[Podcast] Health Care Or Sick Care?


Most people believe that there is pharmaceutical science and medical science. No, that doesn't exist in courts of law. In courts of law in the Library of Congress in the United States, which is the collection point that goes into other developed countries there's no such thing.

Science means knowledge. Pharmaceutical medical sciolism is the way it's legally defined. Sciology or sciolism means pretence to knowledge. And they can legally get away with it because of the money that's been spent on lobbyist and politicians to create what people believe is health care.

It is not health care, it is sick care and the perpetuation of those conditions because there's so much money in it. I know you think I'm making this up but hang in there. Like I said, it's just going to get worse. 

Sciolism - pretence to knowledge. That's why doctors legally get from their governments a license to practice on you. Doctors have a legal license to practice. You ought to a good dictionary and look up the word practice. I don't think you would go there very often. 

And in fact, they have the legal right now to run tests and charge you for those tests to find out what they can diagnose you with. Gnosis means knowledge. Diagnosis means split and unknown. In courts of law diagnosis legally means this is our guess.

Therefore if you sign these papers we can legally practice on you, and the responsibility of what happens is your problem, not ours. Just sign right here.

If they happen to hurt or kill you, or even your baby, that's your problem. You signed right here that you wanted us to. We have bought in to the academic indoctrination through the media of millions of dollars being spent to convince the masses that this is science, and it is not.

Here's just three drugs that are some of the most common handed out. Doctors hand out drugs like they're some kind of holiday candy. Why? That's how they make the majority of their money. They'll charge you for the doctor's office call, but where the money comes is getting you on medication.

Why? Because every medication has a side effect. Do you realise there's no such thing as a side effect? That's a marketing phrase to make you feel like, "That won't happen to me. That's just kind of a side issue for other people. No, that's just a side effect."

There's no such thing. There's only effect. That's like me flying over Melbourne and dropping a bomb to knock down buildings but I just happened to kill 100,000 people. Killing the people is just a side effect. I was after the building.

Do you realize that in today's world compared to the ancient world, clear up until 1890 there were only 12 medicines and they were all plant-based? As of 2012 there are now over 561,000 patented pharmaceutical drugs.

And get this, it is in their own publications, they haven't even created a new drug in the last 15 years. All they do is take the ones that exist, rename it, and put it out for a made-up disease, a disease that doesn't even exist.

This isn't me making this up. This is in The Lancet. It's in the New England Journal of Medicine. It's in the published studies of the American Medical Association, and through Europe and everywhere else. That's how they protect themselves in courts of law because they published it. Just because you don't know about it that's your problem. 

Your ignorance of these things is legal licit consent to practice any treatment they want on you, unnecessary surgeries, toxic drugs that can harm you in a horrible way. But that's okay, because we've published it. We've told people it would kill them.

Look at Vioxx. They introduced Vioxx in the United States. In the very first year it killed 130,000 people. No one went to jail. They just pulled the drug back, renamed it, sent it back out.

Have you ever heard of the thalidomide babies that were so distorted, and crust, and horrible things? Babies born with their hearts outside their bodies. Some babies are born with arms growing out of their heads because of thalidomide, a morning sickness pill for pregnant women.

When it was finally exposed that over 100,000 babies had been destroyed by that, pulled it off the market, now it's back out there to treat cold sores and rashes. Most people don't even dig into this stuff. 

Avandia, very popular heart medication. Avandia research shows links to heart attacks. And of course, they can give it to you for all kinds of symptoms.

Avandia, maker GlaxoSmithKline now agrees to pay $460 million to resolve a majority of the pending lawsuits against the manufacturer. The lawsuits allege that Avandia can cause heart attacks and strokes. It doesn't allege. It's been proven a fact and that's why these people are paying out a half a billion dollars and saying, "Oops, sorry, we killed your loved ones. Sorry."

Thyroxine, "I went to my doctor and he told me I was hypothyroid. And the next day I was hyperthyroid. And every time I tested I'm either hypo or hyper. Thank goodness for thyroxine. I'll be on thyroxine for the rest of my life."

You better slow down. You keep that crap up there's going to be some serious stuff going down. Here's just a few of the published side effects. It's right in their literature. But most people don't read that. They just take their pill because their doctor told them to.

Increased heart rate and palpitations, muscle cramps and trembling, headaches, some of the worst migraine headaches on the earth. Insomnia, sweating, chest pain, rare allergic reactions that can manifest in skin conditions that they will tell you have to be irradiated. And then that leads to cancers. And then that leads to chemo. And then that leads to neuropathies and cutting off your foot, your leg, or your arm.

But they're just treating you. Come on. You signed for it. You want us to, just from thyroxine. It is so ridiculous. There's one food that grows on the earth that's common to every culture. And if you eat it you have no thyroid problem. And in fact, four of the people here in Australia that decided to really go for it, they'd already had their thyroid surgically removed. 

Two of the nine months later the thyroid had grown back and it was perfectly functional. The other two took 11 months and one of them took 14 months. 

Food. It used to be understood that whole foods were medicines. Plants, plant whole foods are the only true medicine. And that's why the healers are hated because food works. But it sucks because there's money in it. A healthy nation means they bankrupt the pharmaceutical, medical industry, and they can't have that.

Here's something most people don't know either. Every time you have one of these side effects, most people don't even know their drug is causing it. Your doctors don't even know. They're not trained. They're very sincere, they're just sincerely wrong in their training.

Every one of these side effects right here, and there's 27 more, we just didn't list, because it's a side effect of that drug that company can make another drug to put against each of the side effects. Thyroxine has led to over 61 new drugs that they can prescribe to you for the side effects they cause. And every one of the new drugs they give to you for the side effect create side effects. And so they have drugs for those, and it's legal.

Lipitor. "I'm sure glad I have my Lipitor." You're on Lipitor you better watch it. True, the most troubling potential side effects of Lipitor include extreme muscle pain and muscle diseases. These are statins. Statins induce myopathies and causes liver failure. Inevitably you're going to have a failed liver. You'll be on a waiting list to get a liver transplant. You're told... 

And what's interesting, there's three foods that if you eat them you don't need Lipitor. And write in the warning in the literature of Lipitor, it'll tell you the number one food that corrects the condition by itself that they give you the Lipitor for. You open the thing up and it says, "Warning: Do not eat grapefruit."

How many are aware of that in the literature? It is true. Don't eat grapefruit. You want to know why? You won't need Lipitor. So there it is. So interesting.

I've actually had people post on national television, writers for the New York Times and other magazines that have done interviews with me. And they always look at me and they say, "Cowboy, what are your credentials?"

And inside I have to giggle. It's like, "You poor, academically indoctrinated, little educated idiot." But I don't say it out loud. Credentials, it doesn't matter who says something. The only thing that matters is what did they say and how do you honestly feel about it. What does your guy tell you? Does it seem logical, and reasonable, and practical, and applicable to you? 

That's all that ever matters. Credentials are ridiculous. Your ancestors knew and talked about it in open forums and wrote about it. All authority is false, all of it. The only real authority is the truth. And truth bears witness of itself. 

And there's not a human being on this earth that doesn't feel all through them when they're being exposed to something that is true and correct. Yes or no? It is the absolute truth. That is the only real authority.

Somebody comes up to me and they introduce themselves with letters in front of them or letters behind their name, I just kind of have to, "See yah. Have fun now. I don't even want to know you."

If you have to do that you're not quite awake. And that's okay. Be happy. I hope it works for you. And for most of them it does because people have been trained in their formal educational experience to look up to authority and credentials, but not me.

A lot of these people, I finally cave in and I tell them the one credential I do have. It's kind of embarrassing and yet I am proud of it. I took the third grade twice. I am so proud of that and I'll tell you why.

Anybody that could put up with Old Lady Davis for two years in a row can do anything. That's the way I felt coming out of there. So now you know my credentials. 

A lot of people have asked me, "What got you going in this?" We understand you lecture at Johns Hopkins, Cornell Medical, LA Porte, MIT, medical groups in other countries. What in the world? We don't even understand why they bring you in, but what got you into it.

Even at Johns Hopkins down in the positron emission tomography clinic they have a wall that's a little taller than this and just about as long as this room. It's got a picture of the ugly cowboy up there. It's been there for 20 years. Big letter says, "He was right again." And it's when they get funding to test in humans not what I'm saying, what our ancestors knew. 

Hell, I'm just a simple dirt farmer. It's our ancestors. They were brilliant. They were observers. They were scholastic geniuses. 

I lived among 17 different cultures on the earth today that are still out there, off the grid, an anthropologist which have studied some of them know they're basically disease-free. And the average lifespan is between 120-155 years of age. 

But people in developed countries are taught, "We're living longer now thanks to medical and pharmaceutical science." No, you're not. And you realise that over the last 20 years in every developed country the average lifespan has dropped 10 years. It's true.

Your grandparents probably lived longer than your parents. I'm not saying that's the way it is, but in a lot of cases, that's what's happening. It’s coming down. And they want you to believe that we're living longer. That is not so. 

And these cultures that lived that long and basically just disease-free they don't even have hospitals. They don't even have doctors. They don't have one single pharmaceutical drug. They don't even have miracle supplements. "Supplements. They're so natural and pure." 

Do you realise there's published studies now that have come out? The greatest majority of people who take supplements are people who are healthy. And they believe the supplements is going to lift them even further and take them longer.

But now the studies that are published, and you can see it in the Lancet, and the New England Journal, and other studies that are investigated, people who take supplements on average have a 6-10 year shorter lifespan.

"I don't care if it says the supplement's natural. If it comes in a pill or a capsule... I'd gone all over the world. I haven't found one plant that grows pills and capsules. Not one." How do you question that?

They're now saying about pills and capsules is you can just put them in your mouth and drink some Diet Coke and wash it down. And you got all the vitamins and minerals you need. "That way I can go to McDonald's and eat what I want because I've already got it all." Good grief.

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'Cowboy' Don

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