The White Stone Carillon - Sound Healing & Vibrational Medicine With Quartz Crystal


Since ancient times, people have believed in and practised using the healing powers of sound in conjunction with the mind and human voice, to soothe and relieve all kinds of physical, mental and emotional trauma.

Many quartz crystal artefacts have been uncovered around the world showing that the ancients were also well aware of the potential for these precious waves of energy to greatly enhance overall wellbeing.

It is sad that due to a consuming fascination with pharmaceutical and miracle drugs and the allopathic medical system, that embracing the natural abilities of our brains and voices as a healing modality, in recent generations has fallen into disfavour and almost forgotten.

Now however, due to an exciting reawakening of health consciousness from people all over the world, many are now revisiting this ancient wisdom and the very real powers of the mind and voice in supporting the process of healing.

Sound is Energy

Everything is sound, taught the ancient seers.

Logos, or the primordial sound, the inherent power of sound in deep space/time, was the vibration radiating throughout all of space, the cosmos. It is believed that this sound, the Logos, was the origination of life, vitality and intelligence.

In the ancient past, these harmonic rhythms or profound resonance that originate in setpoint energy were called simply the “cosmic pulse.” The beat from the heart of the infinite, or bosom of eternity.

In the beginning was the “word,” and the “word” was sound. Physics today proudly declares their discovery and proof that all is sound. People vent great passions by breaking into song, as observed at funerals, weddings, parties, campfires, sports events, and church worship services. Medical science declares health is a condition of rhythm and tone, and what is music? Rhythm and tone.

Science has shown that sound is the basis of form, shape, and colour. When we are eating a fruit or a vegetable, nut, seed, grain or legume or tuber, the colour of those things is actually its musical note, its resonant form. When you’re eating from nature’s table a variety of foods, you are literally eating a symphony of music, a harmony of chords. You’re consuming notes and chords of harmony, health, and vitality into the house of Good. Your temple/ body.

Spiritus Musi (spirit songs) Audi, Vici, Voci – Hear, See, Intone Toning is an ancient method of healing being made new and raised as a phoenix from the ashes of forgetfulness by the latest high medical science of Vibrational Medicine. Sound healing is simply using sound consciously.

The Power of Voice

Since time began, priests, healers, shamans, prophets, seers, mystics, men of medicine and magicians of invention of all persuasions have been aware of the power of specified verbal formula, a voiced prayer if you will, spoken or sung aloud, or intoned silently by the voice within. Sound is the carrier wave of thought.

The word heart contains the words he, hear and art. He hears the art of the heart. The word home contains the words ho, om, me and he. The dictionary says ho is an expression of surprise or joy and to attract attention to something sighted or to urge onward or upward as in, “land ho” or as in, “westward ho.” Me and He can mean your higher self, what some call the Christos or god within.

Om consists of the three sacred sounds in sanskrit a, u and m, which is used to represent the triad or the trinity of the godhead spelt aum or om. It is perceived to be the tone or spoken essence of the cosmos, the original sound that spoke or intoned “all” into being.

The word is sung now as an affirmation of blessing. Heart and Home. The art of hearing the heartwarming sounds of home. Creating an atmosphere or sense of place for you in this world. When you lose our connection to, “heart at home,” you’ll find yourself energetically “blocked”.

Sine wave, a periodic oscillation, a pulse as a sound wave having the same representation as a sine function. Simply stated: form follows energy and function follows form. This is where the sign of nature comes into play. That there is a message which creates energy, which generates form which determines the function of the form.

Music for Healing

For years I have recognised and worked with what I call musical medicine.

The notion that music is in fact nutritional. What I eventually began to call Nutri-Musicals is based on the universal, simple observation that we are born with music within us that causes us to dance to the rhythms of being alive. Dance we must, it is healing. It is no accident we call it a “heartbeat.” Our own resonant rhythms of pulsation connect us to the harmony of celestial song.

Music is the universal language of resonant mathematics that crosses all cultures, tongues and people.

Literature suggests that music has been used for healing since the dawning of time. Its popularity fell from public consciousness during the last two centuries but has recently resurfaced through scientific investigation.

When your health is out of order, it literally means your inner music is out of order, we lose the dance. What do we do when a baby is hurt or feels ill? We croon, we sing soft sweet lullabies or intone notes or hum. It works and it works very well. It has been said that the peace, for which every soul strives and which is in all of nature and is the utmost goal of a man, is but the outcome of harmony.

Historically, all musical instruments were designed and developed to imitate the human voice as closely as possible in its non-linear characteristics. The bel canto human voice is for sound, what a laser is for light. The voice is an acoustical laser generating the maximum density of electro-magnetic singularities per unit action. The human voice defines the basis for musical tuning and indeed for all music.

There is no mystery about tones and how they keep us in tune; it can now be understood through material science, physiology, neurology and psychology. As well as in the most ancient concepts and scripture of human kinds relationship to cosmos. Pure tone bypasses the intellect and has the inherent ability to trigger a release and an airing of the emotions. Still, after all of this, it sounds, mysterious to us.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Based on the principle of energy resonance or “cellular harmonics”, Vibrational Medicine harnesses the frequencies (vibrations) and pulsations of universal energy and can be considered a “Truest Truth” of Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit healing.

In the early nineteen hundreds, Nobel Prize winners, Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Luis Debroglis and others opened the way when they startled the scientific world with their discoveries regarding energy. In 1925 Debroglis postulated that the electron, which revolves around a positively charged nucleus, in an atom was not a particle, but a non-material wave.

Matter, when reduced to its smallest component is only energy. This meant that everything in the cosmos is in a state of vibrational resonance, including the human body. Out of this scientific concept has evolved the field of Vibrational Medicine.

E=MC², Einstein’s infamous equation is a mathematical explanation of energy being equivalent to its rate of vibration or frequency being increased exponentially. The energy fields of all things living and inanimate are all connected at some level, so they can influence each other giving rise to this notion of “resonance” where the high vibratory rate of one field will “re-sound” with another lower one causing it to increase.

Vibrational Medicine perceives sound for what it is: energy. Our own voice, condensed, transmuted and then amplified by crystal lattice qualities, can heal what ails others and us.

When music, sound and light are placed in juxtaposition the healing process with energy, or Vibrational Medicine, the aspect of sound as pure single tones becomes a common denominator.

Quartz Crystal

The body is composed of many crystallised substances; the bones, the blood and the DNA are crystalline in structure. As well as the liquid crystal colloidal structure of the brain, hydronium. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain quartz crystal, which balances our electromagnetic energies. As a result quartz crystal affects our neural receptors.

Formed upon the mathematical ratios and balances of living forms, quartz crystals respond in unique and precise ways, to a wide spectrum of energies including heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bio-electricity and neuro-electric consciousness or thought waves/brain waves.

Quartz crystal can store and amplify energy emission for functions like reception, reflection, refraction, magnification, transduction, amplification, focusing, transmutation, transference, transformation, storage, capacitance, stabilisation, modulation, balancing, and transmittance.

Quartz crystal technology is the basis and foundation of our informational and technological society of today. Telephones, radio, television, stereo, DVD, CD, digital cameras, automobiles, airplanes, electricity, cell phones, lasers, PET scans, CAT scans, MRI’s, ultrasound, to name just a few and on and on, all run on quartz crystal.

If sounds generated by the vocal folds are assisted by the pure tone qualities of 100% quartz crystal are sent into the network of cosmic set point spacial energy, has the faculty of “re-tuning” one into wholeness, it is because it links or harmonises one with the celestial symphony.

Introducing the White Stone Carillon...

The White Stone Carillon Vibrational Healing Bowl is a 100% pure grade A quartz crystal neuro musical instrument, which is an exact replica of those I found in ancient and arcane artefact collections.

It looks like a large translucent white pot and can be used to compress and amplify one's voice into precise resonant sine waves of holographic, omnidirectional, bel canto resonance.

If you look at the etymology of the word “carillon”, its origin is Latin and literally means “4 parts” referring to the musical chromatic scale and its relationship to the healing of the:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Research shows that it can calm, release stress and disharmony, as well as promote the body’s neuroimmune response. As a result, it supports self-healing, self-restoration, promotion of health and vitality, mentally, physically and emotionally in the natural autogenic processes of the human body.

White Stone Carillons are now being used in university research medical programs as part of the emerging field of Vibrational Medicine.

A quartz crystal White Stone Carillon vibrates at a frequency that produces powerful sound – waves and these sounds are the energetic manifestations of the crystalline structure of the Carillon themselves.

Science has found that the White Stone Carillon sound resonates in a uniquely harmonious fashion with the human body – since healthy human tissues are more crystalline than fluid in nature.

For instance, calcite crystals of the ear help us to maintain balance. Collagen and calcium phosphate crystals structure what we call the framework of bone, our skeletal system.

When crystalline structures of our body become heavy or too dense or coated and settle they cannot function and create the crystal functions that they are designed to produce.

Form & Function

The White Stone Carillon is both egg-shaped vertically, and circular shaped horizontally.

Egg-shaped is the manifestation of form and function at the beginning of all things, upon the principle of resonance.

The circle is an ancient universal symbol, having power and motion in both the physical and what people call spiritual realms. It is the archetypal symbol of cosmos and wholeness. Its steady beat is the pulse, the heart, round yet egg-shaped, throbbing at the centre of space.

The White Stone Carillon, in my perspective, is an instrument of things sacred. It can generate with the voice the, Luci Compos Mentis: “a clear healthy mind.”

It consists of five key elements:

1) The quartz Carillon and its Eidolon (pupil) Sphere.

2) The grapevine or wheat straw wreath.

3) The staff, with ribbon and notepaper.

4) Your voice box and brain i.e. the temple.

5) The room, atmosphere or environment in which you choose to play.

Legend has it that the grapevine or wheat straw wreath was used by the Egyptians, and the Children of Israel to hold their quartz Carillon.

To them it was a symbolic reminder of the “life’s blood,” and its crowning glory of health, joy and vitality…the Dolce Vita, or the, “gentle sweet life.”

The staff has had many names; rod, baton, mallet, stick, pole and wand, are just a few. I choose to call it the “staff,” because of its application as an apparatus to make music. A staff of music is the presentation of a set of five lines and four intermediate spaces used in notation to represent a sequence of pitches or keys.

The Key of David

The White Stone Carillon is set at the key of G to Gb/F#.

In Biblical times, this was known as the Key of David.

It is the same pitch or key, the earth makes as it was recorded by astronauts who floated outside of the voyager for the purposes of recording the sound of our spinning, whirling, orbiting, revolving White Stone Carillon called earth.

The sound she makes in her flight of spherical music around our Merry Old Sol, the sun, is in the key of G to Gb/F#.

It is believed that the White Stone Carillon tone of G, Gb/F# can be programmed.

Because of the quartz crystal generating the tone, it acts as a holographic light resonant template, that is able to hold, transmit and receive thought forms. It is also fundamental to the memory of motherboards that are used in computers. It is the same principle. The reason the pure tone vibrates our body is that our bodies have a natural affinity to quartz.

This is the same formula as natural quartz crystal that the White Stone Carillon is made of.

Together with your voice, they can tap into the marvellous abilities we all have to change our thoughts, and thus banish the blues, create a richer and fuller life, and possibly heal and/or prevent serious life-threatening illnesses.

Intoning with the White Stone Carillon is the process of emotional ventilation, cellular integration, and neural elevation. A Carillon is also a prayer sung or intoned.

Start by visualising your desired outcome

Visualisation and imagery with sound can create one’s purposes for physical, emotional and mental reality.

The quartz crystal Carillon itself acting as a condenser, a focuser, and a magnifier or amplifier of this process.

Visualisation is the process of making mental pictures or images. You use your imagination to visualise or create whatever you desire. In the case of healing, that means stopping the disorder or strengthening the body’s natural health abilities, so it can cope with the problem that you have. Using visualisation you heal yourself by building pictures in your mind of what you want to happen and then believing that those pictures are real.

The secret to building positive images is to visualise precise details. Imagine how something looks how it sounds, smells, feels and tastes. In other words, imagine something that seems so real, your body responds like its real. The healing power of visualisation and imagery is well-documented and if you combine it with the powers of sound and quartz crystal the potential is amplified exponentially!

How to Play the Carillon

To play the White Stone Carillon Vibrational Healing Bowl, knock softly, to moderately firm three times around the outer edge in a triangular pattern, then apply the staff with pressure softly but firmly to the outer rim of the Carillon.

Then slide the staff along the orbit of the outer rim in a clockwise motion to cause the atoms of the crystal lattice structure to sing out in the ecstatic song of health and life. Take a deep breath in and then tone steadily with intention to the sound of the Carillon.

Synchronies to the voice or tone of the Earth, the “Earth Song,” the word, the word made flesh, the flesh of creation and recreation. A celebration of renewal, wholeness, health, a sound body, a sound heart (emotions), a sound mind.

Have a strong intention for healing, ventilation, integration, and elevation of your emotional life force.

White Stone Carillon sessions can emphasise and heal the following aspects of your life:

Gnosis - To know

Praxis - To do

Entelechis - To be

The Eidolon

Eidolon literally means, “that which you can see but physically cannot touch".

A rainbow is the most familiar example of an Eidolon.

And when playing the White Stone Carillon, if you stare into the centre you’ll see a spherical egg shape appear that is created as a result of the precise mathematical ratios and distances of balances of this amazing quartz crystal bowl!

It’s a direct representation of the old adage, “as above so below”

Enhance with Essential Oils

Another element of each Carillon Session is the use of wonderful Pure Plant Essential Oils. You can use your finger to apply the oil to the “inside” rim of the White Stone Carillon.

As you play, sound shatters and lifts the effluvial molecules of aroma into the sound waves for diffusion into the room. The sound waves and aroma imprint ones thought of intention as they resonate and permeate, “the one” receiving the focus of purpose.

If you ever get a chance, find someone who owns a Carillon and have them share a session with you that I'm sure you'll find profound.  Alternatively, we source Carillons in small shipments and make them available to those who would like to invest in this wonderful piece of ancient healing heart for themselves.  

Learn more about the White Stone Carillon Vibrational Healing Bowl

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