Salt: Harmful or healing?


You've heard me say it before, but I need to say it again...

If you're not getting enough GOOD Salt in your diet, over time and distance, you're gonna face trouble with your health.

Salt is one of the most critical nutrients on earth (that your body relies on for optimum health and healing) and yet it's one of the most "beat-up" by the media and medical industry.

In fact, chances are you've heard some of the following ridiculous claims at some point:

"Salt clogs your arteries!"

"Salt causes high blood pressure!"

"Salt causes fluid retention!"

"Salt leads to osteoporosis!"

"Salt is harmful for diabetics!"

"Be careful about how much salt you eat!"

These statements are pure BS.

They are false, 'bought and paid for' lies and propaganda designed to steer the masses away from Salt because it basically heals and restores everything.

Salt is the critical electrolyte of the cells of your body that it counts on to operate efficiently.

If you're not getting enough Salt, you're also going to suffer from weak bones and bone-related dis-ease.


Because Salt ionises into calcium when combined with water and sunlight. It's why the bottom of the ocean floor is covered in pure calcium and shellfish (calcium).

The problem with Salt is that there is no money in it.  And that's why they attack it.

And if the population at large embraced nature-made salt, they simply would not need toxic pharmaceutical drugs to heal infection, inflammation, congestion and overwhelm in the body (and even most wounds).

Salt has been revered and used for centuries to restore health in the body and to even preserve foods among every culture.

It's also the reason why when you go into hospital for almost any crises or trauma situation, one of the first things they'll do is pump saline solution into your body!

Salt is a vital substance for the survival and health of all living creatures, and what's amazing is that ALL animals know exactly where to get salt for survival.

Now, before I hear you say, "But Don, Don, Don what type of salt should I eat?!"

Let me make it clear that I'm talking about pure, unrefined, nature-made salt NOT regular table salt that has had toxic chemicals (typically aluminium) added so that it doesn't cake.

Ordinary TABLE salt (that you'll find in most restaurants, cafes and supermarket shelves) is manufactured by taking natural salt (such as crude oil flake leftovers) and heating it to 1200° Fahrenheit. During this extreme process, the chemical composition is completely altered and all of the nutritional benefits are destroyed.

You may not know that generic TABLE salt ends up being about 97.5% sodium chloride and a 2.5% balance containing an array of ingredients including:

  • Anti-caking chemicals
  • Iodine
  • MSG (a known toxin) and/or white processed sugar to help stabilize the iodine
  • Aluminium derivatives such as sodium solo-co-aluminate.

These ingredients can not only be harmful but also extremely toxic.

When it comes to salt, I use and recommend the earth's best: 

These pure, unrefined salts help to: 

  • Stabilise irregular heart beats and the regulation of blood pressure (despite what we're told)
  • Clear the lungs of mucous (essential for asthma cases)
  • Ensure rapid healing of infection and viral overwhelm
  • Balance sugar levels in the blood, an important element for diabetics
  • Generate hydroelectric energy in the cells, the body's power source
  • Vital for the absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract, therefore, improving digestion
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • To make the structure of the bones strong, osteoporosis is largely the result of a shortage of water and salt
  • Athletes especially love how it eases pain and heals injuries.

Yep, you heard it here first! 

Don't go anywhere without some good salt at your fingertips.  When you're travelling, going out to eat at a restaurant always take a pouch of one of these incredible salts with you and guess what?  

You'll not only learn to love salt on your food, it will help alleviate any little ailments that might pop up when you least expect it - and together with a cleaner diet - you'll soon find that you'll feel healthier and more resilient than you've ever been.

'Cowboy' Don


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