The Magic Of The Human Body


When fully contemplating the magic of our body systems I am often filled with awe and wonder. 

Check out this interesting information on the human body from my Farmacist Desk Reference Books.  Did you know?...

  • A baby has close to 800 bones that fuse together over time. The skeletal system includes more than 200 bones and makes up about 18% of the bodies weight by age 22.  It provides the body with the sturdy frame work. Bone is strong, yet light and flexible.
  • The muscular system consists of nearly 700 muscles and makes up about 40% of the bodies weight. Muscles can contract, or shorten. By contracting, the muscles enable the body to move.
  • The human eye, like many parts of the body, rapidly adjust to changes in a darkened room. The pupil of the eye opens wide, so it lets in more light. If the lights are turned up, the pupil automatically shrinks within seconds.
  • The heart is a powerful pump. It beats about one hundred thousand times each day, as it sends blood throughout the body.
  • The brain is one of the body’s most complicated parts. The outer surface of the brain is made up of around 20 billion cells. It’s interesting, there appears to be as many stars in our galaxy as there are neurons in our brain. It’s almost as if we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.
  • A microscopic view of the skin shows bacteria as tiny green balls. Countless bacteria live on the skin... billions, and billions, and trillions.  These bacteria are harmless and are meant to be there, unless they enter the body through a break in the skin which can lead to an infection and inflammation.

People sometimes call the human body a machine, the most wonderful one ever built and it can be compared to a machine in many ways. Like a machine, the body is made up of many parts. Each part of the body, like each part of a machine, does special jobs. But all the parts work together to make the body, or machine, run smoothly.

Also, like a machine, the body needs energy to work. In such a machine as an automobile, the energy comes from gasoline. In the body, the energy comes from air, water, sunshine, whole plant foods, movement, pleasure, and even passion.

Although the human body can be compared to a machine, it is far more amazing than any machine ever built. It can do things that no machine can do. For example, the body can grow. The body starts out as one cell. That one cell, over a seven day period, divides into two. Seven days later, it's four. Then, in periods of seven, it keeps doubling. From 4 to 8, from 16 to 32, from 64 to 128, etc. On the 40th doubling, or 40 weeks, which some refer to as nine months, there are close to 10 thousand trillion cells that make up the body. In time, this tiny cell, the very first cell, has developed into a body consisting of trillions of cells

The human body can also replace certain worn-out parts. Each day, several billion cells in the body die and are replaced by cellular division. Thus, the body is always rebuilding itself.  Every 35 to 45 days for instance, the human body replaces the outermost layer of the skin.

The human body is one symbiotic unit, it all works together. Nothing is separate from another -  what a brilliant house to live in!


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