The Truth About Vitamin Supplements


 The etymology of the word supplement means 'fractured or incomplete'.

Despite the BS propaganda that supports the sale of miracle pills and capsules for health and vitality, your body does not actually recognise nutrients that have been extracted, isolated and chemically or laboratory prepared and encased in plastic or a gel coating.

Now I know, I know...statements like this upset a lot of people who've bought into the false science that promotes the need for vitamin products (because there's not enough nutrition in food anymore), but it's the truth!

Here's what we need to realise...

The word "Nutrition" means 'process of light' and light is electrically, charged energy.

So within food, there must be electric frequencies of light in order to enrich your cells with recognisable nutrition.

And this can only come from living, plant foods because they're the only thing that has this life force energy intact...unlike the electrically dead, artificial, fractured nutrition that we call supplements!

The notion that today's plant foods are devoid of nutrients due to a lack of minerals in the 'dirt' or 'soil', is a false notion that has been used to promote the global sale of vitamins, pills and capsules.

The story goes something like this...

There's no nutrition in the dirt anymore.  

The rains came and washed all of the minerals in the dirt into the ditches of the creeks that flowed into the rivers, they emptied into the sea and now the only good dirt is on the bottom of the ocean floor.

It's ridiculous, but even if that were true, there is one fundamental flaw in this reasoning -Plants don't even eat dirt!

Microbes and worms eat dirt and then they poop it out, called 'castings', which sends an electric activation signal to the seed/root of the plant. Then, once the plant reaches the surface, it uses water and sodium (salt) from the soil and sunlight from the atmosphere to photosynthesise and grow.

So, if you plant a fruit or vegetable seed and that seed grows up to become what it's meant to be, it got everything it needed and it's not devoid of anything!

The simple truth is that, nature is complex so that we don’t have to be.

You don’t need to know that you’re eating pectins, folate, enzymes, amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, iron, B12, or magnesium within the food for it to be good for you. Just eat the whole food and you've got 'er done! 

Yes, there are issues around some of today's mass farming practices, genetically modified foods, chemical pesticides, herbicides etc., but none of these are reason enough to walk away from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains and to embrace toxic supplements instead.

Whenever you can, go with organic, locally grown if that's reasonable and affordable and you can get your hands on it.  

If not, next best is to buy from your local farmer's markets rather than supermarkets and simply use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse at home - by cutting 1 cup with 2-3 litres of cold water in a bucket or sink - to remove any surface chemical residues before storing your food.

Please trust in nature's medicines (plant wholefoods) and don't fall for the lies that promote that supplements will contribute to your better health.

For the most part, the supplement industry is an unregulated industry, meaning that the manufacturers can pretty much claim whatever they like regarding their products and avoid mentioning the side-effects or proven effectiveness of their products. 

Rather than make you healthy, they'll take money out of your pocket and they're more likely to add toxicity to your body and cause disease like IBS and intestinal problems over time and distance.

'Cowboy' Don


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