Ancient Secrets: What Daniel and Pythagoras knew about whole food fasting


When I was an 8 year old boy, I heard a little story that set me on my life's path.

It was a story that stuck with me throughout my childhood and ultimately inspired me to go on a 17-year search to discover the lost ancient secrets to health and longevity.

The story was read from Chapter 1 of the 'Book of Daniel' (out of the King James version of the bible).

It was about four vegetarian kids - Daniel and his three friends - who were drawn into an encampment and who refused to eat the meats and dainties on the king's menu. 

Instead, they convinced the captains and generals to give them nothing but Pulse and Water for 10 days.

At the end of the 10 days, it was obvious that those four kids were brighter, stronger and smarter than every one else in the camp...and so the generals took away the allotment of the king's food and allowed the kids to continue on this regime.

I later learned that ancient scrolls recorded many long-lived cultures who embraced the natural wisdom of Pulse and Fasting.

One such reference is made about Daniel, who followed 'Phi' or 'golden measured meals' - knowledge that he gained from his mathematician friend, Pythagoras, who like Daniel, was also an Olympic wrestler.

Phi was the divine ratio found in nature that Pulse was based upon.

Both Daniel and Pythagorus embraced fasting and Pulse as a sacred meal. 

Not only would they fast regularly for multiple days on water and fresh juices, prior to the Olympic games, they would also fast on Pulse and water for 10-14 day periods to maintain and build their strength.

Pulse provides a pathway to optimal health, detoxification, enhanced intelligence and superior athletic performance.

Its legend has been passed down through generations and I'm thankful that I learned the wisdom and recipe used to create Pulse all those years ago so that people can experience its benefits in our modern world.

What is fasting?

Essentially to fast, means to 'abstain' or to 'go without'. 

Doing this gives the digestive system a break and helps to purify the body of pollutants and pathogens, thereby improving overall bodily health and function.

When the body gets no rest from processing food day after day, the digestive and cleansing systems are often subjected to an uninterrupted workload.

Environmental pollutants also often contribute to the workload and excess protein tends to acidify the body in an unhealthy way.

When your body is constantly overwhelmed, it gets to a point where it's no longer able to effectively rid itself of these stored toxins, waste products and fat deposits.

If this condition continues long enough, it can lead to cancer and other innumerable diseases - which 9 times out of 10 are purely a function of excess plaque stored in the body that needs to be cleaned out.

Fasting on water, juices, raw fruits and veges and/or Pulse, is a brilliant wisdom that everyone should incorporate periodically into a healthy lifestyle. Ancient cultures believed that ideally as a minimum, human beings should do some form of fasting with every change of season (4 times per year). 

It can prevent, improve and cure many diseases such as circulatory problems, mild diabetes, intestinal problems, respiratory conditions, skin problems and more.

What is the history of fasting?

Fasting is as old as life on earth itself! 

Sick or injured animals' first instinct is to stop eating solid food until they regain their health. 

The human body has this same instinct, for it is common for most people to stop eating when illness strikes. There is a widespread practice of fasting in many religious cultures, both ancient and modern, around the world. As fasting can also serve as a gateway to spiritual insights and enlightenment.

Brilliant cultures observed nature's patterns and systems and applied this wisdom to their own lives and societies.

What are the types of fasting?

The ancients healers taught that their a 3 paths to fast healing:

Fast: Restricting your diet to raw plant foods and water only

Faster: Consuming only juices

Fastest: Drinking only water

You can read more about each of these pathways in my blog: Fasting: What you should know

Most people have no idea where to start, so hopefully, this will give you some insight to begin at a level that's right for you.

Why not try a 'Daniel' fast?

As was written about in the 'Book of Daniel', just 10 days on Pulse and Water can kick-start some amazing health benefits including:

  • Physical strength
  • Mental clarity
  • Detoxification
  • Improved Digestion
  • Clearer Skin
  • Kickstart weight loss
  • Rewire your taste buds.

It's easy to do because there's no preparation required and you won't feel hungry. Simply snack on Pulse in small amounts throughout each day and drink plenty of clean water.

What is Pulse?

Pulse Sacred Meal is a complete whole food meal handcrafted from a delicious mix of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and grains, made to an exact recipe that I discovered on a scroll after my 17-year search into ancient collections.

Some cultures referred to Pulse as ‘The Meal of Hercules’.

This legendary food is the brilliance of nature’s table set to the music of seasons, measured in mathematical proportional harmonies according to an equation of life that appears coloured and textured in keeping with the natural numerical science of smells and taste written in exact ratios of compass square, circle and field, gardens and groves, planting suns and harvesting moons.

Learn more in Nature's PHI-nest: The Meaning of Phi

Why water is so important for all types of fasts

Your Body is about 70% water and every function of the body is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of it through the body and one crucial function is to detoxify.  If it were not for water, the body would soon die in a river of toxic sludge. 

During fasting, water speeds up the removal of dead, inorganic substances from the body.

Pure spring water or distilled water should be consumed. Distilled water is wonderfully corrosive, as it immediately tries to dissolve things in itself. By nature, it is 'empty' water so to bring back the mineral content, simply place a large glass bottle of distilled water out into the sun for an hour, add a pinch of Celtic Salt and then store it in the fridge for later consumption.

Where to begin?

If you're new to the world of fasting, start with 7-14 days on Pulse and water or check out my Detox & Heal page.

There you can also sign up for my FREE at home 7 Day RA-W Food Discovery where I take you through the ancient wisdom of 'walking the rainbow' by snacking on fruits and vegetables following the colours of the rainbow to get to the pot of gold at the end of 7 days.

'Cowboy' Don.


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