[Podcast] The Three Revolutions - Self Care, Self Education & Self Governance


What I'm about, as some of you may know is what I have called for close to I guess a little over 40 years now as I've been involved in the public arena exposing this and being involved in it. I call it the three revolutions, the revolution of self-care, the revolution of self-education, and the revolution of self-government, understanding civil liberties and individual rights. Because there's a huge industry out there that is paying a lot of money to politicians and governments to take away your rights to be able to refuse vaccines, medical treatments, and other things.

Even in the United States, there's 18 states now. If you don't want your child to have a vitamin K shot, which isn't even a vitamin, the highest concentration of vitamin K is in the colostrum of the female breast, in the milk. There's nothing higher than that.

But they tell you, you have to have a vitamin K shot. There's mercury in it, titanium dioxide, hexavalent chromium, and other toxic poisonous things. And in a small percentage in the baby, it can cause arterial collapse, eventual leukaemia, and all kinds of problems. Why would you risk that when all the vitamin K the baby needs is in the mother's milk? What's that all about? And then the vaccine series that can create autism, cognitive dysfunctions, and all kinds of problems.

Anyway, I agree with people understanding their civil liberties, their rights, and self-education. Self-education I think has got to return, and it's finally being exposed just in the last decade at a more public level.

Little children are born natural scholastic geniuses. They're a genius. Scholar means one who observes out of interest. When any human being observes anything because they're interested in it, interest is the mother of observation. Observation is the mother of memory and learning. And then when you ponder and reflect on what you've observed that you're interested in, the Creata Magus or imagination kicks in. And all of a sudden you can have a download of pure intelligence and epiphany of a new idea of how to take the thing you're interested in to a whole new level.

That's how invention, creativity, the arts, the crafts, the music, and on and on and on comes about. None of that comes about through academic indoctrination or formal education. Most people don't even realise. Scholastic method that was taught for thousands of years in nearly every culture on the earth has been done away.

In 326 A.D. a very militant, angry, religious group murdered all of the scholars that had gathered together from different cultures to bring their knowledge, their skills, their imagination, and all of this together in a collection that they wanted to store in a building that they built called the Alexandrian Library for future generations.

And this group murdered them, killed all of them right in the streets, went into their homes. Later they went into the Pythagorean Academy and killed everybody that was learning at the Academy under Pythagoras and others. They've burnt the collections of Alexandria.

Luckily they had a backup collection at Ephesus. But that was found out, and they burnt the collections at Ephesus. And then they handed to the masses academics instead of scholastics.

Look at the word academic, it means trivia. Look it up. They handed to the people rote learning, one letter away from the word rot. Rote learning is chant, repetitive memorisation.

Schools used to be schools of thought. They weren't brick and mortar buildings. When you found out there was something you were interested in you went to the group that was involved in it. And you apprenticed and learned from those. It was further down the path in experience.

And then you became a journeyer, and then a master crafter, and you taught those that were new to the experience. But their imaginations, their natural scholastic genius would add to the whole forward movement of that interest.

That's not what happens anymore and hasn't since 326 AD. Brick and mortar buildings, five-year-old kids are brought in to sit in neat little rows, and they can't move, and they can't play, and they can't get up and run, which is so natural and authentic to them and to the learning experience.

And then they're given pre-selected answers to stick in blanks on exams that you have to chant and memorise. And you're told the answer is correct.

And so you get it correct on the exam. Therefore you believe that what you learned is correct. That's why doctors today are good little chant memorisers that went to medical schools bought and paid for by the industry that has done this for thousands of years.

The pharmakia was the Greek word for poison makers. It's where the word pharmaceutical comes from. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest, wealthiest industry on the face of the earth. It's estimated the pharmaceutical-medical industry makes between $7 to $9 trillion a year annually.

What do you do with $7 to $9 trillion a year? You buy up education. Determine the curriculum kids are going to memorise. You get control so that they're good little sheeple. And they come into the industries that you try to push them into.

You get a certificate that you graduated from university. Oh, neato. And we're taught to believe that's an education. And without that degree, you won't get hired.

It's disgusting what has happened, and so that's why I'm involved in these three revolutions and have been for over 40 years.

I've made the mistake of thinking as a young kid that I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. I went to Duke University Medical. I was a good little chant memoriser. But my eyes were opened. And now I'm the enemy in the camp.

And I know that some of the things I'm going to say here in the next few minutes to you could be offensive to what you've been taught, or trained, or whatever's going on. But I want you to know I did not come here with the intention of offending anyone. That's not my purpose here.

I simply want to share some wisdom that our ancestors understood as natural scholars, observers on the earth. And the idea is that they tested over time and distance in the human experience that gave a consistent result for self-care and self-education, which eventually led to civil liberties and rights of the people.

We'll be jumping into this, but before I do I think it's important that I share a little cowboy wisdom with you, stuff I learned when I was a young kid.

I remember one old cowboy came up to me, because I grew up out in the mountains, out in the country. I had never seen a city. I didn't even know what that was. There was just maybe 50-100 people, and they lived all over the mountain.

Anyway, he came up to me one day and he said, "Boy, never kick a fresh turd on a hot day." And I thought, "What's that all about?" So I went out and checked it out. He was right. It took me three times to be convinced though.

I remember one old cowboy said, "Never pee against the wind." I tried that up on the mountain, he was right too. One of them told me, "Never squat with your spurs on." These old boys knew what they were talking about.

Anyway, when I lecture at medical symposiums and I do it all over the United States, Canada, other countries, public servants, and medical groups have me speak at their auditorium and symposium.

And I always start off at these places, because they already know I'm the enemy in the camp and I don't agree with 98% of what they do. I honestly have seen the results of what they do too many times.

I agree with about 2% of what they do. And that's in the treatment of crisis and trauma accidents, putting bones back together, putting screws or plates in it if it's necessary. And if they're in a horrible chaos of pain which is unbearable, being able to use the pain relief medicines. So that they come out of that trauma, and you can walk up and say, "What happened to you?" "I was in an accident."

I like that. But after seven days of that, you'd better stop it. Pain is a mechanism of the autogenic self-healing system that drives the cells that heal and repair the trauma of the axon and/or the problem in the body. If you stay on pain pills you're taking yourself out. And they know this.

But here's the deal, the two statements I make always starting out in medical symposium are these. And I hope you'll follow me on this.

Number one, 9 out of 10 doctor's office calls are made by people who have a simple functional disorder that would clear itself within three to seven days on its own. Nine out of ten calls are that. People sitting there in the waiting rooms with a simple functional disorder because they haven't been taught about any of it anymore. That's gone with our ancestor's knowledge of the burnings and the murders of the healers.

So 9 out of 10 calls are made by people who have a simple functional disorder that would heal and clear itself within three to seven days. Are you with me?

Statement number two, 99% of the people, the 1 out of 10 that actually goes to the doctor has an organic disease condition. Ninety-nine percent of those people have the organic disease condition because of the toxic damaging residues of the prescription drugs they were put on when they went to the doctor in the first place for the simple functional disorder.

Did you hear that? At that point, there's always two or three doctors and possibly a director of the community of medical people that will get up and stomp out of the auditorium. Some of them yell out and scream expletives at me. Some of them even throw me some sign language here and there. They slam the doors.

But then 20-30 minutes later as I go deeper into my presentation it has never failed that there is applause, and at times even standing ovations because of the simplicity, and the logic, and the reason of what it is that I'm sharing that our ancestors understood, and handed down through oral traditions to cultures through time, and even records that were not destroyed because they didn't know about it.

As I get into this, it may get a little worse. But one of the things that people need to understand, there are special interest groups and citizens for over 45 years that tried to expose the pharmaceutical, medical industry in developed countries as a leading cause of death.

They finally were able to get it done in 2001 in the United States. Since 2001 in the United States it's published in medical journals and even in the newspapers as the studies are done for the previous year, since 2001 iatrogenic death, doctor caused death is the number one killer of people in developed countries, number one. In front of cancer, in front of heart disease, in front of any of the other diseases, it is number one.

Last year in the United States doctor-caused death hit 2.5 million for 2011. One doctor went to jail, nothing goes on. It's just investigated, found, and published.

Somebody flies airplanes into two huge buildings in New York City, kills 3,500 people, we go to war, thousands of people die, over 3,500 people die, and yet they get away with killing 2.5 million each year. And that's okay, because they did everything they could do. Yeah, right.

Most people don't even know the history of the term pharmaceutical meaning poison makers from the Greek pharmakia as I've mentioned. There's been a battle between poison makers and healers ever since the earliest dynasties of Egypt.

Poison makers have always hated and been threatened by healers. There's no money in health and healing. There's only money in treatments in disease. Poisons they tell you is this is war. And we have to fight fire with fire. And yes, it's toxic and poisonous.

Do you realise you can't even get a medical patent on a drug that's even over-the-counter and/or prescription unless it's poisonous to the human body? You can't even sell it, or get a patent, or make it, or put it out there. It has to be poisonous. Most people don't even know this. It is ridiculous what has gone on.

'Cowboy' Don


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