Should you fear the Flu?


With the world's attention these days on the global pandemic, it's worth wandering what ever happened to the common flu?   

Since the beginning of time, humanity has experienced the flu season every year, usually during the colder months.  However, interestingly we hardly hear about it any more.

The flu is the body's natural response to bacterial or viral overwhelm in the body, caused by a compromised immune system.

People with strong immunity, rarely get the flu.  And when they do, their bodies usually are able to deal with it within just a few days.

So should you really fear the flu? Read on to learn why the flu is something to be understood rather than feared, how you can avoid it, and why the real answer is not the jab they want you to take.

What causes the flu?

For centuries, the flu season has come around every winter because viruses proliferate better and are transmitted easier in colder weather. 

Not only that, it's a time when people typically eat more calories and are exposed to less sunshine and Vitamin D, which is a vital immune-boosting nutrient.

If you experience flu like symptoms it's not a reason to panic.  The solution begins with a simple understanding of why your body is choosing to "flu" in the first place.

What really is the flu?

The best analogy for the flu and how it works in the body, is to think of a house with a chimney and fireplace in the winter time.

A house with a fire place has a FLU (Chimney) for the smoke to rise and leave so that it doesn't fill the house with smoke to the point where you can’t stay in the house.

In other words, the flu is the vent that allows the toxic air to escape, so that it doesn't build up inside the house, causing harm to the occupants.

Likewise, when your body suffers from a build up of toxic overwhelm or catches a bug, it will go into over drive to open all of it's vents (channels of elimination) to push out the overwhelm (smoke) building up within the body.

Whilst this process of flu-ing or venting is uncomfortable, it is completely natural and is your body's natural cure or method of clearing out the debris.

The problem is when you try to suppress this process with medication, you block the body's to clear out the junk and do it's job efficiently.

This is why, if you continue to block rather than support this venting process, eventually it will cause other symptoms of discomfort, such as muscle soreness, fever, constipation, congestion, rashes etc.

So, the secret to managing the flu is to honour your body's natural healing process by opening up your vents or channels of elimination, in order to efficiently expel the offence from the body. 

It's worth considering that medications of any kind - though sometimes needed temporarily - will only add toxic residue into the body, which may show up as various other symptoms later on.

Self Care tips for avoiding and managing the flu

When you understand the principle of venting and supporting your body's four natural channels of elimination efficiently - perspiration, respiration, defecation and urination - you begin to realise that "venting" is actually "pre-venting" disease.

This is the secret to treating and avoiding any kind of toxic overwhelm in your body, including the flu. 

Self Care tips that can help you deal with the flu naturally include:

  • Get 20-30 minutes of morning sunshine to boost your Vitamin D levels 
  • Have a hot salt bath with Epsom Salts, Magnesium Flakes and Essential Oils
  • Infra Red Saunas and Hot Rock Saunas
  • Kick up your water intake to at least 2 litres per 22 kilograms of body weight
  • Prepare and drink raw cold-pressed juices using a variety of local, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to flood your cells with nutrients
  • Reduce your consumption of meat and animal products
  • Avoid refined grains and processed sugar, including products with these as ingredients
  • Eat plenty of citrus fruits and leafy greens which are rich in Vitamin C
  • Include nature-made salt in your diet which is powerful for reducing viral overwhelm and congestion in the body
  • Support your immunity with natural remedies, like our range of Australian made natural, immune boosting self care products

 The Main Takeaway

Despite the propaganda you see on the mainstream news, the flu is not to be feared and can be avoided altogether when you build strong immunity through healthy dietary and lifestyle habits.

The real pandemic today is a "nutrient deficiency pandemic" caused by food-less foods and life-less drinks that wreak havoc on the immune systems of an unsuspecting public.  

The secret to avoiding the flu, is a simple understanding of what causes the flu in the first place, how your body works to protect itself, and then supporting it in this process with smart dietary choices and simple self care practices.

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