things WE do to ourselves over the course of our lifetime, it's not hard to understand WHY dis-ease shows up and most people's quality of life is cut short.

The fact is that most people do not experience anything like the long, healthy quality of life that is their full potential.

And it's actually not correct to generically say that, "...today humans are living longer than they ever have before in history".

That's really a scientific lie to make you believe that modern medicine has helped save humanity from disease, when in fact this industry has perpetuated and industrialised the problem.

The truth is that if you look outside of historical events like humanitarian tragedies, wars and evolutionary challenges in certain eras, the vast majority of people today 'pass on' way before our ancient forefathers and mothers did.

Fact number one is that most people in today's world do not embrace and practice the 7 Principles of Health. 

  1. AIR
  2. WATER

If they did, we would not have the multi-trillion dollar disease and sick care industry that we have today.

So, by understanding the factors that speed up the ageing process, you can kind of 'reverse engineer' a methodology that I believe can prolong quality years of your life and delay the debilitating and unsightly effects of growing old!

Now before I get into my thoughts and ideas on how you can stay forever young, we should keep in mind a couple of natural laws that I hope will make sense for you here:

  • Nature demonstrates that “a thing like unto itself is drawn”. There are multiple examples of this throughout nature, but essentially it means that we as humans are a 'micro-cosm' of the 'macro-cosm';
  • When it comes to health, vitality and intelligence, remember that "nutrition is light" and also that “life begets life,” “light repels dark” and “lifelessness promotes disease, decay and death”.

So, what causes ageing?

Looking older as the years pass is the effect of physical adjustment to adverse conditions and is a reflection of our overall adaptation to bad habits and bad environments.

Weakness and decay of the body and mind is the principle of vital adjustment in its finest form.

As the body ages, there is a gradual increase in density and firmness of the bones, tendons, ligaments, tissues, membranes, organs and skin.

This increase in density is caused by the crystallisation of light.

The joints become rigid and dry. Blood vessels lose their elasticity and carry less blood. Body fluids thicken and severely clog the tubes that are getting smaller and smaller.

Similarly, as the mind evolves from it's free flowing 'growth' state we experience as children, to a rigid process of 'channelling' through school, our careers and the pressures of modern day living. It's through this process that our mental state can become fragile, which in turn impacts our overall mental wellbeing and even our desire to live long in many cases.

Tube Obstruction

All things that damage the body, age the body.

Oxidative stress due to what we're exposed to and putting into and on our body, over time and distance, pollute the bloodstream and accumulate blockages in the tubes and systems of the body.

Remember that your body is a system of tubes of different sizes and functions. In fact, all of these parts of your anatomy are tubes:

  • Digestive tract
  • Circulatory system
  • Respiratory system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Hair & skin pores.

The 'tubes' that make up these systems and organs vary in size from the width of a single cell to many inches.

When blockages accumulate, dis-ease and cellular dysfunction sets in and this speeds up the ageing process big time!

An aneurysm is a clogging or breaking of a brain tube, and a stroke is a blocking of blood tubes leading to the brain.

A varicose vein is a vein that is blocked and has burst within. A hernia is a break in the muscular tubes, and IBS or colon cancer is a function of blockages and toxicity of the colon tube.

This results in a corrosion of the magnetic poles of the cells, making them unable to receive the animating amount of vital vibration that is necessary to maintain life.

And if not addressed by supporting your bodies restorative powers with principles of health, ageing escalates.


Remember, "nutrition" means 'process of light'. 

That's why concentration on 'cell' and 'body' nutrition like the academically indoctrinated world teaches, really does miss the point.

What man consumes as food does not supply cell nutrition by assimilation. The ingested substance merely produces activity in cell function by stimulation and not by cellular absorption.

Two types of stimulation are essential for the function of living cells:

  1. Vital Stimulation: The vital or animating force is from the source of life which is radiant light from the cosmos, some of which is visible to us as light;
  2. Chemical Stimulation: Comes from air, liquids and solids, which are crystallised forms of radiant light.

The amount of vital force or energy in the food or light ingested determines the rate of oscillation or vibration in each system of the body.

If the vibration is of a weakened wave force, the cell weakens and dies, after reproducing itself. The dead cell is then carried off by the blood. The newly produced cell is weak because it was generated from a weakened cell.

It is this process of generation of new cells from dying cells time after time, that produces weakened and diseased cells which are sluggish and of very little life force.

If no stimulation of a higher and purer nature is taken in, eventually these cells become so weak, ageing and eventual death is the natural result.

Understand that the body does not use inferior building material for construction of individual cells. It only stores them until they can be passed from the body via detoxifying and cleansing.

How to pre-vent ageing & prolong life

The physiological process of degeneration will change to regeneration when you supply higher frequency food, air, water and living standards.

When the body begins to consume liquid light crystals from pure clean water, fresh fruit and vegetables and organic whole foods, then it will be constantly cleansing.

The liquid crystals act as a strong solvent in the tubes of the body to dissolve any obstructions, which otherwise interfere with its smooth functioning.


You must understand that the first step of the immortal process is to fast in order to remove the impurities within you.

Only then can your physiological system begin to fully renew and rebuild itself.

During a fast, the body loses weight because of the toxins that it removes in the form of stored fat, stored chemical deposits and other impurities, as well as parasites.

When you are fuelling your body with living liquids that have a very high vibration, and have eliminated the low level, coarse vibration that comes from solid foods then the tubes are able to unclog, and all of their toxic build up and morbid accumulations will be pushed out through the tubes of the body for expulsion. This low vibration energy will exit your body with them.

This cleansing is what happens during an extended fast on water or living juices, and sometimes discomfort is experienced in the form of nausea, hunger and pain as the body dumps metabolic waste and begins the healing process.

The ultimate is to fast for forty days each year on water or a variety of different colours of living juices.

This heals each nerve centre and physiological system that separates that particular colour from the cosmic light attracted by the body. It's one of the most powerful things you can do to prolong your natural life.

If that's too much, Fasting on liquids such as raw milks, seed milks, fresh juices and water for one day each week for a year will adjust the body to a higher homeostasis. Then, increasing the fast to two days each week for a year will cause an even higher vibration of homeostasis and body function.  

And if you're not quite ready to go for multiple days on a liquid-only diet, regularly go for a few days on a mix of fresh juices, raw fruits and vegetables, OR for convenience go with my raw food Pulse. 

Gradually, you will experience a state where you no longer desire solid food. At this point you are an Aquarian, and vitality of your body will be so high that your life will be extended far longer than anyone living on solid foods.

The point here is to simply understand that the odds of vibrant health, longevity and the avoidance of discomfort and dis-ease will be far more in your favour, the less you eat over time and distance and the more you incorporate periods of 'liquid-only' foods into your diet and rest periods for your 'digestive system'.

Whole Foods

To nourish, sustain and enliven was the gift of whole foods that come of water and light; all we have to do is to enjoy the process of gathering, consuming and metabolising them.

Plant foods deliver gifts of, “light messages” to the cells in this way.

Whole foods to the ancient mind were sacred messengers, each carrying unique, “words of wisdom” into the inner kingdom, the sanctuary of the mystery of life.

It is vital that only foods of a higher vibration of energy (living foods) represent the vast make up of your diet if vibrant longevity is your goal.

There is a paradox about eating, and it is that eating is what keeps you alive, but is eating that will also kill you.

Most people's bodies are in such a low-level vibratory state and they're so addicted to low vibratory level foods, that if they were deprived of that stimulation too abruptly, it would like send their bodies into chaos and they may die.

But there is 'a process' of removing yourself from the food chain that is necessary to perform longevity.

As this damaging condition of insulation is increased by the continued eating of food in its solid form (of a low vibration), the vital force gradually decreases and ageing sets in.

Therefore, you should step onto this path by eliminating the most destructive and low-vibration foods from your diet as a starting point.

If you are a meat-eater, I would recommend that you refrain from eating dead animals as a first step.

Then, gradually replace the other low-vibratory foods that you eat with whole, organic seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the winter months, eat the lower water content fruits and vegetables that naturally come forth, and in the warmer months, embrace the in-season higher water content foods.

How else to reduce the appearance of ageing

Firstly, rid your bathroom and laundry of any commercial soaps, detergents or skin care products that contain chemicals.

When you use these products day after day, year after year, you are promoting the absorption and accumulation of toxins within your body, speeding up the ageing process and potential for dis-ease.

Instead, use chemical-free products that you can source from good health food stores or in our online store.

Remember that your skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination in your body, so it's critical to treat and feed it well.

Remove dead skin cells and invigorate the body and face daily with a light salt-based exfoliant, combined with pure essential oils.

This is by far the healthiest way to cleanse and heal your skin naturally and renew it on a daily basis to keep it vibrant and create that youthful glow.

You can use my Renew Salt Body Scrub in the shower and the more gentle Glow Polish specifically formulated for your face.

After exfoliating, you’ll want to nourish and rehydrate your skin with a raw plant oil or a product like my Divine Body Butter or Nourish Daily Facial Moisturiser.

To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles my Immortelle Beauty Booster is a great all-over rejuvenating face serum and the Salubelle Anti-Aging Blend is a combination of the most powerful skin repairing and youthful look promoting pure essential oils on the planet!


Know that WHAT YOU DO on a daily basis plays a big part in your personal longevity equation.

Just realise that if you're a long way from embracing everything I've mentioned here, it's best to take things one step at a time.  As you feel and notice the difference it makes in your life, take another step and move on.

The ultimate goal is for you to remove everything toxic and life-less from your diet and lifestyle, and to embrace the 7 Principles of Health on a daily basis.

Only then, can you truly experience the divine relationship you have as a human being with mother nature and the impact of this on your overall health and longevity.

'Cowboy' Don

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