[Podcast] The 2 Causes Of Disease


The obstruction of truth. Here's what your ancestors knew and I hope you don't miss this. I hope you always remember it, because this is found to be correct as well. 

Clear up until 1890 all of the healers taught there's only one disease. Disease means discomfort.

There's ONE disease.

They talked about it and wrote it down as far back as the earliest dynasties of Egypt, the Inca, the Mayan, some of the oriental cultures wrote and talked about it. They collected together in the Greco-Roman period of 600 BC. And there they decided what to call it. They were talking about the atomos. Today it's called atoms.

The one disease that exists in the human body is chaos at the atomic level, that leads to chaos at the molecular level, that leads to chaos at the cellular level.

And when enough cells are in chaos you feel it as a symptom.

Symptom means a sign or a signal of a chaos. That's what the word means. The pharmaceutical medical industry, all they do is cut, burn, and poison symptoms. They don't even look for a cause. They don't even spend money on trying to find a cause. 

But all they do is come up with surgeries and poisons and radiation to burn the symptoms because that's what most people want. They don't like feeling the discomfort. "I've got a headache. I don't care what's causing it. Just give me a drug to get rid of it."

And all you're doing when you do that is setting yourself up for a worse headache. In their own published material, the number cause of ongoing headache pain is headache medication.

You start taking a pain pill for a headache, pretty soon you're going to be up to two for that headache because it's worse. In time you'll get up to three. Then you'll get up to four. And then you'll get up to five. And you'll say I'm taking too many. I'm going to the doctor and get a stronger one where I'm back to one. So you take one that's equal to five and you feel better because you're back to one.

And instead of getting to the cause, and they already know what the cause in 98% of all headaches is. People don't drink enough water, number one cause. So the brain becomes dehydrated and the capillaries have to constrict to hold on to the hydronium fluid that's still there, otherwise, you would die. And that hurts. We call it a headache.

When you feel what is happening the brain is telling you, "It's kind of dry up here. Could you send up some water?"

I came up with this equation after coming across all the records of the healers and the cultures that I visited. Tubes minus obstruction equals vitality

They call it the alimentary canal. Healers called it the river. And you either had within your body a river of life that was free-flowing or a river of disease and possibly death. And it all depends what are you floating down the river.

Too often we have food-less foods, and lifeless drinks, and pills and capsules that are poisonous, and all natural supplements that are actually toxic and it's verified in the studies. But they don't even have to list it or talk like that. It's all about marketing. And the government is bought off. And so go ahead and sell what you want.

Here's the deal. And please don't miss this.

The atomic chaos which is the beginning of all disease, and there's only one, there's only two causes in the human body. It's not a mystery. There's only two causes of disease: Toxicity and Deficiency.

That's it. And some people have both. They're toxic and they're deficient.

Does that sound reasonable? I know that for some it's a little too simple. But that is wisdom that was gleaned over thousands of years of observation in the human experience. And it absolutely is correct.

Typically it's the obstruction which causes around 98% of all human disease. People say, "What is that?" The medical world refers to it simply as plaque. And then they do chemical analysis of the plaque and come up with names for the plaque.

So there's like [Inaudible 00:06:01], amyloid plaque, and they have about 200 names for the chemical composition of plaque. And all they're studying is the toxicity of the plaque.

The plaque is made by mucosal cells coming across that toxic poison and surrounding it so it doesn't hurt you. So if it keeps building up, and they keep doing that, and you're dehydrated, you're not walking and you're not getting enough sunshine, and you're eating crap then all of a sudden it thickens to the point it can clog an artery. It can clog the kidney flow, everything.

Typically how this all starts is you're walking along one day and you feel like you need to puke. If grandma saw you and you needed to puke, in her wisdom she would say, "Get a glass of water, go into the toilet, drink it, stick your finger down your throat and puke. Something's trying to come out. That's all it is. It's just trying to throw something out of the house. They're in defence. Just help yourself out and make yourself puke."

This is a bug that floated in from a third world country. They're all filthy and it came here just to get me. That's what they believe. The country in which each of us lives is clean and scientific and fabulous. These bugs come in from filthy people from other countries, and you just happen to get one.

Instead of listening to grandma, knowing there's something toxic in the stomach trying to come out, you run down to see your doctor and get a prescription, anti-nausea medication. Because this is war, we have to fight disease. It's a mystery. But hang in there. 

So you get anti-nausea medication. You see, when you go to war everything has to be anti. If you go to war you have to have anti-aircraft equipment, anti-personnel equipment, anti-tank equipment, anti-missile. Everything's anti because this is war.

So you get your anti-nausea medication. Even the pharmaceutical industry has slipped into the supplement industry, and into the study of foods. These are healing and healthy, but what their chemists have found out is that these have antioxidants. But for you to get as many antioxidants that you need you can't get it from this. You have to have this little pill.

There you go. You take your anti-nausea medication and the feeling of needing to puke goes away. How come? Because nausea is Latin for I need to puke. And so you take it. And it's actually a neurotoxin. It's toxic to the nerves that run from the brain to the stomach, telling the stomach to convolute and throw something out of the house that doesn't belong.

And so you shut down the nerve signal. You just added more poison to what was trying to come out. But you feel better about it because you don't need to puke. So it's still there. Your body's dealing with it. It could be two, three, four weeks later. You're walking along...

You've got the runs. They call it the runs because you better run. You're going to have a mess on your hands. There you have it. 

Grandma sees that you have to run. She'll say, "Just go into the toilet. I've got an enema bottle up there. Just give yourself an Enema. Something's trying to come out of the house. Just help it out. You'll be fine. If that's too much for you, take some Epsom salts and warm water and drink it, and it'll flush it out too." 

You can't handle that. You go down to a colonic clinic and let them give you a colonic. They specialize in that. 

Grandma, this is a bug from some third world country. Those people are filthy. It gets into the air. And it's come here to get me. I'm going to go to the doctor and get antidiarrheal medication. Diarrhoea is Latin for "you got the runs". 

You take your antidiarrheal medication. And you take it a few times and it dries it all up. Hell, you couldn't poop if you wanted to at that point. But you don't care, you just go and have to run. 

There you are, at that point the boss gets involved, the command centre. He calls down and says, "Bobby." "Yeah, boss." "There was an offence in the house a while back and I thought I told you to throw it out the front door." "You did boss. And when we tried that, it shut us down." "That's right. I remember that part. But then didn't I tell you to run it out the back door?" "Yeah boss, you did, but they dried it all up." 

"Boss?" "Yeah, Bobby?" "Boss, what are we going to do? It's getting really messy in here." "Bobby, this is going to take a little while but we're going to have to take all that mess. It's really toxic. We're going to pull it through the mucosal lining, through the colonic wall, into the interstitial fluids. I'll get the lymphatic stream and the macrophages, and others all involved. This is going to take some time Bobby, but we're going to drive it into the lungs."

"Boss, why would you put that mess up in the lungs?" "Bobby, when I first built the body I put a lot of mucosal cells in the lungs because it's the most critical area of the body and we have to protect it. And oftentimes we have to take things there, and I created a cough response. And we'll just hack it right back up the front door." "I like how you think boss." "Thank you Bobby."

A few weeks go by, a few months, you wake up one morning and you're breathing like this. [Wheezing sound] Grandma hears that. "Okay girl, that's it. You're staying home from school. You're not going to work. You're staying here. You're going to lay down and rest. You're going to get out into the sun when you can. I'm going to make you some hot water with lemon juice and honey. And we're just going to have you sipping that. It's going to take three to seven days, but it's going to clean this whole thing up because we've got to get done with it."

"Grandma, this is a bug and it's attacked me. It came from out there and came in. I'm going to go to the doctor." So you go to the doctor and he gives you some antibiotics. He gives you some anti-lung congestion medication. He gives you cough syrup. He even tells you to go get some anti-cough lozenges. He gives you anti-block nasal spray. So you take it all. 

And even when you do all of that, it's going to take the same amount of time for it to clear as if you did nothing. How many are aware of that? It's a true story. And you just added to the toxicity. And you just weakened the immune system of your own body. So the next time you have an infection like that, it's going to last longer.

And so there you are. You're not listening to grandma, the wisdom of the healers. You're listening to the poison makers, because that's what you've been taught and that's what you embrace.

And so then boss calls down. "Bobby, they shut us down again." "Yes, they did boss. What are we going to do?" "Bobby, this is going to take some time. We're going to have to reabsorb it off the bronchioles, through the lungs, and get it into the interstitials and run it right up under the five dermal layers. Open up avenues and push it up the epidermis and get it out of the body. The skin is one of the largest organs of excretion that we have, so that's what we're going to have to do." "Okay boss. I'm on it."

You go along one fine day, you wake up, you got a rash. You got a boil. You got pimples or acne. You got eczema. You got psoriasis going on. And you think it's some mysterious bug disease. So you better go to a dermatologist. 

Grandma sees any of that stuff, in her wisdom she'd say, "Okay, here's what you do. Take a lemon. Slice it. Get a Ziploc baggie, but it in. So you can take it with you in your purse, or in the car, whatever, and put it on those spots six or seven times a day. And when you can, put the juice on and get out into the sunshine. And this will heal and clear." "Grandma, I don't want to call you stupid grandma, but I'm going to the doctor to get some steroid topicals."

So you get steroids. And it's got titanium dioxide. And it's got all these other toxic things. And you put it on. And sure enough, it goes away. But it didn't come out, it suppressed it. So you stop using the steroid topicals. It comes back. But you think, "That's okay. I'll just put on some more."

Then the body says, "I think I'll try a different spot." "Not a problem. I'll put it there too." "Not a problem." "Doctor, I need three more tubes."

The boss calls down. "Bobby, they did that again?" "Yes boss. What are we going to do?" "Bobby, there's only one thing that's left as an option. They're not letting this out."....

'Cowboy' Don.

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