Digestive System: Is your colon a river of life?


If there was a pump failure or major blockage in the city’s sewer system, it's not hard to imagine what could happen. All of the pipes would back up when an immovable material came through, creating a gigantic crisis that would threaten the health of all who lived in the city.

Many of the devastating plagues and diseases that literally wiped out entire cities and communities arose from open sewers and improper waste disposal. If the sewer ever backs up, dangerous health problems occur!

Similarly, in the human body, big health problems can stem from major blockages and toxic build-up that occur over time in the digestive system. Think again of the analogy of your digestive tract being the "River of Life" or "River of Death" depending on what you choose to float down the river (for the most part of your life).

The digestive system can shut down if it becomes clogged with toxic residue because of nutritionally deficient "food-less foods" and "life-less drinks" ingested regularly over time.  The build-up of toxic materials within the bowel can cause a condition known as autointoxication as the poisons in the bowel are absorbed into the bloodstream, which ends up intoxicating the entire body. 

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Why does this happen?

It's no secret that the foremost reasons are improper eating and exercise habits.  Modern civilization, especially the industrialized nations, have the greatest bowel disturbances.  It's why there is a major "war" being waged on bowel cancer.  We're told that it's a mystery where bowel cancer comes from and yet native peoples living close to the land and nature do not experience bowel problems, and such diseases as diverticulitis and colitis are virtually unknown.

Colonic hygiene is central to the overall ongoing maintenance of health and vitality in the human body.  That's why a natural colon cleanse, fasting every once in a while (giving the "house a rest" from the digestion of foods) and eating a high fibre diet is so critical for maintaining optimal health and remaining disease-free.

In fact, a plant-based diet will ensure that you're getting your daily dose of fibre every day, without fail. 

And it's precisely why clean water and a diet predominating in whole plant foods is so critical for maintaining a happy, healthy, clean digestive system.

The further we stray from natural foods and the more we depend upon unnatural and artificial foodstuffs, the more certain it becomes that sickness and disease increase in frequency and intensity. The way we grow, harvest, process and market our food is at the root of much disease in our population.

I don't need to elaborate on the economic factors that today play havoc with the supply of food to the masses. But again, it's why being self-care aware is so important.  It's why we need to THINK about what we put into our bodies and to take personal responsibility for that. 

The beautiful thing is that despite the overwhelming influences of today's commercially driven society, we also have access to so many great life-enhancing things, like whole foods from Nature's Table. It simply gets down to the choices that you make for yourself.

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