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Don Tolman - The Whole Food Medicine Man

Over the years in the international media I've been referred to as the "Wholefood Medicine Man" and also the "Indiana Jones of Wholefoods"...all because of a 17 year quest that took me around the world in search of an ancient sacred meal known as, 'Pulse'.

It was a journey that allowed me to find precious nuggets of wisdom about health handed down from ancient cultures, that is today hidden under lock and key.

The 'ancient healers' taught that there were "7 Principles of Health" and that these were the secrets to living a happy, healthy, disease-free life.

These principles are as true today as they've ever been, but the problem is that this wisdom has been lost in today's world, replaced by an industry that uses cut, burn and poison to 'treat' just about everything.

Even though I'm considered an enemy in the camp of the 'health care' industry and despite what I've shared publicly for over 50 years, it is ironic that I'm regularly invited to speak at medical symposiums around the world.

Audiences that include large groups of doctors, scientist and researchers are usually freaked out by my renegade look when I get on stage, but by the time I'm done with my presentation, there's typically hefty applause and even standing ovations.

About Don Tolman


About Don Tolman



About Don Tolman
And it's not because of "me"!

I think the reason is that when people here truth that makes sense - that's no longer readily available - it tends to lift a weight off their shoulders.

I believe that when things are complex they're usually not true. And today's medical industry has been built on complex solutions.

I share with people that there's no mystery about what causes sickness and dis-ease.

But the problem with this perspective is that if you solve the mystery, you solve the money!

Think about it.

If we were to lose the confusion, fear and get rid of the mystery of disease, and go back to a simple understanding as to what actually causes it in the first place, then there'd no longer be a need to create and support billion dollar industries that do research and create drugs, in the hope that we'll ONE DAY find a cure.

The vast majority of Doctor's visits are unnecessary, meaning that people shouldn't even be there in the first place, but the masses have been so indoctrinated into believing in this process, that they don't give it a second thought.

You can learn to heal yourself by embracing simple health principles.

But it requires a mindset shift and a willingness to trust in your body's ability to heal and sustain itself, which is possible when you support it with these principles of Self Care.

Now, don't get me wrong... Medicine has it's place.

But in my opinion, it's benefit is only limited to the treatment of crises and trauma situations immediately following accidents, nothing else.

I also realise that many experts within the medical world are very sincere about wanting to be involved in a career helping people.

Part of the problem is that their training has been put into place by an industry whose primary global agenda is 'disease management' rather than 'disease avoidance'.

And so, these well-meaning people get involved in an industry that sadly is only interested in managing symptoms, instead of teaching patients about prevention and what actually causes their sickness in the first place.

A healthy nation would mean a bankrupt healthcare system.

Despite my views on all of this, over the years I have been sought out by many doctors and medical groups and countless people around the world have been sent to me who have been failed by the "health care" system.

And what I've discovered is that virtually anything can be healed, if the individual is willing to walk away from the weapons of war in the fight against disease and choose a different path.

My greatest passion is sharing the wisdom of Self Care that your ancestors wanted you to know. And when you're armed with this knowledge, you have the power to choose a path that's right for you.

So what exactly is Self Care?

Self Care is the simple understanding of the power and intelligence of the human body to sustain and heal itself by supporting it with principles of life and health provided by mother nature.

Self Care is an ageless wisdom that was harnessed by many ancient cultures, that allowed them to live long, disease-free lives, and it's as true today as it ever was.

It's about embracing common-sense principles and not buying into false propaganda or blindly handing yourself over to 'an expert' whenever the slightest little thing goes wrong.

I’m thrilled that I’ve lived long enough to finally see the Self Care 'revolution' arrive.

It's a peaceful, grass-roots, revolution where millions of people around the world are opening up to the wisdom of Self Care so that they can take back control of their health for themselves and their families. 

What got me going in all of this?

As an 8-year-old boy, I’d heard a story that set my heart and mind racing.

The story was about an ancient sacred meal called Pulse which put me on my path for the rest of my life.

For a period of time, I thought I wanted to become a neurosurgeon, but something steered me away from proceeding with this journey.

Eventually, I embarked on a 17 year quest as a young adult where I travelled to 33 different countries in search of Pulse. This crazy little sacred meal was one thing, but it was the information I found during my travels that truly propelled me to where I am today.

During my search for Pulse, I was granted special dispensation to meet the curators of certain museums, I experienced life amongst many different indigenous cultures who were 'off the grid' and I was able to review and memorise information within ancient collections that today are no longer available to the public.

Above all, what I discovered was the most priceless, observational wisdom from our ancestors about nature and it’s relationship to the human body and about health.

I carried this knowledge with me and it’s what set me on a life-long mission to share it with those seeking greater enlightenment. 

My message is simple and yet it’s the simplicity that causes many to ignore it when their health is in the balance. I’ve discovered that even when the answer is so obvious, most prefer to put their trust with expensive, complex solutions.

Disease is NOT a mystery despite what we've been led to believe.

Not only did I eventually find Pulse, but I was able to discover precious nuggets of wisdom from the ancient healers of the past who were long-lived and disease-free.

And so to this day, I travel the globe sharing my message of Self Care to live seminar audiences and I'm occasionally invited to appear in the international media.

Over the years, in the USA I have been a return guest on the Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight and ABC Talk Radio and in Australia, I have featured on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight and countless talk-back radio shows. 

On several separate occasions in my life, I have completed extended fasts on both water and raw juices, so that I could experience for myself one of the most powerful ancient wisdom of all for healing, heightened intelligence and extending life.  

My discoveries have inspired me to not only teach others, but together with a wonderful support team, create a number of products which I know you'll love if you're inspired to embrace these principles and gain the knowledge that your brilliant ancestors wanted you to know about Self Care and Self Education.

If you're just getting started on this path, check out my flagship set of books called the Farmacist Desk Reference (FDR) I & II "The Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine" or you can search or browse the articles here in my Blog.

We also handcraft a range of whole food products, non-toxic, plant-based , personal care & beauty proucts, skin & body care products, self education tools and a cherry-picked range of locally sourced Self Care items in my online store.

I regularly come to Australia and New Zealand, so if you're interested in coming to one of my seminars, keep an eye out for my live events. 



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