Two Detoxifying Remedies Made by Earth


Though they may look like dirt, mud or dust, the earth produces particular 'clays' that have proven healing powers for ridding the body of toxic waste and heavy metals. 

Within your body and beneath your skin's surface, these impurities are typically brought on by diet, the environment, the natural process of ageing and even residues left behind from the use of synthetic medicines and vaccines. 

Two of the most effective and easily accessible of these 'clays' to support the release of these toxins, repair tissue and rejuvenate your body and skin are Bentonite Clay and Diatomaceous Earth

Both are versatile, with their own unique set of 'internal' and 'external' application benefits for your ongoing Self Care routine. 

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is nutrient rich, sedimentary clay that is widely used to absorb accumulated toxins within the body and extract impurities from the skin.

It is an 'expanding' clay that binds toxins trapped in your digestive system so that they can be released from the body, and it is a powerful chelator for clearing the complexion and rejuvenating the skin.

When mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here, toxic waste particles are drawn into the sponge and once there, they are bound.

Though it has been largely forgotten in recent times, bentonite has been used by ancient cultures throughout history for its recognised powers in eliminating built up internal waste in the body and cleansing the skin.

This amazing clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products and for good reason!

It can have many beneficial effects on the body and when taken correctly, can also help promote gut health.

Additionally, it's also very alkalising and can help to support healthy pH balance.

From a rich Australian source, this pure, natural substance is packed full of health-restoring, beneficial components.

This highly purified version is safe to ingest and once consumed assists in ridding toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the gut, mouth and body in general.

Internal Use

Thanks to its high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium, as well as its inherent ability to attract toxins, Pure Food-Grade Bentonite Clay can help to remineralise the body and promote detoxification processes.

Many people have reported  it to be effective in the treatment of:

Because of these amazing benefits, bentonite is one of the key ingredients in our Cleanse Me Natural Clay & Fibre Colon Cleanse protocol.

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Topical Use

Externally, bentonite clay can be applied for all types of skin problems and when mixed into a light paste with filtered water, can promote faster healing for:

  • Bruises
  • Bee stings
  • Insect bites
  • Burns
  • Cuts & scrapes

Additionally, Bentonite Clay is a chelator, meaning it is very effective for drawing impurities stored below the skin's surface to release toxins, clarify and add youth back into the skin. 

Bentonite's detoxification powers, makes it also a fantastic DIY remedy for use in the bathroom for both oral hygiene and as part of your skin and personal care routine to:

  • De-plaque the mouth & teeth - stir a teaspoon full into a paste with a little coconut oil and a few drops of spearmint, peppermint or clove essential oil, brush and rinse thoroughly;
  • Soothing Clay bath or Foot bath - Add 1-2 cups to a running hot bath with a few drops or tea-tree or lavender essential oil. Relax for 20-30 minutes, rinse off and dry;
  • Detox Face mask - Mix 2-3 tablespoons into a paste in a glass bowl by adding filtered water, a few drops of tea-tree essential oil, raw honey and apple cider vinegar. Lightly layer onto your face, wait approx. 5 minutes until it turns white and slightly hardens and then throughly rinse off

    Learn more in Cleanse & Detox With Bentonite Clay

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Pure, untreated, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is quickly becoming known for an immaculately impressive list of health benefits, such as:

    • Detoxify the body
    • Kill intestinal parasites and bugs
    • increase mineral absorption
    • Reduce gas and bloating

    Composed of approximately 85% silica, Diatomaceous Earth is a silky, soft siliceous powder derived from sedimentary rock and fossilised remains of aquatic diatoms.

    It is a powerful trace mineral that stimulates collagen production and strengthens the tendons, blood vessels, heart, liver, lungs, skin, teeth, cartilage and bones.

    It is also used to support body cleansing and the elimination of gut bacteria, fungi, free radicals and harmful intestinal organisms (parasites) from the digestive tract - common causes of a host of ailments and serious health concerns.

    Internal Use

    Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be safely ingested and when taken regularly in small amounts.

    Similar to bentonite clay, the negative charge of DE attracts positively charged ions or those that come from toxic residues inside the body.

    Learn more in 5 Environmental Toxins To Avoid & What To Do If Exposed

    As a result of its microscopic "sharpness", DE has the ability to pierce through the outer cell membranes of undesirable pests such as many intestinal worms and other parasites causing them to die and be released from the gut.

    Learn more in Parasites: How To Get Rid Of Intestinal Worms & Parasitic Infestations

    Topical Use

    Getting in the pores, the silica manages to sweep the dirt that might be clogging it, allowing your skin to breathe better. 

    The abrasive quality of DE makes it an excellent scrub and exfoliant for the skin. 

    Despite being abrasive, however, the silica particles are small enough that they do not really cause irritation or trigger allergies on the skin. 

    Other Uses

    Diatomaceous Earth is also a powerful filtration aid, making it ideal for the purification of tap water or to optimise the effectiveness of water filtration systems in removing any chemical nasties, toxins or pathogens. 

    Learn more in 5 Everyday Uses For Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Both Bentonite Clay and Diatomaceous Earth are very worthwhile additions to your tox-free medicine cabinet at home, as well as your DIY, daily personal care routine.

    You can find both of these products in our store individually, or order them together a handy Healing Clay Duo Pack and save!

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