Grapefruit: The no side-effect blood thinning food


With today’s animal by-product rich diets and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we’re more at risk for heart disease and stroke than ever, but medication is the only thing doctors know how to prescribe to combat it. 

So many 'blood-thinning' pharmaceutical drugs have known debilitating side effects, when in reality, mother earth provides "nature's medicine" to support the cleansing of plaque from the heart and blood with no toxic side-effects.

One of the most potent plant-based foods to naturally thin the blood is Grapefruit.

While most people know that grapefruit can help with weight loss and management, its heart healthy benefits are often undersold—despite the fact that heart disease is one of the most common killers. 

It’s time to trust nature’s bounty to strengthen and heal your body. 

Keep reading to find out why you should be eating grapefruit up to three times a day to help protect and unclog your blood vessels and arteries.  

Grapefruit is a Natural Blood Thinning Food

If you’re at risk for heart disease, you’ve likely heard of blood-thinning medication and a doctor has likely sold it to you. It’s used to help prevent the risk of blood clots, which can block critical blood flow to the heart. 

Unfortunately, these medications can come with major side effects (more on that to come) and unless you change your lifestyle, they can’t change anything permanently for you. 

Luckily, there are natural, whole blood thinning foods that you can eat regularly to reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke for the long-term. Grapefruit happens to be one of the best foods to thin blood naturally, which can help reduce pressure on your artery walls and blood vessels. Grapefruit also helps lower cholesterol, which is important for heart health and is effective at strengthening blood vessels and capillaries. 

For those with atherosclerosis, which is when plaque and fatty deposits start to build-up on your blood vessels and block the flow of blood, grapefruit can act as an artery “scrubber” to scrape away and break down plaque to increase blood flow. 

By eating grapefruit every single day, you can help reduce the damage done to your body from poor diet and little exercise, so that you can live a healthier, longer life. 

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No Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, finding medication to thin blood with no side effects is almost impossible. But as a whole food medicine, grapefruit can do just that, and it’s why it’s among the best blood thinning foods. Typical blood thinner medications can come with a whole host of scary side effects, including excessive bleeding, dizziness, muscle weakness, hair loss, rashes, and internal bleeding. 

Conversely, grapefruits only come with positive effects. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals, can help with arthritis pain and other inflammation,  normalise sugar, reduce oxidative stress, improve the immune function, reduce high blood pressure, prevent a sluggish liver, gallstones, obesity, respiratory ailments, digestive issues, and much more. 

Plus, grapefruit is low in calories and high in fibre and antioxidants. It also helps reduce appetite (research shows by slowing the emptying of the stomach, the pectin content of grapefruits reduces appetite). What’s more, grapefruit controls weight, eases constipation, and is a hydrating food. There’s almost no limit to what eating grapefruit can do for you, and there’s certainly no scary, negative side effects. 

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How to Get More Grapefruit in Your Diet

There’s a little bit of a stigma behind eating grapefruit; it’s seen as a diet breakfast food, or something that older or overweight people eat. But grapefruit is actually quite delicious, sweet, and more versatile than you might think. Grapefruit can taste sour at first, but as your taste buds adjust, it begins to taste quite sweet and satisfying. 

Fresh, homemade grapefruit juice every morning is a great way to ensure you’re having grapefruit every day, and it will also help fill you up so you eat less. 

Alternatively, you can peel grapefruit sections and add it to yogurt, blend them into a smoothie, add them into a fruit bowl, top mixed greens with them for a summer fresh salad, pair them with avocado for a sweet and savoury side dish, or even bake them into muffins and desserts for a healthier option.  

Natural Ways to Thin Blood

While grapefruit is one of the top blood thinning foods, there are other ways to naturally thin your blood and improve your heart health. 

Whole grains and high-fiber, low-fat, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that are high in plant proteins should make up the majority of our day-to-day diet to ensure heart health and lowered risk of disease, stroke, and illness. 

Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin E to improve circulation, such as dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, soybeans, wheat germ and whole grains.

Eliminate strong coffee, hard alcohol, cooked dairy products, processed sugars and animal body fats from your diet because they just complicate the work of the heart and increase levels of bad cholesterol.

Another easy way to thin blood naturally is to exercise regularly. A moderate walk every day will do--your exercise regime doesn’t have to be intense or overly exhausting.  

Other blood-thinning foods and foods to lower blood pressure include:

  •     cinnamon
  •     kiwi fruit
  •     turmeric
  •     garlic
  •     beet juice
  •     leafy greens
  •     oatmeal
  •     watermelon 

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Tip: incorporate grapefruit essential oil into your day-to-day, both consumed and applied topically, for even more grapefruit health benefits. This potent essential oil can support healthy skin, metabolism, boost your mood, improve focus, and cleanse and purify. 

It’s no secret that grapefruit is a healthy food, but it’s shockingly unknown that it’s one of the top blood thinning foods. High blood pressure, blocked arteries, high cholesterol—these are all serious conditions that can lead to major health issues down the line, but grapefruit can help with each of them. 

Eating the right foods every day is so important for leading a long, healthy life. If you’re at risk for heart disease or stroke, are overweight, or are struggling with blood pressure or cholesterol, try incorporating more grapefruit into your diet to notice a significant improvement with no risk. 

You can easily eat drink grapefruit juice at breakfast, add grapefruit pieces to your salad at lunch, and eat a whole grapefruit as your dessert after dinner, and without much effort, you’ve eaten grapefruit three times in a day and made a significant health improvement. 

Often times, medication causes more problems than it fixes, so it’s much safer and healthier to rely on the holistic healing benefits of nature, from food, water, sun, air, and exercise.

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