New Year, New You: Born Again of the Waters


A new year is the perfect time to reflect on life's most precious gifts and to dispatch things that aren't serving you, to make way for anew

If your health is a focus for you, you should trust that mother nature provides the basis for everything you need to help you reach your highest state of health and wellbeing.

During my years spent searching for and looking into ancient collections and records left by long-lived cultures, I discovered so much brilliant wisdom, that today is now under 'lock and key' and sadly no longer available to the public.

Unfortunately, it's the simplicity of this wisdom that threatens today's establishment and big corporations who make billions from pushing complex solutions and toxic, invasive drugs.

One of mother nature's most previous gifts, of course, is WATER.

Your body is made up of about 70% water, just like planet Earth is composed of approximately the same. And before coming into this earth, you lived in the salt waters of your mother's womb for up to 9 months!

These facts alone, should provide enough reassurance as to the powers of fasting on only water for certain periods of time, to detoxify and totally renew and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and to help elevate levels of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

In having completed 40 day water fasts on a number of occasions in my lifetime, I know from personal experience that this is true.

A Rich History of Water Fasting

The original ancient healers of mother earth were all women.

And one of their most brilliant 'words of wisdom' was that fasting on water is how we can be "...reborn into higher states of being".

Finally, even the men wanted to learn from the lady healers and to teach their wisdom as well.

In fact, in the "King James" version of the Bible, it says that Moses fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates taught, " eat while sick is to feed your sickness".

Plato fasted for greater physical and mental efficiency.

Plutarch espoused, "...instead of using medicine, rather, fast for a day".

Cleanse All Aspects of Yourself

When you fast on water and even the waters of plants you are being reborn and it clears your "sins" away.

This means, any dis-comforts, today called, dis-eases, are cleared out of your House/Temple/Library/Museum/Pyramid/Teocali ...all meaning "Abode", or "place where you live", your "Body".

Fasting clears your mind and brightens your day, mentally, physically and emotionally, allowing you to be “Reborn”. And yes, this is why religious "baptism" is a symbolic ritual meaning "To Fast" and "To be Reborn and Made New".

Practice Focusing on Joy & Gratitude

While fasting, write down things that are PLEASING to you and that you are THANKFUL for. You'll likely discover that there is a long list of moments, people and things that you take for granted or that you haven't thought about in years.

Find Purpose and Passion

While fasting, rediscover what lights you up, gives you a sense of fulfilment and purpose and hatch a plan to practice it every day - even if it's just for 30 minutes.

Realise that you are on this earth to experience pleasure and joy. And quite often it's by embracing the simple things in life, by quietening the noise all around, that you begin to gain clarity about your passion and purpose.

No matter what, take time to "smell the roses" often, walk in nature and practice "earthing" - going bare footed on the bare earth as you walk in the grass or sand which stimulates healing and electrical energy all throughout your body.

Think & Thank Those Who Are Close

Think of your children, mother, father, brothers, sisters and friends and express thanks to them for being on this earth with you and for sharing your life's journey on a regular basis. By simply taking the time to hug, connect or spend a little time together, you'll carry an emotional energy with you throughout life that heightens your sense of joy, meaning and self-worth.


"Magus" means LIGHT.

"Magi" means those who embrace light.

"Magic" is the power of light in the brain.

"I-magi-nation" - Imagination is everything (more important than knowledge)!

While fasting, imagine who you want to become, how you want to live and what you want to achieve.

Laws of Life

The ancients carved in stone and also wrote on papyrus scrolls that there are, "TWO LAWS of LIFE."


Ponder those laws and how they apply to your life, the values you hold, the choices you make and the greater community you live in. 

Higher Forces at Work

The forces and energies of nature were all given names.

These were the Gods, Goddesses, Angels, etc.

The Arch Angels were the 7 Senses:

Sight, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching, Intuition, and Imagination. These deliver your three-dimensional life experience to you.

The Administering Angels were the same as the 7 Principles of Health:

Air, Water, Sunshine, Walking, Plant Wholefoods, Healthy Relationships and Passion.

The Devil was the energies of Pain, Dis-comforts/Diseases.

Devil is "Lived" spelt backwards (early death).

Evil is Live spelt backwards.

Satan was the energies of darkness meaning "Hidden from the Light".

The Brain is where Satan (hidden knowledge is kept behind a Veil of Forgetfulness).

Lucifer means the "greatest shining light". Lucifer lights up the darkness of hidden knowledge and you experience epiphanies, 'ah-ha' moments of discovery, sought for answers, creative enlightenments, even memories of the future being downloaded in night dreams etc.

The Dawning of a New Age

The ancients taught about the coming "Age of Aquarius", which we enter ‪on 26th January 2020.‬

They believed that if you are alive at this time and living a life of joy, kindness, gratitude, regularly fasting and are vegan/vegetarian, you are in your 12th Lifetime on this Earth and that you will return to earth in your 13th Lifetime.

It's interesting to note that this only happens once every 26,000 years (or 13 x 2,000 year Ages). Their wisdom was that in this lifetime, your body will be a living temple of immortality and your 'space ship' to travel through time and space at the speed of thought.

And through this experience, you and your family group will build other worlds and populate them with these same ideals and that this is how human life has always been throughout eternity.

Interesting food for thought...

'Cowboy' Don.


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