[Podcast] How Plants Speak Sign Language


Here I am in Washington, D.C. one afternoon. I was an international salesperson for Xerox and the Bose Corporations. And I got very lucky in getting that. It paid well. I had a lot of time off. And I had continued my search and doing things. 

But there I am, I'm sitting in a soup and salad bar one day. A guy walks in. And the watch he had on cost more than the car I was driving, so I knew this guy had some money. I come to find out he's a billionaire and he owns one of the world's largest privately held collections of ancient and arcane artefacts. 

And he's sitting right across from me, and this comes out in the conversation that we're having. He knows nothing about me but I am just all ears listening to him. 

His job as the inheritor of the estate and the oldest son was to take so much of the family's money every year and purchase and add to the collection. It finally came out that he had one building just south of Towson, just north of DC that had over 40,000 crates stacked up on shelves and things that had never been opened and yet they had been purchased as far back as the late 1700's.

And so finally I just interrupted him and I said, "I'm sorry, you've never even seen the collection?" "No." I said, "Well, are you ever going to?" And he said, "Yeah, we're getting ready to hire six people. We're going to uncrate them. We're going to record and keep a record of it. We'll have micrometres. We'll take measures and things. We're going to display it all in glass cases."

And I said, "Okay, that's great. You're going to open it to the public?" "No. We'll never do that. That's not us."

Then he said, jokingly, "We're getting ready to hire six people, how would you like a job?" I set my fork down, reached across and grabbed his wrists. And I looked right in his eyes and I said, "Sir, I'll do anything to have that job with you. You won't even have to pay me. I will do it for free."

He looked at me and said, "Are you serious?" And I said, "As a heart attack." And he kind of smiled and laughed at me and he said, "I'll tell you what, two days from now come on down. Here's my card. This is the address. I want you to meet the rest of my family, my wife and the people that work with us in the collection. And if they feel good about it I'm fine with it." And I said, "Thank you."

Two days later I go down in the morning, I started work that afternoon. Two months into it I popped open a crate. There's a translucent green glass with pine sap sealed caps on it, which I recognised from either the Myers or the British Museum.

And I picked up a receipt and sure enough the family had bought it from the British Museum. Another receipt showed the British Museum had gotten it as a gift from the Church of England. Another receipt showed the Church of England has gotten it as a gift from the Church of Rome as a peace offering between those two factions at some point.

And I'm thinking, "What in the world is in that scroll?" And I can't handle scrolls. You have to be very careful and in a lab, otherwise, it can turn to dust. So I knew not to touch it. 

But luckily there was a manuscript rolled up with a hemp string tied on it. I lifted it out, untied it, and opened it up. And on the cover sheet, it said it was a translation of the scroll done by a man by the name of [Inaudible 00:04:35] and his team of scholars back in the late 1890's. And I had heard that name and come across it before. So I turned the page. I hadn't thought about Pulse in two years. I was done. 

Halfway down that first page all of a sudden Pulse is running back through my brain. And I was telling myself, "Knock it off, man." 

But I turned the page. About a quarter of the way down on the second page I was tearing up. And in my heart of hearts, I was just wishing that this could keep going. How bizarre. Go all over, spend 17 years, and then I accidentally find it. It was freaking me out. 

But the vernacular, and the vocabulary, and in the way, this thing was going it just felt like it could be. It turned out to be 42 pages about nothing but Pulse. Thank you. What a lucky find. And it was just such a thrill. 

It could've been written by Daniel himself in the first person. But I also knew from the collections I've gone through that Daniel was best friends with Pythagoras and actually had gone to the Pythagorean academy, and had the Pulse there. But Pythagoras called it the Meal of Hercules. And both of them were Olympic wrestlers. 

In the Olympiads, all of the Olympic champions would go 40 days on Pulse and water, or the Meal of Hercules and water prior to the games.

And so I'm reading this whole thing and it talks about the seven witnesses that affirm the efficacies and the inspired brilliance of that meal, and why it was so profound to the human body. And so that's what I'd like to share with you real quickly.

It talked about the Signum Natura as one of the witnesses, meaning signs of nature. And it described the signs of nature, the geometries and measures of food in relationship to organs in the human body, and the physiologies of those seven systems.

And it was so fascinating, it was called the Law of Similarities, that a thing like unto itself is drawn. If something looks like a body organ that is what it mainly targets in the human body.

And now at Cornell Medical, and Johns Hopkins, and LA Port, they've tested the things that I've taught over the last four years, gotten funding, tested it on people, and they found out, "Oh my gosh, food is medicine."

And so it's really cool. It's just like if you were to look at this, say a capsicum, it's red and has four chambers. The heart is read and has four chambers. And the shape of this thing looks like the heart. Now they know that this is one of the best heart foods you can possibly eat.

If you eat the green ones it goes through the bloodstream, into the lymphatic stream, and helps to cleanse the lymphatic stream and enhance the functional capacity of the neural-immune cells. It builds the immune system.

And so it's just fascinating to see this thing of signatures and what they had. It's like a cluster of grapes. Most grapes, if you get a complete cluster, hang in the shape of the heart. And each of the grapes looks like blood cells.

And so it's so fascinating because now they know that grapes are one of the best blood foods that you can possibly have. And that's why a naturally organic fermented wine is so healing and was considered a sacrament or a healing juice. And it's because of the signature of the blood. It's just fascinating.

They looked at avocados. They realised that avocados look like a womb and a cervix. And it has one swollen seed just like a woman who is pregnant. 

Dr Marian Diamond, a good friend of mine at the University of California at Berkeley got the funding to test this on women. It was something like 55 women and they were testing them for different things that the avocado would do in the diet. 

Their published studies showed that avocados help a woman to shed stored fat, especially right after pregnancy if she eats one or two each week throughout the pregnancy.

And that it prevents and even helps to clear cervical cancers, distentions of the womb, prolapse, and all these other things.

The number one thing that they found out is the nutritional components of an avocado will absolutely clear and protect the woman from complications during delivery.

And it's interesting because it takes nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. It's like, "Who the hell made this up?" It's so fascinating.

They looked at carrots and they realised that carrots looked like they have a pupil with an iris and radiating lines. And when you cut them they're circular just like the eyeball, and then look like the eyeball. So they believe that carrots were good for the eyes.

They did studies at Cornell. If you eat one medium-sized carrot every day for seven days it increases blood supply into the eyes by 25% in just seven days. If you keep it, and if you have visual problems, if you have contacts or glasses and take them off, except when you're doing something that could be potentially dangerous like driving or something and it's blurry.

But if you'll take them off and keep eating carrots. And then they had these little visual exercises that they had you do in the ancient world. And I've been able to help literally hundreds of people, even people here in Australia get rid of the context and glasses in as little as 60 days. 

But the problem is, and this is the problem with food. It's one thing they've studied and found out to be absolutely true. The problem with whole foods is you have to chew them. It just sucks. Can't you just put it in a pill? 

They found out that anything that comes in a head, a head of broccoli, a head of cabbage, ahead of cauliflower targets the brain specifically. And if you get Gray's Anatomy and look at the drawings, and the cuttings, and microscopic views of the brain structures and the dendritic branching, the spinal stem coming up, it just looks like a brain. 

And now they know these are absolutely brain foods, and what they call the sulphurines they know clears mental fog and helps to restore memory. It's fascinating. 

You look at any big leafy plant and you hold them up. And it looks like it's got arteries and veins. And if you get the beat root it even looks like blood going up through there. And that's what they found out that it targets, is all of that. And it's so fascinating to get into this.

You cut an apple and it has a perfect five-pointed star. That is significant to you. The body stands in a five-pointed star. And it just goes deeper and deeper. And I wish we had more time here but we don't. I get a little too passionate about all this. 

But in physics of matter in space, there's only five shapes that can form in all of the physics of matter. The shapes that form in the physics of space is five-pointed stars like a five-pointed starfish, five-pointed star fruit, slice an apple five-pointed star. You look at the top of a tomato and the stem is a five-pointed stem. 

And one of the botanical definitions of fruit clear up until the 1920's was every fruit comes from a five-pointed star. That's how you knew it was a fruit, which means to add splendour and to enliven. Vegetable if you look it up means to strengthen and establish.

You get into these things, it's fun. Other shapes or the circle or sphere like your eyeball or like an orange. They're circular. Another shape is the spiral. You see some plants send out a little runner that spirals. The cochlea of the ear is a spiral. The galaxy in which we live is a spiral nebula. And the mathematics of ratio is the same at a microscopic level as it is at the galactic level, it's just magnified. Same physics of mathematics and the same thing.

Another shape was the equidistant cross or a plus sign. That's why these are called cruciferous vegetables. It comes from a cross or a plus sign is what it grows from.

Celery, your ancestors, the healers believed it looked like a bone and snaps like a bone. Today's study shows that some of the worst cases of osteoporosis that were tested at the University of Gainesville Florida after hearing this lecture, they decided to check it out. The worst cases of osteoporosis that they had, those people ate three to four sticks of celery every single day, got off the medications, just stayed with it. And between six and nine months later they had absolutely no bone problems whatsoever.

And rhubarb, bok choy, anything in a stock, that's what it targets and heals. They now know that celery is 21% sodium. Your bones are supposed to be 21% sodium. This delivers it.

If you get on a low salt diet you're going to have high blood pressure and weak bones. That's why the pharmaceutical industry attacked salt. If they can get you on a low salt diet they're going to have you on drugs. They're going to have you on medicines. Salt is one of the most critical nutrients that the body has to have. 

Nature made salt. Not messed with by man where they had aluminium so it doesn't cake. Nature made salt. It won't allow infections, inflammation, weak bones, or even high blood pressure in the human body. It's fascinating stuff.

We could keep going on all of this. I think I'll throw another out there. I can't help myself. 

Thyroid right there. The thyroid is mushrooms, any mushrooms. They have the highest naturally occurring phytolytic or plant iodine of anything they have ever studied. And that's how the people are growing their thyroids back that have had them surgically removed, a completely unnecessary surgery, out of their own published articles.

If you have thyroid problems get off the medication, eat about a cup to two cups of mushrooms each day, and just run with that for at least 90 days. You can sauté them. You can put lemon juice on it. You could throw in some stalks of asparagus, whatever makes you happy. Or you could eat it raw.

A raw food diet did not mean to your ancestors the healers what it means to most people today. Raw was one of the names of the sun, like in Egypt and some of the cultures in that region. To have a raw food diet didn't mean uncooked, it meant to eat the foods in the temperate zone of the region you live in, in the season that they come forward. A raw diet meant to eat in season.

And when you eat in the same temperate zone you are in a harmonic frequency of biophotons and energies within those plants and the physics around you. And that's why they help you to get the highest functional capacity from nutrition. You can't beat locally grown foods in the season they come in. The poison makers and the healers have been in battle for thousands of years, and it goes on today. 

Here's the deal. Look at cancer. Cancer has been exposed in their own writings as being 98% scam and myth. They have a 98% false positive diagnostic on cancers.

In 1908 1 in 8,000 were diagnosed as having cancer. The American Cancer Society was formed in 1891. They were the ones that promoted the literature, and the diagnostics, and the pushing into getting the cancer into play. By 1908, 17 years later 1 in 8,000 were told they had cancer. 

They have spent hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars researching cancer and coming up with weapons of war in the fight against cancer. There only used to be one cancer. Now we have 32 kinds of cancer. And in the United States after all of these hundreds of billions, finding weapons of war they've never found a cure. And in fact, in the United States as of 2011, 1 in 2 have cancer.

What most people don't know your body is made up of 10,000 trillion cells. Your body makes millions of cancer cells every 24 hours. Cancer cells are your friend. They're not the enemy. And you'll understand why in just about 10 minutes from now. And this has already been published and exposed.

You start killing cancer cells, you're killing you. And just two weeks ago it came out in the press in the United States on Fox News, New York Times, Chicago Herald, the LA Times, only 2% survive chemo treatments.

People don't even die of cancer, they die of the treatment of cancer, and they know that. And it's sick, and it's wrong. I don't even have the words.

What if we could just simplify the mystery of disease right here, right now? How would you like to just get rid of the mystery of disease, Yay, or Nay?

Here's what your ancestors did, and it's been proven to be correct. Your body physically is nothing more and nothing less than tubes. Your body is tubes. The largest tube in your body is the alimentary canal. It starts at the mouth, runs all the way through the house, to the back door. 

It's one of the most important tubes you have. Because it's there to get rid of waste and garbage. So it's important to keep it free-flowing. 

Your urinary tract, the bladder, it's all tubes. Your heart is a plexi or a gathering of over two million tubes. Your heart is made of tubes. Running of the heart are arteries, veins, capillaries, the lymphatic stream that comes back, all put together it's around 143,000 miles of tubing. 

Again, one kidney has a million tubes. You can take out one human lung of a 22-year old and cover an entire tennis court in tubes. Your bones are hollow. They're tubes. You slice a bone and look at the lattice structure work of billions of little tubes that make-up that bone so that it's flexible and strong.

All 10,000 trillion cells that make all of this up are tubes. And they let things in and they let things out. They're different sizes. You go inside the cell nucleus. It's tubes.

You have close to 20 million kilometres of DNA tubing. They're tubes. You are like a totally tubular tube. And that's where the mystery of disease comes to an end when you understand that. If all you are physically is tubes there's only so many things that can happen to tubes. They can be smashed, they can be cut, they can be burnt, they can become weak in their lining and balloon and even burst. And tubes can become obstructed. And that's where the investigative medical studies come in. 

It is a published estimate that 95% to 98% of all human disease is in the obstruction of tubes. Did you hear that? The obstruction of tubes. 

'Cowboy' Don

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