7 Benefits of Drinking "Real" Coffee: What You Need to Know


Civilisation has been drinking coffee for centuries, and while the method of preparing it has changed drastically over the years, the benefits of 'real' or organic coffee (that has not been chemically tweaked), have not. 

Whether you use fresh brewed, pressed, or simple filtered coffee, the positives associated with drinking real coffee have become clearer in recent years, and moderate coffee consumption is now seen as a worthy addition to a healthy diet. 

The key is to ensure you’re drinking organic, fair trade coffee to minimise the pesticides and additives that you’re consuming.  And thankfully, there are plenty of good brands nowadays who offer organic varieties of coffee to satisfy the more conscious consumer.

The benefits of drinking real coffee range from improving your mood and energy, to aiding digestion and preventing diseases and cancers from proliferating. 

It's important to be wary of what you're 'adding' to your daily coffee - the types of milks and sweeteners you use can drastically reduce the health benefits of drinking coffee.

But when consumed a little more consciously, Coffee is actually a 'superfood' that can you can enjoy daily as part of a healthy lifestyle, to help protect and boost your physical and mental health. 

Read on to learn the top 7 health benefits of drinking real coffee, plus the best, healthiest ways to enjoy your daily cup or two:

1. Burst of Antioxidants

It might surprise you, but coffee is actually one of the best sources of antioxidants, even better than fruit and vegetables. You’ll get more antioxidants from a cup of coffee than a cup of green tea, which isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy green tea, simply that you shouldn’t discredit coffee. 

There are hundreds of antioxidants, what's known as "polyphenols" in coffee beans, and even more develop during the roasting process. These antioxidants are so important in your diet, and they fight the inflammation and free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

Chronic inflammation is at the root of many serious diseases, so by consuming more antioxidants we’re helping our body protect itself from serious, long-term illnesses.

2. Boosts Metabolism

As you age, your metabolism naturally starts to slow down. This deceleration happens mostly after 25 years, but it can seem like it really hits home after 40.

The truth is it’s a declining activity level and waning muscle mass after age 40 that’s mainly responsible for this decline.

Even though these changes are a normal part of getting older, the part they play in gaining weight, can lead to other serious health conditions if unchecked. Finding ways to naturally keep our metabolism revved up can help us stay healthy and fit as we get older. 

One of the benefits of organic coffee is that it can help increase your resting metabolic rate, so that when you’re resting you’re burning even more calories and fat. 

Coffee also helps signal your body to burn fat, which can help you keep a healthy weight as well. 

3. Fasting Friendly

    Fasting is a hugely beneficial practice that can help reset your body and boost your health for the long-term, even though it might be challenging at first. Fasting gives your body a chance to detox and purge the toxins that build up over time, while also giving your hard-working digestive system a break. 

    Fasting can be both a physical and mental challenge, but one of the benefits of organic coffee is that it’s actually completely welcome during your fasting - there's only one catch...

    It has to be black coffee because this will not cause a metabolic response raising insulin, keeping you in your 'fasted' state.

    And whilst in the 'fasted' state, the polyphenols further assist your body purge toxins more efficiently and effectively without causing stress on your digestive system or sabotaging your fast.

    What’s more, coffee can naturally and safely suppress your appetite, making settling into a fast easier. 

    Learn more in Fasting: What You Should Know. 

    4. Increases Energy

      In this busy day and age, keeping our energy levels up is tougher than ever. Our attention is pulled in so many ways, and our to-do lists seem endless. It’s no secret that coffee increases your energy, but one of the subtle benefits of organic coffee is how it can give you the energy to take care of your health. 

      It can be difficult to find enough energy to prepare healthy meals and find time to exercise, but organic coffee is a healthy, natural way to get the energy and focus to achieve your goals.

      In fact, coffee is also a secret fitness weapon: it can help you exercise better and longer, reduce your sensation of pain, and fight fatigue.

      If you have any fitness goals you’re trying to achieve, drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before your workout can help you perform better.

      Learn more in 7 Top Energy Boosting ‘Super Foods’. 

      5. Improves Memory

        Another of the benefits of organic coffee is that it can improve your memory and focus. After all, there’s a reason coffee is such a popular drink at work or while studying.

        If you have a tough project or work presentation coming up, coffee can help you stay focussed, productive and perform at your best.

        In fact, coffee has even been proven to help prevent against Alzheimer’s disease and contributors to cognitive decline. Drinking coffee regularly could help you ensure a healthy brain as you get older. 

        6. Prevent Diseases

          Whether it’s the antioxidants or a secret ingredient in the beans, one of the benefits of organic coffee is that it can help prevent diseases and even cancers from forming. 

          There is evidence and studies that show that coffee may prevent and protect you from serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, liver disease, and gout. 

          Coffee can counteract damage to the body from lifestyle choices, and help spur the body to protect itself. As you get older and are more susceptible to diseases and cancers, drinking coffee regularly can help you naturally prevent your body from becoming susceptible.

          7. Improves Mood

          If you often feel like you’re not yourself until your morning cup of java, you might be right. Coffee doesn’t just give us energy and improved performance, it can actually help stave off depression too. In fact, the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of depression is.

          Living a healthy life isn’t just about taking care of your body. Your mind is equally important, and regular coffee consumption can help you take care of your mental health while also protecting your body.

          Learn more in Tips to Heal & Prevent Depression Naturally.

          Better ways to Enjoy Coffee

          While coffee is a healthy drink in its own right, what you add to it can make a huge difference.

          Black coffee is best to get the greatest benefits - and is actually very enjoyable once you're used to it - but it can be a bummer at first if you're more accustomed to adding milk, cream and sweeteners.

          At the very least, instead of relying of regular pasteurised dairy milk and sugar, try substituting mass-raised dairy milk with organic dairy, or better still, a plant-based milk like:

          • Almond Milk
          • Coconut Milk
          • Organic Soy

          If this change is too drastic, try reducing your regular milk and slowly ease yourself over to the healthier options over a few weeks.

          For sweeteners, try a ¼ teaspoon of the following as healthier options than regular refined and processed sugar crystals:

          •     Organic Raw Honey
          •     Organic Raw Sugar
          •     Coconut Sugar
          •     Organic Maple Syrup

          When to drink coffee

          Ancient cultures understood that coffee is a morning drink which is meant to be consumed for its activating health benefits and qualities in the early hours of the day.

          Morning is a time when your body is naturally in it's fasted state, when your digestive cycle is at its peak and when you most need to kick start your energy and focus to launch your day - all of which are complimented by consuming coffee during that period.

          Try to avoid drinking coffee after noon in order to ensure it enhances instead of disrupts your body's natural energy cycles.  

          If you’ve ever felt guilty for drinking a second or third cup of coffee a day, you can relax: science is catching up to what humans have always known, that organic coffee has so many health benefits.

          Key Takeaway

          Coffee is a sacred morning drink that has many health benefits provided you choose and enjoy your coffee wisely.

          Avoid over commercial grade coffee which has been over sprayed and over processed, instead finding organically harvested, freshly ground coffee whenever you can.

          If you're not ready to drink coffee black, the way mother nature intended, simply be smart about what you add to your daily cup. Go with organic almond, soy or coconut milk and add natural sweeteners like raw honey or coconut sugar.

          Do these things and you'll experience the daily benefits of drinking 'real' coffee (the way nature intended). 

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