What’s Wrong With "Health Care" And Why Self Care Is So Important


The "health care" system is supposed to be there to help you take care of your health.

But sadly today, it's instead become "sick care" - an industry that thrives on the promotion and perpetuation of disease. 

Whilst medical and pharmaceutical science has its place in the treatment of crises and trauma situations, it has failed miserably in the curing and prevention of sickness and disease. 

In fact, when you scratch the surface you find that its "practices" have contributed a multi-trillion dollar per year industry that is actually doing more harm than good. 

So what’s wrong with the health care system you ask? 

Almost everything.

Before we get into that, it's first important to remember that the very foundation of medicine was supposed to be based on The Hippocratic Oath which states, "First do no harm".

And yet when we look at the results of decades and decades of mistreatment of the masses through "cut, burn and poison", it's little wander that diseases like cancer and heart disease continue to escalate.

Modern medicine has a blatant disregard for mother nature’s healing powers. 

In fact, the powers of nature's medicine, actually threatens the entire global health care industry.

We have forgotten the basis of true health care.

It is supposed to be what Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician taught centuries ago, which was, "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine Be Thy Food".

But this is just the beginning of what is wrong with today's Health Care.

Keep reading to find out exactly why, now more than ever, you should be aware of the main pitfalls of today's "health care" system.

And why instead, you should learn how to heal yourself by being your own "Farmacist" or "Real Food Physician".

This involves embracing the principles of life and health, rather than just blindly handing yourself over to "health care".

It's not necessarily easy because it's an inside job. It's about taking personal responsibility for your health and understanding your body's innate intelligence and ability to heal itself.

This is what the Self Care revolution is all about.  

So, let's start by highlighting four BIG problems with today's Health Care and then talk about why instead, Self Care should be one of the highest priorities for you and your family:

1. Increases Sickness Rather Than Prevents It

Somehow despite all our “advances” in healthcare, drugs and diagnostics, we’re developing more illness than ever. This is the most obvious of what’s wrong with the health care system: more people are sicker than ever, and the supposed treatments and cures simply aren’t working. 

If you stop and think about it, more people are sick than ever with: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, infertility, attention and learning disorders, allergies, mental illness, and more. Everything from insomnia to fibromyalgia is on the rise, with no signs of slowing down. 

We’re experiencing more skin conditions, infections, menopause problems, ulcers, acid reflux, flu, severe PMS, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and more, to the point where the rate of disease and illness has been multiplied many times over since the health care system has made its advances. 

We rarely stop to think about what all this “progress” means for our health: while it might be the cause of many factors, it’s hard to say that the health care system is protecting us when you stop to think about the actual rates and spread of disease and illness over the years. 

Learn more in Leading the Self Care Revolution.  

2. Increases Doctor Visits

Not only are people sicker than ever, but they’re actually using the health care system more than ever before.

There are more people visiting the doctor, more people getting diagnostic testing, such as blood tests, blood sugar tests and x-rays, and more unnecessary surgeries are performed now than ever before. 

For example, of the four hundred seventy-three thousand open-heart surgeries performed in 2005, it is estimated that ten percent may have been necessary.

That’s a pretty shocking figure, especially when you consider the toll that takes on our public health care system, and the fact that all these visits, tests, and surgeries aren’t actually doing anything to slow the rapid pace of sickness. It’s enough to make you wonder who is actually benefiting from this, because it’s certainly not the general public that’s getting sicker than ever. 

Learn more in Are You a 21st Century Farmacist? 

3. Increases Prescription Drugs

Pills and prescriptions have been on the rise in recent years; it seems there’s always a pill for anything you can think of.

There's not a single over-the-counter or prescription drug that is not toxic or that does not lead to what the medical world refers to as, "side-effects". 

Yes, they may suppress the symptom you are experiencing in the short term, but at the same time you've prevented your body's natural avenue of release (which only postpones the problem) and added toxicity to system, which 9 times out of 10 causes side-effects, for which you'll need another drug to counter these effects.

This is why so many people these days are on multiple drugs - they've become medical guinea pigs with no way out for as long as they keep going to the doctor and avoid making necessary lifestyle changes.

Part of what’s wrong with the health care system is our desire for quick-fixes.

In fact, more and more people (especially in the U.S.) are taking non-prescription and prescription drugs than ever before. The national average is 35 prescription drugs per household in the USA.

If these drugs aren’t keeping us from being sicker than ever, what are they used for?

A far more common sense approach is to walk away from this destructive path and to embrace the principles of Self Care.

Learn more in Detox Naturally From Medication, Vaccines, Chemotherapy & Radiation. 

4. Increases Negative Side Effects

Another part of what’s wrong with the health care system is that none of the prescription drugs, treatments, or cures take advantage of the best medicine on earth: Mother Nature’s remedies.

Everything we need to treat ourselves is available in nature’s apothecary, in the perfect doses, and yet all modern treatments and drugs resort to chemicals and overly processed ingredients. 

These treatments and pills clearly aren’t working, while thousands of years of folk medicine that allowed us to survive this long instead goes ignored.

Whole food, sunshine, air, water, the seven principles of health—these healing methods have no negative side effects, while prescription drugs come with a seemingly never-ending list. 

By following these principles of health, most of your health problems will disappear within months if not weeks if you follow them rigidly and stop the toxic intervention.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, stress and depression, and more can be “miraculously” reversed, simply by treating your body well.

Suddenly, you can cut out prescription drugs and expensive treatments, and your body will quickly thank you for it. 

Learn more in the 7 Principles of Health Revisited – Keys to Putting Your Self Care First. 

Why Self Care is so important...

Whole foods and fasting, working with nature’s air and water, sunshine and walking, pleasure of family and relationships and passion in creative pursuits, these are the bed rock of vitality into longevity; these are the seven principles of health.

They’re what you should turn to first rather than as a last resort when you figure out what’s wrong with the health care system.

In a day and age where we’re busier and more stressed than ever, when we’re ingesting and exposed to more toxins than ever, self-care is critical and it’s all encompassing.

It means to get enough sleep, exercise, whole foods, fresh air, and more. It doesn’t mean to self-medicate with prescription drugs, to opt for unnecessary surgeries rather than change your diet or lifestyle, or to visit the doctor rather than trust your body to protect itself.

Self Care is not easy for some because it's a radical shift from the path they've been on for years.  It also disrupts a belief system that we've adopted about "trusting" Doctors and the medical system for generations.

It’s easier to sell one’s independence for security, than it is to lead a responsible independent existence and to be the master of oneself.  And that's what Self Care is all about.

What if we really only need to be smart enough to get
 fresh air, clean water,
sunshine, go for a walk, eat whole foods, be kind and creative and have something we’re passionate about, in order to avoid disease and be wildly healthy?

What would become of the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical agribusiness industry, the miracle supplement industry, the processed food industry, the FDA, the Health Insurance Industry, and most doctors and hospitals, most lobbyists and even politicians if this global behemoth that exercises so much control, died and went away?

It’s safe to say that what’s wrong with the health care system isn’t something that can change overnight.

We have to change and learn to trust our bodies autogenic self healing system to do its "living temple work" by supporting it with the Self Care and the principles of health.

It's time to begin a vigorous campaign to educate ourselves and others about the wisdom of Self Care and to move towards "plant based", "tox-free" medicine.

Do this and embrace the seven principles of health, and you'll see your body, mind and spirit thrive like never before.

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