Essential Oils For Internal Use: Everything You Need To Know


Essential Oils are becoming more and more known for their effectiveness as a natural health solution.

They're most commonly used topically and aromatically, but did you know that certain oils have powerful benefits when ingested internally as well?

The logic behind ingesting oils mainly involves relieving stress, improving digestion and adding incredible flavour, nutrients and aroma to certain foods.

Unfortunately though, ingesting essential oils has received its fair share of criticism because it's an application that is not widely understood.

So, are essential oils safe actually safe for consumption?

The easiest way to counter this question is to recognise these two critical points:

  • The food industry regularly flavours and preserves a number of foods we eat with 'food-grade essential oils' — so there's a good chance that you've unwittingly at some time, already ingested some kind of essential oils;
  • The amount you ingest is the real element to be conscious of when it comes to essential oil internal use. If you've done your homework and selected a reputable essential oil brand like dōTERRA and purchased a food-grade, or in dōTERRA's case 'therapeutic-grade' oil, simply follow the recommended guidelines;
  • The difference between safe and unsafe is a fine line. Safe is considered a couple of drops (culinary or therapeutic), unsafe is half a dozen or more because these oils are highly concentrated. The golden rule when ingesting oils or adding them to food, is less is more.

When used responsibly, Essential Oils have powerful internal use benefits in helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to even support the healing of specific ailments that may be present inside the body.

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Essential Oils For Internal Use

Essential Oils are the raw protective extracts of plants - bark, flowers and leaves - which have been distilled and bottled in a highly concentrated form.

What makes an oil edible is whether it is approved and marked as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) for consumption by the FDA regulatory board.

Research on Essential Oils for internal use is a budding field, but for now, the gold standard as to which oils are safe is using the FDA's current list of approved Essential Oils.

dōTERRA sources 37 exceptional quality, edible approved Essential Oils, that you can incorporate into your daily life - add a couple of drops of citrus or peppermint to your morning water, your gym bottle or add to hot water to make a tea for general internal wellness.

Additionally, you can add extra nutrients and flavour at meal time, by adding a few drops of certain oils like lemon, coriander, oregano and basil to salad dressings, soups and sauces.

Precautions When Using Essential Oils

Not every oil is safe to consume.

Even though the plant is natural, that doesn't mean it's fit for consumption. There are a couple of fail-safes:

  • Always double-check the label to see if it clearly states it's meant for internal use;
  • Consult with the GRAS list;
  • Confirm with your healthcare professional if you plan to take oils while on medication, to avoid the possibility of adverse reactions.

Don't think of Essential Oils as medicine, rather as a general, everyday-use self care aid to help you maintain your best health.

Always ensure the essential oil is safe to ingest, use it responsibly and you'll get the most out of using your Essential Oils. 

How To Safely Ingest Essential Oils

Essential Oils are often ingested in small amounts to help support internal cleansing and to overcome complaints like indigestion by adding 2-3 drops to a cool or warm cup of water.

Since many of the approved ingestible oils are herbs, another great way to ingest essential oils is by adding them to your cooking.

For culinary use, the general 'dosage' rule of thumb is 1-3 drops. 

Be cautious when using Essential Oils internally without dilution. Only use oils such as Peppermint and Citrus varieties in this way and simply place one drop onto your thumb and dab into under your tongue.

Curing Your Concerns With Essential Oils

If you're looking to support specific health concerns from the inside-out and you've already discovered the effectiveness of topical and aromatic application, it may be time to experiment responsibly with ingesting the right types of essential oils.

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Top Essential Oils For Internal Use

Hormonal Balance

If your emotions are in flux and your everyday life is suffering, oils like dōTERRA Clary Sage and doTERRA Thyme can be used internally to help stabilize your emotions, reduce stress and bring back your smile.

Immunity Boost

Your immune system needs to be robust to fight off viruses or infections. Essential oils support your immune system by bringing antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the table to boost your immunity. Give your immune system the support it needs using Oregano, Clove, Copaiba, Frankincense or dōTERRA On Guard Blend.

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Digestive Support

If you suffer from regular or sporadic gastrointestinal upset or if you simply wish to maintain good digestion, ingesting essential oils can help. Some oils like Ginger do wonders for your gut health by helping with digestion, nausea and gas. While other oils can actually trigger your digestive enzymes to more readily absorb the foods you eat, like dōTERRA DigestZen, Peppermint or Fennel

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More Energy

Sluggish, unfocused and in need of some high-octane fuel so you can run a marathon or just get through the day, there are essential oils for that. If you're out to improve your concentration, give Peppermint oil a try to help refresh and focus your efforts. To keep you from yawning, reawaken with Rosemary. For an energy boost dōTERRA Wild Orange, Clove, Grapefruit and Lemon are all recommended to help support your athletic pursuits.


Your eating and inhaling a multitude of different toxins that if left unattended, will linger in your body, so it's essential to cleanse your temple. In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, using essential oils internally can help increase our internal detoxification. Fresh citrus like Grapefruit or Lemon, Peppermint, Fennel or Ginger; are all great choices to maintain a clean house. dōTERRA Zendocrine Detoxification Blend is specially formulated to cleanse and suport the liver and kidneys.

Why Essential Oils Are Essential 

Essential Oil have been used for centuries as a safe, natural health remedy for supporting overall good health and managing stress.

When used correctly, they can be hugely beneficial in helping to support your health goals.

The key is to ensure that you're only buying pure oils that have had no synthetic compounds added. Always check the label closely before buying a 'cheaper' oil online, or at your local supermarket or health food store.

Remember too, that one of the biggest benefits of Essential Oils is their ability to help promote emotional healing and balance.

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