5 Ways To Heal With The Power Of The Mind


Healing ourselves often requires that we remove ALL of the intrusive factors that cause our dis-ease.

In this process, you truly find that the causative factors of illness are not strictly dietary problems. They are just as much about the state of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our thoughts and feelings are powerful, dynamic forces that can impact positively OR negatively our overall health. That's why it's so important to give attention to and exercise the power of the mind in the healing process.

Acknowledge The Signs Of Distress

Pain, injury or illness in physical form is always a sign that something is wrong within the body that needs attention.

Innocuous signs like a cold, flu or bloating usually require little to no outside intervention i.e. when you live with a Self Care mindset.

And even in cases of trauma or accidents, you can generally either magnify or minimise the intervention depending on your state of mind.

The impact of your emotional state cannot be underestimated either.

All of the body’s responses are created by emotional molecules of photo-electro-biochemistry.  Unresolved anger, irritations, resentment, fear, guilt and a lack of forgiveness are significant sources of pain - both emotional and physical - and these must be released to pave the way for true and lasting healing.

The Mind Body Connection

Today we talk of the mind/body connection. Anciently it was called "heaven and earth", but whatever you call it, the connection is real.

The body was a temple, a book of remembrance, a micro-cosmic, or the kingdom of Good.

The head was 'the heaven', which word means heaved up or heave-n above the rest of the temple proper.

The body being the lower part was called 'the earth'.

The heavens were to rule the earth.  In other words, thoughts had power over elements. And whatever was thought or recorded in heaven (memory) would be thought or recorded in the earth (body). And inversely, whatever was lost in heaven would be lost in the earth.

Although we tend to identify mostly with our physical bodies, there is more to us than what meets the eye.

Underlying our physical structure is the mind.

Your mind not only controls your thought processes but helps assist to assist in carrying out day-to-day activities such as respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination. Without the body, there is no mind or senses.

To regulate our physiology, the mind and the body work in conjunction with one another. We must use our senses as information gatherers in order for the mind to act appropriately to assist the physical body.

The mind can be thought of as a computer and the senses as the data that gets entered into the computer.

The state of your immune system is heavily influenced by the state of your mind.

That's why feeding your mind and emotions positively, together with following the 7 Principles of Health - Air, Water, Sunshine, Walking, Wholefoods, Non-Toxic Relationships and Passion are a gateway to healing yourself on all levels.

1. Optimism & Positive Thinking

Thoughts create things.  And; where focus goes energy flows.

What we think about most tends to translate into who and what we become. If we constantly think negative thoughts or we focus on what's missing, we fight an uphill battle to become our best self.

On the other hand, if we shift to positive self talk and direct our thoughts to all that is good in our life, healing energy will flood the soul.

Whether we realise it or not, our conscious and unconscious attitudes, or belief systems, and feelings, or emotions, powerfully affect the cells, tissues and organs of our physical bodies. This is in addition to the conditions we experience in our daily environment.  

When we change the ways we think and seek out positive environments, we change our life experience.

When we change our attitudes towards others, their attitudes toward us change.

The condition of our bodies, as well feelings of self love and self worth, will always be an invaluable aid to mirroring our physical, emotional, mental and ecstatic state of health. If we are not happy with how life seems to be treating us, we simply need to change the way we treat life.

Positive and healthy attitudes or emotions allow the vital life force to circulate freely throughout the body/mind system.

Negative attitudes or emotions create toxic chemical molecules that impede the flow of the life force, which lowers one’s immunity and vitality and makes the body more susceptible to pain, injury or dis-ease.

And it's no coincidence that studies today have shown that people who have a hopeful, optimistic outlook, tend to experience less physical sickness and recover quicker when they do.

2. The Power of Meditation & Visualisation

Calming the mind through short periods of meditation, is not only an effective way to reduce the effects of stress on the body but also a tool that can be used to assist with the process of healing.

Meditation can involve completely clearing the mind's clutter and simply being present. Or it can be used in combination with visualising specific healing outcomes or intentions, which can be very powerful.

Visualisation is the process of making mental pictures or images. You use your imagination to visualise or create whatever you desire. In the case of healing, that means stopping the disorder or strengthening the body’s natural health abilities, so it can cope with the problem that you have.

Using visualisation you heal yourself by building pictures in your mind of what you want to happen and then believing that those pictures are real. The secret to building positive images is to visualise precise details. Imagine how something looks how it sounds, smells, feels and tastes. In other words, imagine something that seems so real, your body responds like its real. The potential healing power of visualisation and imagery is staggering.

Children are great in imagining their illnesses away, because they haven’t yet made the distinction between real and imaginary that can make visualisation challenging for some adults.

Research has documented the imaginations tremendous impact on healing; even though experts still don’t know exactly how it works.

Visualising your desired outcome for health and healing can be supercharged with meditation, concentration and deep breathing. 

3. Get Clear On Your Intention Or Desire

By having a strong desire and intention you can harness universal laws to manifest this as an outcome.

Once again, where where you focus your energy, energy will flow.

Focus on health and healing rather than what's wrong with you and your reality will show up.

That's why embracing a self care mindset means taking responsibility for what enters your mind.  And that's why your environment, messages and influences you expose yourself to on a daily basis are so important.

4. Develop Your Purpose

The word Purpose is a compound word derived from Pure-Position.

When you have purpose attached to your life, it means you're dialled in to who you are as an individual and what you're here on this earth to contribute.

Feeling a sense of purpose for your life can not only be an empowering and life-enhancing state of mind, but also speed up the healing process, reduce stress levels and increase longevity!

If you are lacking a sense of purpose or meaning in your life, you can remedy this by helping or being of service to others. When our focus is taken away from ourselves and given to improving the lives of others it can be incredibly powerful in terms of producing positive emotions which as we’ve already discussed is a key component of turning your health around.

5. Belief & The Placebo Effect

Our beliefs and values ultimately shape who we are as individuals.

Many of our beliefs are ingrained into us from a young age, so it can take some time and a concerted desire to shake beliefs that are not serving us.

By simply changing your belief system to something that serves you better, your mind and body will act as if it’s a fact or reality.

Even science has acknowledged this phenomenon through what’s been termed “The Placebo Effect”.

That's why often people who suffer from a health problem can take a pill or capsule and instantly feel better - even if it hasn't properly addressed the problem.

Regardless of the placebo used, ranging from sugar pills to mock surgeries, as long as the patients were told that this is the treatment that they needed and believed it, they feel better.

What the mind can conceive, you can achieve.

It's true in your mission, business, relationships and health.  But it's up to you as an individual to exercise and tap into the infinite powers of our mind to heal and experience the best version of you.

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