Alchemy vs Chemistry: Natural alternatives to toxic chemical products


The ancients knew how important the skin was and how to heal oneself with plant-based "alchemy"...

But now it seems that's all been forgotten by the population at large in our society.

The wisdom of our ancestors has been taken, so people have no idea about it anymore.

Instead, we turn to chemistry, relying on chemical concoctions created or processed in a lab - add a fancy label and a big advertising budget - then we apply these artificial elixirs to our skin and wonder why we get sick. 

All you need to do is take a good look at the entire personal care industry to understand the reality of what I'm talking about.

The whole thing has been morphed from original, hand-made products (derived from plants) to synthetic, toxic chemicals, all in the name of profit. 

Now let's get one thing straight...

The word "alchemy" comes from ancient Greek/Arabic roots.  

And it means to transmute/change/ crossover. 

It also means to take something lower and make it higher or of greater value. 

The word "chemistry" is related to the word alchemy, the word comes from Chi or Che-Mystery 'the Hidden Knowledge of the Cup or Body (vessel-alembic)'. 

So in their history, chemistry and alchemy were actually one and the same. 

But nowadays, chemistry has taken on a whole new meaning. 

I like to think of it now as alchemy being a return to nature, and chemistry being a movement away from nature. 

Now, let's take a little test 

Scan your eyes over the labels of your skin creams and personal care items.

What you read may shock you (in fact, you probably can't even pronounce half the ingredients on there!)

Check out your deodorant, cleanser, soap, moisturiser or body butter ingredient labels too. 

What do you find?

I encourage you to google the dangers of the chemical ingredients that are listed on those items.

You'll most likely discover that most of them are better suited to your car's engine than your body!

Now please understand this important point.

Your skin is like a sponge and is the largest organ of absorption and elimination of your body.

It lets in what you put on it and releases toxins if you'll support it.

The science of your skin 

The life of every cell in the body depends on the proper functioning of the circulatory conduits running through it.

Wherever these tubes are blocked, the internal seas stagnate and parts of us suffer or dies.

The skin is the principal shaper and supporter of this circulatory network that carries fluid-borne molecules that continually bathe the cells and keep them alive.

Healthy and active muscles stretch and compress all of the body’s compartments and the cells they contain.

In the same way, applying healing topical ointments and stimulating the skin can be effective deep within the interior of the living house.

In short...

Your skin can be an awesome tool to help improve your health, or it can be the gateway for a flush of toxic chemicals that poison you slowly (literally). 

This is why it is SO important to return to alchemy when it comes to personal care products. 

Turn to natural products derived from plants and learn to make them yourself at home, or come to my 3-day Basecamp for Health program and you'll not only learn how to do it there, but you'll never look at these products the same way again. 

'Cowboy' Don 


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