The Truth About Breast Cancer: Prevent & Heal It Naturally


Today, most women are afraid of Breast Cancer as a direct result of the multi-million dollar scare campaigns that are driven by the medical industry.

Breast Cancer diagnoses often lead to a downward spiral of treatments from biopsies, invasive therapies and chemotherapy, to the horror of a mastectomy.

Despite all the fear and stigma surrounding this increasingly common form of cancer, the truth is that it can be healed and prevented naturally.

So, before we look at common sense ways to help heal breast cancer, let’s talk about some of the risk factors that can actually cause it.

Causes of breast cancer:

  • Underwire bras which block circulation of the lymphatic system
  • A lack of Vitamin D from sunlight
  • Vitamin C deficiencies
  • Excessive alcohol and sugar
  • Eating too many dead animals
  • Radioactive mammograms 
  • Biopsies.

It's sad that most Doctors and the media tell people to avoid exposure to the sun. Vitamin D from sunlight is one of the most critical nutrients that can actually lower the risk of not only Breast Cancer, but ALL cancers. 

Researchers have discovered that breasts actually produce their own form of ‘cancer knock-out compound’, known as Calcitriol, however, Vitamin D is needed to stimulate this enzyme and the best natural source of this is sunlight.

I can't emphasise enough how important sunshine is for your good health! Ideally, you should aim to expose at least 80% of your body each day whenever possible to get a daily 20-minute dose of sunshine. 

Let’s now examine some other ways to promote breast health and prevent cancer...

Wear looser-fitting bras

A ground-breaking book called "Dressed to kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras” was written by Dr Ross Singer and his wife, Soma Grismaijer.

Based on a study they undertook, which indicated that wearing a bra can increase your risk of getting breast cancer 100 times, the couple advocated wearing a bra for as little time as possible each day, and where practical go bra-free altogether.  

Why? Because it blocks the lymphatic drainage channels of the lymph stream and your body's natural detoxification immune system.  

If you're going to wear bras limit their use, never sleep in them and avoid bras altogether with metal underwires, because not only do they constrict lymphatic flow, the metals may contain radioactive isotopes.

Walk each day

To stimulate lymphatic flow, it's critical that you walk for at least 30 minutes each day without a bra on, whenever possible. 

Consume more citrus

The ancient healers observed that the nature-made design of Citrus fruits mirrors the anatomical structure of the mammary structure of the female breast.

Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit and Oranges will not only nourish your body with Vitamin C, but also promote detoxification of your lymphatic immune system.

Citrus fruits are also well known for their protective and anti-inflammatory qualities in healing and creating relief from the cold and flu.

Eat mostly a plant-based whole food diet

Switching to a diet predominate in plant foods, adds crucial fibres and phytalitic nutrients that your cells can recognise, and ‘phytroestrogens’ that are able to prevent estrogens circulating round your body that may lead to toxicities in the breast - what they will diagnose as cancer.

Additionally, the overconsumption of meat and mass-produced dairy products can create additional chaos in the body, which leads to cancer and disease.

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Treat your sweet tooth right

If you have a sweet tooth, keep in mind that 'processed sugar' - whether it be sucrose, refined sugar, fructose, dextrose or artificial sweeteners - are all toxic and are increasingly being identified as a carcinogen.  Treat your sweet tooth with raw organic honey, dates, coconut sugar or maple syrup.

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Drink wisely

If you enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time, that's ok...just be sure to avoid hard alcohol like spirits and processed beers and wines that have been laced with preservatives and sulphates.  Naturally brewed and fermented beer and wine with no preservatives were anciently referred to as 'sacraments' are actually very healthy and healing for you.

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Besides these tips, the number 1 piece of advice I can give is to not be afraid or bullied into biopsies, treatments and surgeries without first questioning that path and where it leads.  Breast Cancer has become one of the biggest money-making segments of the medical world that thrives on the perpetuation of this crazy dis-ease.

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