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Healing Arthritis & Chronic Joint Pain With Fasting

Fasting can be very effective in healing Arthritis because it causes the body to release accumulated toxins stored in the joints and bones.

There's really no disease on earth that fasting can't heal and an inflammatory condition like Arthritis is no different.  An extended fast (for multiple days), will not only detox your digestive tract, but also initiate the production of stem cells which enable your body and organs to rebuild and heal.

Fasting is not a new concept.

Animals instinctively fast when they're sick or injured because they know that the healing process will be easier and faster without solid food burdening the digestive tract. 

Fasting purifies the body of Earth’s wide variety of pollutants and also improves our capacity to better use the food we eat, which improves bodily health and function. 

When our digestive system becomes overloaded with stored toxins, waste, body acids, fat deposits and excess proteins for too long, it can lead to a number of diseases including arthritis. 

Keep reading to find out why healing arthritis through fasting is incredibly effective, and how it can change your day-to-day life by reducing pain, stiffness, and inflammation like nothing else. 

1. What is Arthritis and How is it Caused?

Arthritis is the collective name of several diseases (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout) that affect the joints of the body. 

The number one cause of arthritis is toxic congestive plaques that build up from heavy consumption over time and distance of foodless foods and lifeless drinks and doing too little exercise. 

All forms of arthritis cause joint stiffness, pain and swelling. There’s no medical cure for arthritis, but there are natural ways to heal arthritis and live more easily with it.

The most common form of arthritis called osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage cushioning of the joints has worn down from too little exercise and from acidic plaque. 

When there is pain, it is usually from a loss of cartilage and bone touching bone. This normally happens in the ankles, knees and hips but also in the spine, neck, fingers, wrists and elbows. 

Arthritis can be caused by many factors including, ageing, injury or overuse of the joints or more commonly, under use of the joints. 

Also, research points to food reactions and imbalances caused by environmental toxins as sources of all types of arthritis. Some forms of arthritis can be reversed by determining which reactions are triggering painful joint reactions and eliminating those actions. 

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2. Water Fasting

One of the best things you can do for your body is healing arthritis through fasting. Arthritic pain responds incredibly quickly to water fasting. It may seem extreme, but depending on the severity of your condition, 7 to 14 days, or even up to 21 days on water can totally remit nearly all arthritic conditions. 

Now before you embark on this type of fast, it's important that you prepare your body in advance by consuming a very clean diet in the lead up to your water fast and that you're doing it in an environment that is conducive to healing e.g. in an area where you have access to clean, fresh air, plenty of sunshine and stress-free surroundings. It's also recommended to only embark on a water fast if you can be supervised and/or supported through the process by someone who has experience with this type of fast.

If water fasting is beyond your reach, a juice fast can still work wonders for your body and is a great place to start.

This will help reduce severe inflammation, clear out the built-up plaque from your digestive system, help jumpstart weight loss that will improve arthritis over time, and improve flexibility and stiffness.

With any type of fast, but especially a water fast, the reason it is so effective is because without new food coming into your digestive system each day, your body will feed on the stored toxins, such as fat deposits, damaged tissue, abscesses and even tumours to rebuild and repair.

To support this process, it is also very important to ensure that your excretory organs are doing their job whilst fasting.  That means supporting the channels of elimination - urinary, bowels, perspiration and quality breathing.

A Natural Colon Cleanse enemas and colonic hydrotherapy can help release backed up material in your digestive tract.  Deep exhalation exercises will help to release acid from your body and salt baths will support the cleansing and detoxification of your skin.  

3. Juice Fasting

A juice fast is often more doable for most people, and the benefit for healing arthritis through fasting is that you get to overload your body with important vitamins and minerals.

One study indicates that vitamin C enriched foods provide humans with protection against inflammatory polyarthritis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis involving two or more joints. 

Another study was conducted of people who didn’t have arthritis when it began. These people kept a journal of their arthritic activity as compared to their diet. Subjects who consumed the lowest amounts of vitamin C enriched foods were more than three times more likely to develop arthritis than those who consumed the highest amounts. 

This shows that vitamin C is incredibly helpful when it comes to healing arthritis through fasting, so juice fasting with fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C can reduce arthritic symptoms significantly. Eat or juice plenty of stalky greens (e.g. celery and spinach which promote bone health) and yellow vegetables to provide beta carotene, vitamin C and other nutrients to reduce cell damage, plus grapefruit and other fresh fruits for citrus flavonoids daily.

If you don’t have time to make fresh juice, these RAW Juice Powders are the next best thing and take a fraction of the time when you can't prepare your own homemade juice. 

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4. Other Ways to Improve Arthritis Symptoms

While healing arthritis through fasting has been shown to work wonders, there are other aspects of your lifestyle that could be doing more harm than good.

Diet is one of the key factors of arthritis: in fact, highly acidic foods like meats and especially processed deli varieties that have additives and preservatives seem to provoke arthritis. Switching to a plant-based diet could significantly reduce arthritis symptoms and flare-ups. 

You can also help reduce arthritis symptoms by gaining control of your weight. Excess weight puts added stress on joints in your back, hips, knees and feet, which are the places where arthritis pain is commonly felt. Excess weight can also make joint surgery more difficult and risky.

You should focus on eating an overall healthy diet emphasising fruit, vegetables and whole grains. This can help you control your weight and maintain your overall health, while reducing arthritis symptoms. Plus, a high intake of whole food nutrients is also known to slow down the deterioration rate of joints. 

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5. Fasting is Good for You

Many people undertake extended fasts to cleanse their systems and cure their diseases with no harmful effects. Your body can heal you if given the right conditions.

The sad fact is that most of us are overfed but undernourished. We eat incredibly processed foods, we drink lifeless drinks, empty calories filled with fat, salt, sugar or fillers. Every year more and more people cause themselves to suffer from allergies, arthritis, constipation, fibromyalgia, cold sores, and arthritis than ever before, and this is in large part thanks to our diets.

Fasting is an incredibly efficient way to reset this toxic overload and help heal the toll taken on our bodies. No condition responds faster to fasting than arthritis.

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Arthritis pain can be debilitating and prevent you from leading a full, healthy life. Finding natural ways to overcome it, like healing arthritis through fasting, can completely change the way you live your life for the better.

To get instant, natural pain relief, try the Healing Chrysm Natural Pain Relief Balm applied topically for effective soothing of arthritis pain. 

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